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Woman and child caught on camera shoplifting at S&S

By SNO Staff

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(SNO) — A security camera has caught what appears to be a woman and a child shoplifting at local popular store S&S.

The incident occurred on January 30, according to HTS News.

Footage of the incident obtained by HTS shows the two entering the store, with the woman carrying a handbag, and the child, with a bag on his back, behind her.

She walks to the clothing section and proceeds to cut security tags on a number of items.

She then proceeds to stuff the items into the bag on the child’s back.

HTS said at least $200 in clothing items were taken by the pair and no one, not even store security, caught on what was going on.

The two eventually walked away with their loot.

S&S told HTS that the matter has not been reported to the police and warned other store owners to be on guard against such robbery.

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