“Woman arrived at our Emergency Room in critical condition” – St Jude Hospital statement on maternal and infant death

“Woman arrived at our Emergency Room in critical condition” – St Jude Hospital statement on maternal and infant death
The deceased has been identified by a family member as Sylvina Emmanuel, also known as Tootie, of Shanty Town, Vieux Fort.

St Jude Hospital wishes to confirm the incident which occurred on the evening of Saturday October 31, 2015 in which the lives of a mother and her unborn child were lost.

St Jude Hospital extends its sincere condolences to the family, particularly the young lady’s mother and partner.

The woman arrived at our Emergency Room in critical condition. Despite the best efforts of our medical team, the lives of the mother and her baby could not be saved. SJH Medical Director, Dr. Carlene Radix together with the attending physicians met that evening with the family to explain the circumstances and to convey our sympathy.

This incident, as is the case with all maternal deaths, was immediately reported to the Chief Medical Officer (CMO), as the representative of the Ministry of Health. The hospital has a process of Peer Review that thoroughly examines all maternal deaths. A team comprising independent clinicians is currently being put together to review the incident and the findings of a post mortem that is being conducted. This review will take place this week.

St Jude Hospital will continue to work closely with the Ministry of Health in conducting a full review to determine the cause of death.


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  1. Women have had births in Cars, Taxi, sides of roads, Planes with success, but not
    in a rundown stadium passing as a Hospital, staffed with quacks and makebelieve
    nurses. Where is the much heralded "St.Jude's Hospital" of which much money was
    collected for a complete construction and to be operational. Better days indeed.


  2. How can you treat someone if you don't know their medical history? People pregnancy is not a joke and doctors can't take chances with a pregnant woman the way they take with one that's not. If the lady has high blood pressure that alone can kill her in a heart beat when she's pregnant. That's why there's something call clinic. Now if she goes to clinic her card supposed to be in her bag bcos she never know what can happen. I am not a doc nor nurse but I do make good use of my computer. Stop blaming doctors for everything. Awa for human beings eh.


  3. At the end of the day the deceased, God and the doctors alone know what really transpired. I hope it wasnt a case of negligence on the doctors part. I am testament to neglect at VH. May their souls RIP


  4. LOL in 2015 we still have them hard copy paper health cards which the patient has to be responsible for carrying from one clinic to the other. Lets upgrade our systems so that these records which are created often by the health centers can be accessed electronically by the hospital where people end up when in distress. No sense arguing about who is to be blamed for her death. Now is the time to put in place the necessary preventive measures. Make use of technology.


  5. The hospital is always gonna be blamed because of its bad reputation, ppl are beinf punished for being sick in there.


  6. The service and care at st Jude's is shit. I've been there enough to know. Countless times when I go to emergency room, the nurses and doctors don't seem to know what emergency is since you have to wait in a cold room for over and hr or two before you get attended too. Also they are not capable of giving detailed info on causes of your illness or info on precribed meds. Farless if u went there just for a chk up or to see a doc, I waited 8hrs and a few minutes until I couldn't wait anymore and just decided to leave to see a private doctor. Also when I was in the room waiting for a doc to see me I heard the woman behind my curtain screaming in pain calling for a nurse, no one showed up after a long two hrs, and when the nurse did show up she was shouting at the woman for calling and screaming for help. After the nurse came to me with a frown on her face and went along her work with rage, there was no care in her, how can u be a nurse without care, love and patience for the sick? St Lucia's system of everything sucks. If u want to die quicker go to st Jude's. Poor lady and baby.


    • Mere
      if you could not wait in the emergency room to see a doctor and just decided to leave to see a private doctor , well there was nothing wrong with you...u not ment to be there.


  7. None of us knew what went on we can only speculate taking that into consideration women really must know their health conditions and take it seriously. Having children is a gift but also a life and death situation. Some of us have healthy pregnancies, some of us develop conditions during or after birth, others go through with pregnancies knowing we are ill puting both lives at stake and some just wont heed the doctor's advice. One can seem fine in a minute and the next something went bad and most of the times we are at home when we feel something is wrong and we our ownselves don't even know a little breathing method or a posture to do etc to give us little extended time until we reach the hospital. So that is why it tears me apart when I see children having no respect,love,kindness etc towards their mothers although it is hard to lose a child,it can be replaced some women don't want at all, some would do anything to have half, others abuse that gift. To all ladies let us not cast blame only if we take some for ourselves let us make our health our priority. Condolences to the family. And yes I am a mother of four thank god. I had them young cuz now I'm older on the advice of 5,specialist even though. I'm still at childbearing age just going through the changes of pregnancy, to give birth , if I survive and if I do I will not be able to do what I'm doing and that is being able to see to write this post!



