Woman raped by 3 males in Dennery; attempted rape in Micoud

Woman raped by 3 males in Dennery; attempted rape in Micoud

Police are investigating the rape of a woman in La Ressource, Dennery last Sunday, Nov. 19, according to reports.

The incident reportedly occurred after 8 p.m. when three males pounced on her as she walked on the road.

The culprits reportedly dragged her off the road into bushes where they raped her.

This report adds to another in which a woman told our newsroom that last Saturday evening she escaped being raped by two males, who followed her home in Micoud.

The woman, 22, said had it not being for a male neighbour who was coming in the opposition direction, at the same time, as well as working street lights in the area, she would have been a rape victim.

The culprits fled after she ran to her male neighbour who shouted at them.

“They walked behind me all the way home and I started to run. They ran too… When we reach the street light I saw my friend neighbour who lives close to me and he saved me,” she said.


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    • That may have something to do with it..but..true thing..i dated a women from sweets..while dating she told me of multiple rapes by friends ..strangers..and her brother! She was in her 30s living in bklyn when she got pregnant by she brother ..it also happend to other members of that family..yet they protect him from prison


  3. Lord, Lord, Lord! Evil forces have taken over the land of St. Lucia. These evil forces have united against the citizens of the land and it appears that the authorities and people can do nothing about it. How long will this plague continue?


  4. Each constituency need to form groups. However it must be people who will not talk. We work then by night. Most times people know who the people who do these crimes are nut can not talk. We then do what is necessary. This nonsense has to stop. Today it is another tomorrow it could be a family member.


  5. Police should stop searching for cocaine which they then sell. They should concentrate on crimes like tgese.St.Lucia


  6. Stop politicizing crime. If we remove that party segmentations in our minds that will be the first step to combatting crime. We have become heartless fools for politics. STOP IT! The devil is smiling at our segregation due to politics. Lets stand together to fight the evil in our land.


    • Let us not politicise education, poverty, unemployment, illiteracy, access to healthcare, sexual misconduct [especially by politicians] corruption and all the social ills that pervades this country. I have never heard more rubbish in my life. In advanced economies the Government of the day has to account for crime levels but in a country of illiterates corrupt Government officials are placed on pedestals such that they do not have to account for spiralling homicide rates. Some idiot uttered that rubbish and like true imbeciles we jump on bandwagon.

      So let us assume that crime rates were to decline would you ask Chastent not to take the credit and would you ask that crime not be politicised?

      Strange such argument only came to the fore since UWP took up the reigns. I heard no such request or objections when Chastenet proclaimed that he was capable of reducing crime. Suddenly Flambeau realise Chastenet cannot deliver on his promise so now they all bawling foul.

      You expect people to remain silent while clueless and inept Hermangild collects his cheques and cannot produce a single idea on to how to tackle crime or improve intelligence gathering?

      As long as crime continues to rise we ought to demand that the political directorate of the day make an attempt at reducing crime.

      We know our silence suits your political agenda but myopic self serving opinions like yours won't silence the click of my keyboard.


  7. I have come to realize that, whenever UWP is in power, in order to save their skin with regards to crime, they always, always look for an alibi. Example, "we have an upsurge in murders", so therefore murders section is outside, then u have rape in the bedroom, then assault in the field, child abuse in the ghetto, child molestation in the school, etc, etc.
    What a shame!


    • Nah Kenny was the one committing the crime and asking people to commit suicide. Now Kenny not in office they want to silence you voice.


  8. God please put a hand smh ! It's not bloodshed now it's rape ! With everyday that passes we fear for our lives and the lives of our loved ones. I really hope that they catch these animals and that justice be served !


    • The do nothing and leave it to God society. Ever noticed that they do not quit their jobs and sit at home and wait for manna to drop from the heavens. Damn hypocrite.


    • Fair point however they need to be CAUGHT first in order to be mad an example of.

      How many rapist have been caught in the last year!


    • New Testament Verse of the Day:

      "Wasn't it clearly predicted that the Messiah would have to suffer all these things before entering his glory?"
      – Luke 24: 26


    • Why a Tazzor!

      To all the women of St Lucia arm yourselves with a knife or ice pick!

      People have no money, tazzors cost however every household has a knifes and ice picks.


  9. Every rapist should be castrated afterwards to stop a repeat. There need to be consequences to violating and damaging other human beings. In most other countries, the police step in, conduct DNA tests, arrest the people and imprison them. In St Lucia, most people get away with it and therefore the problem gets worse and will get worse. When imprisoned, the offenders should be made to do hard community work to make them never want to re-offend. Prison shouldn't be a pleasant experience.


  10. They don't it because the police are afraid to do their work. All they doing is moonlighting to make money. They are selling protection instead of serving and protecting. I understand that they are refusing businessmen with legitimate needs for a forward to protect themselves from obtaining same so that they themselves, the police that is, can approach those business people to extort them. Ha Hermangild put that in your pipe and smoke it.


  11. Disturbing, disgusting, and aggravating to my soul. Very sad, and I am speechless. So sorry for these two women especially the one that was raped by three dogs, the other one, who knows, she might be be terrified to even step out or walk anywhere. Bless their souls oh Lord, give them the courage, help them be strong. It can happen to anyone. sigh smdh


  12. And is now we the people of St.Lucia hearing about that.Well you know what it's time women start carry gun's every woman in St.lucia should be given an opportunity to conceal and carry because these demons,these son's of the bastard SATAN need to be in prison or put down.Ladies Ladies start protecting you'll selfs by any means necessary.Because only you can protect your self,no government can,start thinking ladies armour shield and arrow,or gun,no knifes or arm you'll self with acid...yeah i said it mf acid.These demons would not want to try to rape or even ambush or pounce on me.You'll can keep a knife but wait till they getting to lie down on you'll,stick that knife deep in their stomach and twist it,these damn demons they cannot hear they would feel.


    • Drop mic....standing ovation to this comment....I second that....make an example of them......ladies don't walk/run alone at night without your weapon or pepper spray in your hand ready to attack...old salops..now a days pompom so easy to get willingly but you rather force ,damage and defile a woman for it....bite off their Penis In the process..just go mad on their ass.


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