Women-Producers Expo held in Micoud

Women-Producers Expo held in Micoud

(GIS) – In commemoration of International Women’s Day, the Department of Gender Relations hosted a Women-Producers Expo.

The expo showcased a variety of items made by women including handbags, smoothies, cakes, and ornaments made out of recycled paper.

Minister for Education, Innovation, Gender Relations and Sustainable Development, Hon. Dr. Gale Rigobert commended the women.

“A lot of effort and talent go into producing an event like this, but the real talent is at the table, where you have women who prove that they can multitask, where you have women who prove that they can be mother, professional, entrepreneur, and business woman; and where you have women who continue to demonstrate that no matter what the challenge is, it is surmountable.”

Dr. Rigobert reassured her commitment to ensuring that more opportunities become available to women and that there is an increase in mentoring and partnership.

“When we speak of equality, we know we are talking simultaneously about the economic empowerment of women. We know we are talking about ensuring that women have equal opportunities and access to opportunity, whether it be in business and academia, in sports, and in entertainment. We ensure that our women are cared for and are facilitated, and very importantly, that we are here to nurse our women who are going through challenges back to holistic health.”

Among the vendors was Nyeema Arnelle, owner of Q- Kraftee Designs located in Dugard, Micoud, who does decor for events or personalized gift sets.

The expo took place in Mon Repos, Micoud on March 7.


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