Female robbed, raped and urinated on in the north – family source

Female robbed, raped and urinated on in the north – family source

Police are investigating the brutal rape and robbery of a female in the north by a “really sick individual” last weekend.

A relative, who requested anonymity and did not wish to go into details, told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) that the woman was on Friday last “violently attacked, robbed, raped and peed (urinated) on by a really sick individual who is still on the loose”.

“I do not know all the details of the attack because I cannot stomach anything else concerning it,” the source.

The relative said it is a “tough time” for everyone in the family.

“I just want other girls and women to be aware that this has occurred,” she said.

A police official from the Gros-Islet area confirmed the incident but did not wish to comment further, saying it is a “very private” matter.

SNO will provide more information as soon as it becomes available.


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  1. Truly, this despicable attack is crying out for justice. We can not afford any more of our women being scarred and victimized like this.

    If only we had a functioning justice system and responsible individuals in charge.

    We can hope that The Police are following leads from the DNA that was left behind during this crime.


  2. This is utter nonsense on the part of the police saying it is a private matter. They confirmed that the incident took place, as result a news bulletin should be place on all media sources asking people to be vigilant and a sketch of the individual should be circulated to aid in his capture.


  3. AA, kudos to AB for being rational on this one and not blaming these 'nasty greedy st lucian woman' for bringing this upon her. and good point on that women's organisation (apart from that ure still a troll) where the hell are they and aa, falvia cherry for times like this??? where are the so call women of influence to be an advocate/voice for abused victims??

    cocoa, i beg u to tell the police that info, as i said before it can save our female relative from such sick acts.

    one would think after frances was promoted to acting deputy, it would bring more awareness to victimization of women, but ohh no, I had every right to hold my breath. everyone for themselves ouiiii.

    lady, i wish that you seek counseling after this ordeal, whether it is spiritual or psychological, get some help. use the dna thrown on you to bring justice to yourself.

    lately, india has not be kind to rapists. many times i see a whole village/town mob condemn and even stone these violators to death, we should start implementing these public punishments.

    we should also bring back hanging. these criminals getting too free spirited now.


  4. Ur'll want girls an women 2 beware! So jus say where in de north of the island cuz north is a very wide area! Dats wat we ladies need 2 no cuz I have a sis an niece living in de north an I wudn't want that type of shit 2 happen 2 them


  5. I understand why everyone is upset at the police response but her own family didn't give much details and chose to stay anonymous. Maybe it's because they know who the perpetrator is and afraid for the young lady life and ask the police to keep the information about the case private. It may be an ex or acquaintance.


  6. "A private matter"??????? What kind of response is that from the police. Is it a family member hence it being a private matter? We need more information and the location of this incident so we can protect ourselves. Give us information.


  7. The victim will live with that Nightmare forever so sad. It is high time those NASTY rapist are turned into an example. The Law too soft with those freaks, I wont blame anyone who takes the matter into their own hands. I remember a shady character up Morne du don who raped a young woman, she never went tell the half retarded waste of time "Police Orsimoes" All I know two weeks later that freak was no longer breathing.


  8. The prime minister need to change some laws in lucia. You steal we cut a finger every time. You rape we slaughter you. You murder we slaughter you. Death penalty. The law taking it too easy on people. Thats why they keep doing what they want. St.lucians need to step up and be more brave unit and fight against crime. Defend and back up individuals and their family even though they are not related. Make the criminals scared and want to leave the island. Cast the devil out make him ran


  9. Any information that can assist in capturing this boo-wo is beneficial to the public, as long as it does not reveal the identity of the victim .... Please help us women protect ourselves by giving us the information as to where these rapes are happening. That information cannot and should not be private.


  10. Sometimes is the kind of out fit we have on us .what message are we sendind to them, i am not saying they have the right to do this type of thing this is a disgrace for a man to rape you, but some of us the way we does dress sorry to say so cuz i am a woman and a mother.we have to examined ourself the way we dress.




    • u right to call urself anonymous because u no what u just said is outright F***** ignorant. firstly, it's not how u dress, but how u carry urself. secondly, imagine a sick bastard going after ur son/daughter oh dear anonymous who is also a mother. are u going to blame the child for wearing a short pants and tshirt even if s/he just came from PE. woman, this is the 21st century, change ur mind set and stop making these rapists feel justified for their actions. NO means NO!!