Woman arrested for urinating in Castries

Woman arrested for urinating in Castries
Peterson Francis at a recent political meeting.
Mayor Peterson Francis

(SNO) — A woman was arrested for urinating in Castries along with a number of persons, an official from the Office of the Mayor has confirmed.

According to the official, this was the first time a female was arrested for the offence. No further information on her arrest was immediately available.

The official also disclosed that some 15 persons have been arrested for urinating or indecent exposure this weekend.

Majority of the arrests were carried out next to the Soufriere bus stop, near a bar, in the city by several City Police officers, the source disclosed.

Mayor Peterson Francis had revealed recently that his office earns about $1,000 weekly in fines for the indecent-exposure offence.


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  1. What if she is pregnant or diabetic? During these moments one is unable to hold it. I am not condoning this behaviour because it is downright disrespectful to pull your underwear down to urinate in hidden spots. Put some urinals in places in order to facilitate and upkeep the laws which have been implemented and issued without proper consultation. Who will arrest those who rob, cheat and partake in prostitution? Especially those in high places. Stop oppressing the poor ad start addressing the bigger acts of corruption.


  2. omg thats 15 Thousand Dollars. but what i want to know is at what times do the rest rooms close cause if there are not much restrooms open so late at night where will you expect people to pee?


  3. YOU should arrest your brother hermangil for leaking so much shit when he talks about governance of the police force and crime . FIRE MATE !!! !


  4. Why arrest ?? Maybe the woman is medically inclined. What if you have a child and we all know how that can be somtimes daddy I need to pee mommy I need to pee. What happens if you have a prostate issue ? I am not saying it's right to urinate in public I don't like to see it myself but there is no reason to arrest anyone Just issue a ticket if it's not paid in seven days then issue a warrant and tripple the fine. If it's a foringer ask them to pay same day I can't stand that dam mayor he needs to take his head out of his ass


  5. This filthy habit must stop. I don't know what the fine is, but don't
    be easy on them. It's not o.k. for anyone, but for a woman?
    A strong message must be sent; shape up, or jail plus fine. you low lifer.


  6. They got to stop their nasty habits. Please hit them hard with heavy finds,$300.00 no less if they refuse to pay please put them in jail for fifteen days hit them where it hurts the most their wallets. They refuse to obey the law them stinkers both male and female day ban mal pop sal satie.


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