Woman upset with Soufriere Town Council over mother’s injury (letter to the editor)

Woman upset with Soufriere Town Council over mother’s injury (letter to the editor)

lettertotheeditor-300x2243Dear Editor: I really do not know what’s going on in St. Lucia.

Tuesday afternoon my mom was walking near the square in Soufriere. A man who works for the Town Council was cutting grass and a vehicle was approaching her. She jumped on the sidewalk, shouting the young man at the same time. In doing so, a stone hit her on the eye.

The young man spoke to her. He apologised.

I am not blaming the young man, but the Soufriere Town Council and the way they handled the situation.

My mom went to them to know whose going to pay for the medical bills. The woman in charge is telling her that she needs to see the guy, it is not them.

The man works for the Town Council. He was at work at the time. I really do not understand. They need to put some sort of barricade when they are doing those kind of things. Someone seriously needs to look into that because people’s lives are in danger.


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  1. Lady dont take it personal the female officer was just going with the modern saying.She was just joking had you stay more than 30 seconds as you stated she would have lead you to the bathroom.Sorry it turned out that way.


  2. I'm from soufriere! Last week Tuesday i was in soufriere near the police station and there was a casting on the side walk that I accidentally stepped into. At the time there was a male police officer and who saw what transpired so he sent someone for a caution sign and he then told me to ask the young lady at the front desk (a police officer) to use some water so i could clean my foot. In so doing the young lady who is a police officer looked me straight in the eye and replied, "since when thats my role" and she refused to give some water or direct me to the washroom. After a good 30 seconds i really realized that she was serious so i left because its not her role like she said. There were other police officers ridiculing the moment. My point is that she is a female just like me and it could have been her stepping into the casting likewise i could have been the one at the reception area. Empathy.... Empathy... Empathy ... I'd allow anyone at my house, far less my work place, to clean up in such situation because i know that no female would feel comfortable walking in town with a dirty foot. I guess everyone is not the same but deep down I lost respect for all these dogs!


  3. Young lady your concerns are legitimate, but that person who think that Soufrierians are idiots I would like to tell you to shut the ...k up you do not know a thing about us.


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