UPDATE: Suspect in brutal attack on woman turns himself in, says he’s innocent

UPDATE: Suspect in brutal attack on woman turns himself in, says he’s innocent

img_5243112209Police sources said a man wanted in connection with the alleged brutal attack on a young woman last Friday evening is now in police custody.

St. Lucia News Online (SNO) was told by a senior officer that the man, who is the ex-boyfriend of the victim, reported himself to the police and said he did not commit the crime.

The man reportedly turned himself in during the daytime, but despite his declaration of innocence, he is still held in custody pending further investigations, police sources said.

Reports are that the young woman was stabbed multiple times and left her for dead in the vicinity of the Vigie cemetery in Castries Friday at around 8 p.m.

The victim is believed to be in her early 20s and is a resident of Agard, Morne Du Don, Castries, according to reports.

The victim has been hospitalised, but her condition is unknown at this time.


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  1. Ok all of u who dont kno an bitting yourl stink ass

    My sis left the guy a good wile already .the ass tricked her an told her on her way frm work pass fr money fr they babby boy kk
    My sis is doin very well now an remembers everything
    An it wasnt th child father alone . he an one of his bulling buddy tht allegedly tryed to kill her


  2. A a mate have a big hair! Poor girl! Sick men out there! A lot of people walk around with clean clothes but their hearts need to be cleansed! Jesus!




  4. Blame social media for the publicity of current events. Every event, however minute, is posted instantly. Before then, these events were unknown by the general public. Perhaps, we can be a little more selective in what we post. Private and personal events should remain that way. Don't take me wrong . This guy and others like him need to be brought to their senses.


  5. Does it matters the number of men you have in your life? Don't ppl move on if relationship don't work? Human services failing us, government worse yet, not counting on lawyers,judges n more of those in society. That's y these abuses take place but I know for sure if a man raise his hand on my daughter ,he will raise it to swim too or stays up for good. (Ex) nonsense.


  6. mate have to pay for that i my self have a girl child and when i hear them ting i just see i my self will make a jail if any man touch my child i dont care how much man she have dont touch her or a ass will be grass


  7. I like the ignorant comments on here. Until it happens to your family member, you will sing this song about she deserved it or girls should be loyal. Whether a woman is dating a guy and chooses to sleep around with others does not give a man NO right to beat and severely injure. That's the mark and behaviour of a coward!! A woman cheats on you, walk away. A man cheats on you ladies, walk away. NO one belongs to you. No one is your possession. There are millions of men and women in the world, you will meet someone else. But an abusive man is a coward and a punk who deserves nothing. This man had no right to do what he did, no matter what she did. He almost killed her. That's a life because someone left you or is cheating on you. Grow some balls and move on. An end of a relationship is not the end of the world. The person will move on to someone else. That's life. Humans are not built to stay solitary. We seek companionship. Chances are this guy was beating her during their time together and that's why she left. Whatever the logic, she did NOT deserve this. Parents need to stop raising these bastard cowards who think a women is some sort of property or entitlement. I hope he spends the rest of his life in jail...


  8. Love is a very dangerous thing. Please young ladies know the guys you call your boyfriends. But on the other hand please keep to one guy and not be looking for fame. Please be loyal girls and dont give the nookie to Jack or Tom. Guys time we stop playing macho One girl to one man, One man to a girl.


    • That's not love. That's obsession. As for the girls be loyal part, that's just stupid. Whether you are loyal or not to any person or giving your nookie to everyone on the block, it gives NO ONE the right to do this. Stop looking for a justification. Stupidity at its finest.


    • I support that 100 percent. Men can't handle the pain of being cheated on. Men can't handle the fact of seeing they woman get attention from another man. Main on the hole can't deal with the love pain. But the young girl need to go back to the old method of falling in love. U can't know anyone 100 percent but u can make it your duty to know a little of what they can and can't do and how far they can go if u push them. Good luck to u and hope u make that an example for ur child/children


  9. Poor girl! No matter what the circumstances no one deserves this!! Men need go pwel management classes!!! Move the f*** on if things aren't working out pum pum making y'all do all kinda crappp foolish boyyy,!!!


  10. Please ppl note its her previous boyfriend who commuted this inhumane crime but her Ex /Child father. Get the facts rite.
    N for the person admin hw much man she had 20 men or 2 gives them no right. But he will pay rest assured he will


    • What are u trying to say. You selling the girl out there with ur words. It's not her previous man but her ex/child father. It's the second before the last money. Chooops u should just stay shut.


      • Simply responding to the relative's comments. It was a question to verify what the realtive was saying. Read properly..not a statement. .a question.