Elderly woman’s body discovered in Marisule home

Elderly woman’s body discovered in Marisule home
The home where
The home where
The home where Rosemond’s body was found.

Police are investigating after a woman’s body was found inside a home in Marisule on Saturday evening.

The body has been positively identified as a 76-year-old woman named Rosa Rosemond, alias Urita.

Police discovered her body after showing up at her residence when her family became worried and contacted them for assistance, after several calls to her phone went unanswered.

Police are treating the case as a rape and homicide, and said the home was broken into.

Reports are that the woman’s car was parked at the Castries waterfront for two days.

When police learnt that it was her vehicle, they had it removed.

Rosemond was last seen on Friday.

Having returned 30 years ago from Canada, Rosemond was a former manager at Boat Phone. She is also reported to have been a staunch roman catholic who fellowship with members of the Gros Islet Parish.

Anyone with information about this case are asked to call the police anonymously at: 1-758- 456-3700, 456-3770,456-3754,456-3758.



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  1. whereare the cameras in this place - simply solution to crime woud be to install as many cameras all over the island as much as possible - there are so manytiny cameras that are so very power ful and effective enough - technology can be used in this situation to SOLVE ALOT OF THE NEGATIVE & EVIL THAT IS GROWNG AROUND US

    THIS IS NOT THE END .... THINK !!!!!!!!


  2. The criminals are well aware of the fact that the police in St. Lucia lack the necessary training and skills to combat crime and take full advantage of this situation. The police need to develop modern and effective crime - fighting strategies if they are to make any breakthrough. The government too, must play its part and I'm not talking about lip - service here. SOMETHING HAS GOT TO BE DONE ASAP. THIS CANNOT BE ALLOWED TO CONTINUE!


  3. What is SLU coming to? Another dreadful story. Time that these criminals are taught a lesson and an example made to show the rest that they cannot keep doing things like this ŵhether certain persons like it or not

    Deepest sympathy to her family. Be strong


    • You people ask that question all the time. We all know what St. Lucia has come to. A crime ridden cess pool lead by corrupt greedy politicians with inept useless police that are not held accountable by taxpayers. Why do we pay taxes again?


      • This is so unbelievable!! wth is this place coming to...a 76 year old woman!!! smdh raped and murdered!!..The God in the heavens i serve pleaseeeeeeeeeeee find the animal/s who did this!! I pray to you oh Lord!!!


  4. Really horrific. No one deserves to die this way. Makes you think about yourself. Like who's next. May God vindicate her cause. Rest in peace.


  5. Poor Lilico. No one deserve this needless you. You will be missed by all of us. May God bring the culprit/culprits to knees and confess.


  6. Sentinel this is not the first time you have failed your clients it not about the money but the love for the job why didn't you call you should have known or seen she had not set her alarm for those days.


  7. And the person/ persons responsible will never be caught. Police in st . Lucia not value for money. Always investigating never here the out come of the investigation.


  8. Very shocking news. I saw Rosie in Canada just this summer. She spent a weekend with us. She was the sweetest person ever. Very friendly and jovial. Sorry you had to go like this Rosie ?


  9. Ohhhhhh so sad. i wish that the family would get whoever commited this horrific crime, before the police gets them, but again Mary Francis will cry out.


  10. She was the warmest soul .Very nice very generous. Fearless too. Very sad she had to go this way. May she rest in perfect peace


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