  8. Health cards are needed especially in cases of pregnant people because the doctors and nurses at the hospitals are not the ones who take care of a woman's pregnancy. You only go there to deliver or in the event of an emergency God forbid. So for the ignorant and family members, i understand your pain and frustration but doctors cannot just treat a pregnant person without knowing their case amd complications. For those who believe that the baby could have at least been saved, wait until you know what caused their distress and eventually death. She should have known the importance of health card, if she was so concerned about her health and the baby's. If she wasn't full term then she should have a contact number for her doctor.Pregnant and just saying


    • Really so a health card determine everything. What if she forgot it. That is where an assessment comes into effect. It's up to the nurses to collect as much objective and subjective data as possible from the patient and from running blood work, urine sample and Ultasounds to find out the cause of distress. You can't always go by what a health card says you have to form your own diagnosis. What if she just developed some new complication. Use the nursing process ADPIE - assess, diagnose, plan, intervention, evaluation!


  9. So she died because she did not have her health card. Sounds silly. aren't the card suppose to be at the hospital? Is it a case of improper filing of card (not being able to be retrieved in due time) made it difficult to get her card, hence causing her death. I believe a good doctor would have acted on the symptoms, in the absence of the card.

    If we had universal health care this would have probably saved the lady and baby's life. With universal health, everyone would be given an ID number, which they would carry at all time. The outcome of all your visits to doctors and hospitals would be recorded under this ID number, which would be accessible to doctors at all national Hospitals. It would be your responsibility to carry you ID Number.


  10. Yeah ,they will get away with it cuz no one has the money to hire a private investigator or private doctor to see exactly what happened to this young lady and her unborn baby so they are going to say anything and you all have to buy it. this is not the first time this has happened at this hospital and it won't be the last cuz there is no one to make sure that it won't happen again. what I am trying to say is thinks like that to happen but not as often I hope they are going to do what they said that they are going to do and come out with the truth and do not make the family think Otherwise this is ridiculous


  11. i know most of the comments here are from persons from the medical field, so i dont expect them to b against them selves , but i want to know what they would do in the absence of a medical card and if they don t know they should change their profession.


  12. This happened beacause of negligence and i say this because my best freind just lost her baby at victoria and she had to give birth on her own because no one attended to her and then the pple who take other the case blame the young ladies complications hear this word well complications this is what this woman who just died again had doctors should be trained to take care of this set of people this makes ne frightened to go give birth at st judes dr lousie best leave me a room cuz ima take a loan to go give birth at her office in blackbay where my family can c what is being done to me condolencies to the Family and to st judes hospoital for dying case close


  13. Family just so you know a health card is a patients medical history, previous health conditions, allergies etc. It is very important that a doctor know their patient so they can find out what's wrong.


    • rubbish, a patient Is quite capable of telling the nurse about her condition but it takes a good one to listen to what the patient has to say. Don't blame this on carrying a piece of paper.


  14. You have absolutely no idea what went on, or how long they took to attend to her. Deaths are not always due to negligence 'family' , so don't make foolish comments about them being too busy to attend to her. If they both perished it's obviously because neither one could be saved. You have no idea how much of a difference it would've made if that woman had gone to the hospital when she first felt something was wrong


  15. Stupid family. .... you need the patient health history to know what you are dealing with, Miss Fredrick said thst she was in distress. ....she wasen't just in labour.


  16. I see people bashing and accusing the hospital. No one knows if this lady had serious complications due to her pregnancy. No one knows whether this lady was being consistent with her checkups. It is definitely a tragedy but let's not be so quick to blame poor medical care. Let's educate ourselves that being pregnant is risky business. Why don't people read up on complications that could arise during pregnancy. A lot of you lucians are so nonchalant with your health and only visit when shit is about to hit the fan with y'all. Let's not be so quick to cast stones because really we may never even know what her real health issue was cause they may never even divulge that info


  17. Another woman dies. I wonder which doctor will be dismissed/suspended for this. I don't believe they acted speedily in her case. Is a sad situation to loose someone. Sympathy to her entire family. Most of them doctors don't care they just work for the damm money


  18. Health Card..That Hospital need to change its Vision Statement.. St. Judes Hospital Staff lack professionalism...All they talk about is money money money and when you ask a question they get upset..We need Help in our Health Care System.. I really and trully did not want to see how the professionals behaved in that "Emergency Case". Emergency is normal to these professionals. Never eager to save a life.


  19. Asking for her health card like seriously? ??? @Family this doesn't make sense try something else. .... why people so quick to blame medical facilities for stuff.... if its not the hospital it's the government smh. .... grow up. ...yall are neither book or street smart


  20. honestly in cases like this an outside examiner should be handling this case ...somehow i do not trust Dr.king with his shock this and shock that


  21. honestly in cases like these an outside examiner should be handling this case ...Somehow i do not trust Dr.King always shock this and shock that with him smh .


  22. The reality is that many more will have to suffer and die. Don't ask me why'. It breaks my heart that both had to die.


  23. She did not die at home or on the way to the hospital, she died in the hospital, they could at list save the damn baby for crying out loud. They had enough time to save the baby, why didn't they? Unless the baby was already dead in the womb.


    • are you serious? Go to school and learn some biology. Better yet go to med school become a doctor and when a situation like this occurs become superwoman. Gosh. I know we all want to be part of the current events but atleast use your brains before making foolish statements like these....that's for you guess