Jamaica: Woman in beating video located

By Jamaica Star

(JAMAICA STAR) – The Child Protection and Family Services Agency (CPFSA) has confirmed that the incident in which a woman is seen violently beating a child in the latest video to hit social media highlighting grave instances of child abuse in Jamaica.

In a statement issued yesterday, CEO of the CPFSA, Rosalee Gage-Grey, said investigations have confirmed that the video is authentic and that it occurred sometime in September.

She said a team from the agency, with support from the police’s Cybercrimes Unit, has located the woman and is currently pursuing further leads in the community where the mother and child live.


The police had also issued an appeal for the woman to contact them by visiting the nearest police station immediately.

In the video, the woman uses a belt and her hands to repeatedly hit the child, threatening her with further punishment, including cutting off her head if she (the child) does not desist from certain activities.

Last month, a St Thomas woman, Doreen Dyer, was charged with cruelty to a child after a video of her beating her then 12-year-old daughter with a machete went viral.

The incident had actually taken place last November.

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  1. from the way i see things it seems just now parents wont even be able to discipline their children with a belt. i do agree some parents go to far with a cutlass and other things and even saying bad things to their children but if you spare the rod you will spoil the child and it is seen endlessly in society today. most of those that steal from a young age till they are seasoned thieves,murderers and troublemakers are those their parents never disciplined them properly and took everything they did as a child for a joke.

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  3. To Discipline Children: There are many methods , Many procedures !! To punish a Child in Love. To inflect external scars will also create internal scars. Sometimes cant be healed. This takes them into another realm, " VIOLENCE , THE SOLUTION TO SOLVE PROBLEMS " .
    If We dont instill discipline in them when they are young, we cant achieve that when they are old. When we discipline it should be done in love . The child should know why ? and try to make amends to parent by being sorry , so as not to have a repeat of that behaviour, By all meas discipline them, When a Mother turns on the heat , there should be a Father or Grand Parent the child can run to for comfort and encouragement. at the same time explain why ? all this happen.
    I can give you a Thousand ways to discipline a child with out inflecting scars as punishment.

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  5. Using a belt to tear her ass up hell yes it's no cutlass. Children must be discipline period. When they are grow up or reach the dreaded years between 13 and 19 yrs. when they want' to carry on with all their mischief who does society frowns upon the parents. This past weekend in a mall parking lot I heard a little boy cursing out his grandmother real bad because she was old and could not keep up paste with he and his mother. All the deck, deck, mother was telling the child was "Taylor don't say these things". Really ?? All that was going thru my head was to take off my belt.


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