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Woman expresses disappointment in Saint Lucia police; seeks public advice

By SNO Staff

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(SNO) — A woman, who claimed that her sister’s husband assaulted her and has threatened to kill her family on numerous occasions, has expressed disappointment by the way the matter was handled by the police.

The woman, who preferred to remain anonymous, told St. Lucia News Online (SNO), that on January 17, her sister was assaulted by her own husband.

She said she went to the Gros Islet Poly Clinic to see a doctor after reporting the situation to the Gros Islet Police Station.

“After seeing the doctor, she went to the station to give a statement as requested by an officer,” the woman stated.

She further alleged that while giving a statement on the incident, a police officer told the assaulted woman that “she can handle this”.

“No advice was given to her to pursue it as a court matter,” the woman said. “They will only issue him a warning, as they told her if she goes to court she will only receive medical compensation.”

The woman said she was shocked by this.

“Where are the assault charges?” she queried. “This man has threatened to kill my family on numerous occasions.”

The woman told SNO that she felt the situation could have been handled better and the wrong advice was given.

She is now seeking advice from the public on the matter.

“I would like to receive more advice from the public on what we can actually do to get him locked up,” she stated.

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  1. Alot of people especially those with family in the force talk like these guys are so hard working.i have heard worste comments from police.they treat everybody like criminals.these guys are a breed of pigs.they do the same things criminals do.they know who has the guns.

  2. TheSaintLuciaActivist

    I don't know why so often, when you report an incident to the Police they say things like "Sorry, we can't help you"?
    Someone trespasses on your property; they say, "Fence your property".
    Someone tries to kidnap your child; they say, "Sorry, we can't help you".
    Someone beats you up; they say, "We'll issue a warning".
    Why do our officers seem to be so powerless? Could the be the cause of the rampant lawlessness we see in the country? Do our laws need to be changed? Is our justice system broken?
    My girl, while we (St. Lucia) get our act together, I advise you to RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!

  3. The Constitutional Law of the United States. " No Person shall live in Fear of another". That being said, he should be arrested in the Coffin Jail.

  4. Seek professional advice, advice from the public brings more confusion.

  5. Sometimes you have to excuse the police for they are not very smart and educated. Some of these officers can barely write a proper report or think logically. Why do you think the organization is so dysfunctional?

  6. Hmm my mind goes to Kimberly Leon after reading this article. The police afraid to step in domestic violence incidents which sometimes become domestic murders.

  7. Stupid robocop mentality. It's a darn shame after going through this ordeal the audacity of that idiot to tell you what you can handle and what you cannot. The clown should be in the circus not on the police force shame on him.

    • The ministers an commisioner should discipline an train their pigs properly.they only defend them in whatever they do.dats why al never vote for these swines.dat why i refuse to go to the police when violated.i dont like dem an i dont want their help.i handle things on my own.more effectively.

  8. He should be arrested period. No question. The job of the police is to investigate the matter and take him before a judge. Let the judge make the final decision.
    The police needs to be tough on those wife beaters.


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