Woodwork, construction expert seeks to partner with Government to set up training program for lower income families

Woodwork, construction expert seeks to partner with Government to set up training program for lower income families

unnamed-8An UK native with St. Lucian ties and decades of experience in woodwork and construction is seeking to give back to the country and assist the poor.

“Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime” seems to be the mantra being pushed by Wayne Gosset, a Brit engaged to a St. Lucian and living in the UK, who is planning an ambitious initiative which could help poor families make ends meet.

The concept is all based on Gosset’s 30 years of experience in woodwork and construction and will involve the training of persons from poor families in these vital trades.

Gosset proposes a year-long training course for St. Lucians in the lower income bracket focusing on advanced woodwork with the potential for more courses in the future.

“There’s so many young people wanting to work but do not have the training of equipment to start working and caring for their families,” Gosset said.


Gosset said the idea was influenced by the pre-election speeches he heard:

“After I heard the pre-election speeches I decided all my experience will help others, someone took the time to teach me all I know and I feel it’s time to pass that knowledge on to others,” Gosset said.


Gosset also believes the initiative could be a major boost for the St. Lucian economy:

“The scheme will also help the economy by the island producing items to export in time, The first and foremost is getting the trained and skilled individuals,” he said.

Gosset hopes that the St. Lucian Government will consider his proposal and move forward to work with him on setting up the training course.


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  1. Bravo for this initiative!

    Skills training is sorely needed. It's leads to sustainability, ec-dev, and general societal improvement.

    Many of you might be too young to remember this, but back before the Market was expanded, one of the few bright spots with an international reputation (literally) in an otherwise decrepit ghetto called Conway was a small, specialized shop of craftsman called "St. Lucia Timbers".

    It'd be wonderful to see the talent, passion, and creativity that exists in to many of our underemployed or unemployed people be focused on something that is both purposeful and rewarding for them, and that also helps build stability with their families, nevermind showcasing SLU's talent.

    Mr. Gosset, there's a playful pig-latin xression that comes to mind --- "Illegitimus non-tatum carborundum", or "Don't let the [email protected] get to you."

    All the best, you have a lot of us in the wings hovering to see this good-hearted imitative go forward.

    As someone that's ben around a while, I will also implore you to never feel discouraged. I remember a local a couple of decades ago that had a brilliant idea to come from away and build a paper-bag factory that would have satisfied a demand from across the Windies and create several dozen skilled jobs. The naysayers burned the plant down pre-launch. Some Looshans are dek-dek about certain things.


    • thank you calvin for this post, i am going to the government Thursday with this scheme, im a person that believes in training, i will do my up most to get this scheme off the ground. i personally cannot see a problem getting this started very soon, to my way of thinking,, why is St Lucia importing so much stuff when theirs plenty of people wanting to earn good money.
      all the future planed projects should be done by St Lucians not mass overseas workers , people on the island can make all the items needed,
      i like to talk to people who can see the future of the island improving,,, many like minded people will have varied ideas that can be put into plans.. to give jobs to people.. this is how the economy will start to improve ,, many small steps in the right direction will achieve where you want to go,,


    • the colour of skin dont need to be mentioned. we are all the same under the skin,,all i see is some people needing a little help to start taking care of there families,,training is everything.


    • hi ,thank you ..we did try to arrange a meeting with him but he was busy so we are seeing a different official this coming week,,


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