Woman appeals to public to assist in finding stolen vehicle

Woman appeals to public to assist in finding stolen vehicle
This is a 2008 Daihatsu
A 2008 silver Daihatsu Terios.

A Corinth woman is seeking the public’s assistance in finding her vehicle which was stolen last night (May 26) from her premises.

Virginia Auguiste told Saint Lucia News Online (SNO) that she last saw her silver 2008 Daihatsu Terios, registration number HG2129, at about 8:45 last night sometime before going to bed.

She said she had picked up the vehicle yesterday afternoon and parked it in her yard.

Auguiste was adamant that she locked the vehicle and has both keys for it in her possession. She said there were signs of broken glass or evidence of forced entry in the area where the vehicle was parked.

She explained that the stolen Terios was one of the vehicles she rents as part of her rental business.

She said she contacted the police at about 5 a.m. but as of late morning she had not gotten any feedback from them.

Auguiste said she is sure no friend or relative had used the vehicle and added that she has both keys for the stolen vehicle.

“I am wondering how they entered the vehicle, I have both keys,” she said.

“I hope I get my vehicle… every month I paying on a vehicle, paying insurance, putting tyres … and somebody can just come and just take the vehicle…”she stated, almost in tears.


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  1. Because of constant car thefts and carrying dead bodies from murder scenes to isolated areas, police must reexamine it's strategy. What can counter those activities? The simple answer is increased roadside checks, preferably at nights and the roving type. Let's see who is going to win this little game.

    Until the security boss in government gets of his duff, and start addressing the serious issues of the day, do expect the same.


  2. People need to install location devices on their vehicles. You can also install an Imobilizer. It's a device that requires a code to start. In her case she can change the code after every rental.


  3. Most stolen vehicles
    Corolla Skettel
    5% of my salary

    Des ban voleh!


  4. Every one should use some common sense use extra protection to secure ur vehicle whe ever you park


  5. This looks like a set up whoever you get the vehicle from had an extra key provideing you say you had both keys. This is simple who ever had the extra keys fellowed you home broke the vehicle glass to make it seemes as ur vehicle was stolen by some one else .


  6. My lady you extend your search to the south of the island, lately a lot of stolen vehicles seem to turn up in the south. I seem to remember a Terrios was stolen and used in drive by shooting a few years ago, where a police officer was shot. We need to ask:are there master keys in circulation for these vehicles? Are defaults in those types of vehicles that the manufacturer are not disclosing? Please someone with the info if any please share ........


  7. you need to get ur friends, family and other rentals on search patrols. Use facebook as well the post the exact photo of the damaged vehicle. All this should have been done from early this morning.


  8. It is now six months since they stole my husband's Terios H 1924. And now the Insurance refuse to pay never mind it was fully covered• The Bank is calling for their money• It has become routine when it comes to that kind of theft•


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