Work on DSH project in full swing despite increased opposition

Work on DSH project in full swing despite increased opposition

(SNO) — Since former Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony announced that he’s considering taking legal action against the Desert Star Holding (DSH) development, it appears the government is pursuing the project with more urgency and is not bothered by his announcement.

Dr. Anthony made the announcement earlier this year, after a number of local organisations, and his main Opposition Saint Lucia Labour Party, had expressed disapproval with aspects of the project, which later led to a protest march in Vieux-Fort.

Since his announcement, there has been a hive of activities at the general site of the DSH project, where a horse racing track is being constructed.

Several contractors are currently employed on the controversial project, including C.O. Williams.

“We are very busy… Work on the project is moving smoothly,” an employee on the project told this reporter.

Another added: “Right now we have no concerns and are happy. I don’t know for later.”

Some of them have even accused the Opposition of “opposing progress”.

Last year, workers on the project experienced several issues, one of which had to do with their payments. The project stopped several times during that year for various reasons.

Earlier this year, Prime Minister Allen Chastanet announced that the first race on the track will take place next February.


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  1. As bad as our security situation is, DHS will only add to our woes. Some things are inseparable. Gambling-Drugs-Prostitution-Guns-Crime-the Mob-Thugs...………………….Time will tell how much we are losing it (the land - our morals- the country)


    • STFU treasure bay has cause more crime? People like you are just a bunch of asses to think that you'll are more educated than others.


  2. Great to hear.....get things moving again...the island needs that project to sustain itself.... While kenny is enjoying his pension and the wealth of his family, many are starving....


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