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Women in Action condemns all forms of domestic violence


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Cletus Edward is the 20th homicide victim. He was stabbed to death by his girlfriend.

Cletus Edward is the 20th homicide victim. He was stabbed to death by his girlfriend.

PRESS RELEASE – Women In Action (WIA) wishes to state that our organization does not condone any form of violence against men or women. In light of recent incidents we reiterate that no man or woman should be abused despite the circumstances nor be held responsible for abuse.

It is important for victims to admit to themselves that they are being abused or that they are in an abusive relationship. Recognition and validation are the first steps to take when a victim is ready to leave an abusive situation.

Speaking about the recent incidents of domestic violence tragedies WIA advises that victims of domestic abuse or domestic violence should talk to family, friends, neighbours or co-workers about the domestic violence they experience. It may be helpful to call a domestic violence hotline for information, referrals and support.

“We have a culture of misguided male pride where men who are victims suffer in silence and don’t want to have it known that they are being abused,” explained President of the WIA, Diane Felicien. “We have to work on changing the mindset of our men and also changing the way society reacts when men come forward with domestic abuse claims.”

WIA advises that when domestic violence occurs, it is helpful to have a plan to deal with an emergency or crisis. It is important for individuals to think about ways to provide a safer environment, both for themselves and their children.
Following is some advice on dealing with domestic violence situations:

• Victims should plan how to get out of their home quickly and safely, so they may do so if violence begins. This plan should consider very fine details such as where to keep keys, a purse and an extra set of clothes for a rapid departure.

• It is important that children know how to use the phone to call the police or help agencies.

• Victims cannot always avoid violence. To increase safety, it is important to plan what action to take during a violent situation. Try to move to a space that is lowest risk, and to avoid arguments in rooms without an access to the outside or in rooms where injury is more likely such as the bathroom, the kitchen or on the stairs.

• Tell your neighbor, family and friends about the situation and request they call the police if they hear suspicious noises coming from your home.

Call for Help & Pursue Public Help

There are many support help systems available for families struggling with domestic violence. We advise anyone going through abuse to seek professional help via below agencies:
Women in Action
Women support center – General Relations on Jeremy Street
National Health Service helpline
St Lucia Crisis Center
Women on a mission

Spiritual Empowerment and intervention is required to help end these situations.

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  1. you now come out with this after a deserved bashing. your group is biased and that is that. but dont come and try to show as if it isnt. Furthermore you condemn all forms of violence, but here you are going and thrashing men as if they are not real victims seemingly claiming its their faults their cases arent heard. its the system's and society's fault, along with useless organisations like your.

    thats why I think its great that these young ladies are being arrested in the blackmail case. and anyone who just focuses on the fact that he was cheating. as yourself this IF A WOMAN WAS CHEATING ON HER HUSBAND, WOULD IT BE RIGHT FOR HER SIDE-MAN TO BLACKMAIL HER ASKING HER FOR CASH IN THE FORM OF EXTORION... SOCIETY WOULD ASK FOR THIS GUY's NECK. AND KNOWING THAT THE MALE IS YOUNG, WE WOULD ALL CALL HIM LAZY AND WHAT NOT. what is the difference again, oh yea, women are always to be stood with right? nonsense

    • You raised some good points here even if the majority might not agree with you.
      If we continue to slant this in women's favor only , the problem, groups like this are trying to curb will only continue.

      It is good they have included men here, but a more visible and proactive approach is needed.

    • You have read but not understood. May I suggest you read again

      • That comment was to the first individual. This group is one of the most vibrant group and so I disagree with your comments. Respectfully.


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