BREAKING: Woman charged in Old Year’s night stabbing death

BREAKING: Woman charged in Old Year’s night stabbing death
DEAD: Joseph Herman
DEAD: Joseph Herman
DEAD: Joseph Herman

The woman accused of stabbing 45-year-old Joseph Herman on Old Year’s night has been officially charged.

Reports are that Melissa Joseph was charged with ‘causing death’ on Friday, January 8, 2016.

Herman was allegedly stabbed six times on Old Year’s night on Jeremie Street, Castries. He later succumbed to his injuries on New Year’s Day.

Herman’s relatives claim Joseph had issued death threats to him on countless occasions and both he and his girlfriend, Jacky Roberts, were constantly harassed by the woman.

They said the matter had been before the courts for the past 9 years.

Reports are that on the night of the stabbing, Joseph allegedly issued more death threats to Roberts, forcing her to seek protection at a nearby boutique.

Roberts called Herman to get her, but when he showed up, he was allegedly attacked by Joseph and a group of thugs. He was stabbed and left on the pavement, before being rushed to the hospital, where he later died.


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  1. Well there you have it folks! All that needs to be done is throw in chucky himself, Jason and Freddy and see who comes out the victor what a drag!!! This time throw away the keys to Pandora's box into the abyss with her in it!


  2. A psychopathic true menace to society she is. The epitome of evil. Once upon a time people would have begged for society to spare you a chance, but you refuse to even try a little. Your pathological lies and countless manipulation took too long a time to catch up with you and you sick ways. You come into the homes of people, beg for food to feed the children you never fed, only to steal from those same people and to threaten them on their lives.

    It is sad that it had to take the loss of a hard working father, to get your tail where you belong. Your continuous threats to law abiding citizens in society makes you no different to any radical terrorist. I hope that key is lost for more than 25 years, so the children you have pushed out your womb can grow up in peace and away from your evil self. You took a great father away from his children, but your children need you away from them.


  3. I say to the justice system please dont waste tax payers money on that woman. Quick trial guilty on all counts attempted murder, murder in first degree, assault with a deadly weapon, pre meditated murder, and for lack for a better term murder with 9 years of rage blazing fire. You must learn.


  4. If was a woman there would be things blowing up the media about violence on women but as is a woman that killed man you hardly hear something on his behalf


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