Woman attacked by bus driver lodges complaint with NCPT (see letter)

Woman attacked by bus driver lodges complaint with NCPT (see letter)

The Gros Islet police are investigating an altercation between a Gros Islet bus driver and a Guyanese woman yesterday over a fare difference of 25 cents.

Audrey Fredericks, who lives in Bois D’Orange, Gros Islet, told St. Lucia News Online that she was assaulted and bitten by the bus driver in a fall-out over bus fare.

Fredericks said she and her 12-year-old son boarded the bus around 1:30 p.m. but the chain of events started when the bus stopped in Marisule, Gros Islet to let off a passenger.

During that time Fredericks paid the bus driver $3.25 but the driver was not happy. He insisted that Fredericks paid the full fare or get off his bus.

Fredericks insisted that’s the amount she normally pays and refused to disembark the bus. But she said the bus driver was relentless, insisting she paid the full fare, while ignoring offers from other passengers to pay the difference of 25 cents.

Things came to a head when the driver opened the door and dropped the money on the seat. While attempting to pick up the money, Fredericks said the bus driver grabbed her hand and they both began to struggle.

Fredericks said her son tried to push off the bus driver but to no avail.

Fredericks said the driver bit her hand when she attempted to take her phone which he took during the scuffle. She burst the driver’s chain in the process.

Below is a letter written to Godfrey Ferdinand, president of the National Council of Public Transportation, by Fredericks. (Parts of the letter – including the driver’s name and bus number – have been edited for legal reasons)

Dear Sir: This letter is to inform you of an incident between myself and a bus driver.

My name is Ms Audrey Fredericks, I live at Bois D Orange, Quarter of Gros-Islet. On Thursday 21st August 2014, Myself and 12 years old son boarded a Route 1 A bus…. I paid him $3.25 for both of us since that is what other drivers usually charge me.

The driver claimed I was short by $1.25 I told him that is not true since that’s what I usually pay besides I was coming off at Bois D Orange, he then stated that I was short by $.25. He told me to pay him of come off his bus, which I refused to do. Another passenger offered the $.25 but he refused to accept it, yet someone else offered a $1.00 and he still refused it. He proceeded to open the door and dropped the $3.25 on the seat next to me and once again instructed me to get off his bus, I refused at first but then I attempted to pick up the money and disembark the bus, however he grabbed my hand and a scuffle ensued, my son then offered him the $.25 and he told him “give it to your mother for her to give me”.

I came off the bus but then I saw him with my mobile phone a Galaxy S5, and he said he’s taking me to court, I boarded the bus again and when he sat down I tried to grab my phone, he then bit me on my hand, I grabbed his chain and bursted it, he drove to the Gros-Islet Police Station where he reported to the police that I refused to pay him and later hit him with my phone, which is not true. He stated that he’s taking me to court for his damaged chain which according to him is valued at US$6000.00.

I am also taking him to court for assault, before leaving the police station I paid him $3.50. I went to the poly clinic where I saw a doctor and was given a Tetanus Injection and other medications.

As a passenger it disgusts me at the manner in which some of the driver behaves, some of them overcharge commuters and get away with it, a perfect example one night I boarded a bus at Gros-Islet and was charged $5.00 to Bois D Orange, when it should have been price and a half after hours. This had to be paid before the bus moved.

Please contact me on ….  for further discussion on the matter.

Audrey Fredericks
Cc: Mr Thomas St. Louis
Public Relations Officer
Gros-Islet Mini Bus Owners Association



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  1. I was on the bus and l saw all what happened. The woman refuse to pay the the drive, although the drive gave her the bus fare list she still refuse, then the drive can. El off the bus to show her the the money was not enough, so the driver insist she put the balance which has she was still refusing. She grab the money back, when the driver saw she was not going to pay he said let's go to the police station, in still a dying to get his money, she threw a punch and a kiss kiss after the driver. When the driver saw it was gone get nowhere he got in his van to go to the police station, that is when she grab the driver in his neck bursting is chain as tearing his t-shirt, so the driver had to other choice in making the woman drop him so he bite her. On top of that she insist on disrespecting the driver by cursing him and calling him names. So tell me if you when to Guyana and this happened to a St. Lucia do you think the St. Lucia would make it out alive?


    • i knew there was more to that lady's story. She sounds like a very swell headed woman, by the comments made on the fb page abt this story. If this is what happened then the driver have right! even if he is ignorant if he provided proof, all the lady had to do was pay up!


  2. Free thinker, are you an ads, non of you'll were there but you'll most things to say. The woman should have never put her hand on the driver, (if someone attack you first from the back what would you do?) Stop judging, the only side you'll know is the woman's side and you'll assume she have all the rights is it because she's a woman?, St Lucia n's need to stop the way we behave, just like you and me the drivers have bills to pay just the same. And one more thing if the drivers strike we the passengers can't go to work. Think about that and stop beating you'll ads uselessly, you'll mor inorant than the driver


  3. the worst set if drivers I have seen........ Gros islet,my word especially the ones who drive the "pit bull".they cheat ppl out of their money especially people who are not fully familiar with the fairs and it gets worst after the hours of 12 am when ppl are leaving North to get to their respective area that's when they wring your wallet until it looses color,where are the government busses.


  4. If I was a passanger would give him the 25 cents and give dah mun licks just for 25 cents dah mun self too a kinda way for that awa. Things real hard 4true


  5. It's so funny how it is "straight jail for the woman tying to evade payment". Well I think a bunch of drivers should be severely fined for constantly breaking the driving laws. Angel all of a sudden?
    On another note, have you ever tried reasoning with a fool? There is simply no winning. She should have paid the extra $.25 and simply do like sooooo many have done, reporting the driver.
    So she busted his chain and as a result he takes her phone and all of a sudden this case is no longer about the $.25 but about a busted chain. So if I get it right, burst my chain and have it repaired for $6,000? I hope at least she gets to keep the bits of gold chain?!


  6. bus drivers complain they eh making money and want a hike in bus fare yet you can afford a $6000.00 US chain.


  7. Da woman wrong but seriously sum of democracy bus drivers on da Gros islet stand is sicken I can say cut once I was boring da bus and this bus driver M 904 will Neva forget tht plate almost ran over my son and wud look at me and say oh wat he doin Der and da freaking bus we lookin to board Jah alone know sum ting save him tht day but he still has to watch his ass.sum of them jus need to b put aside


  8. I used to attend Ccss and there is this old bus driver which has a red bus. I lived la clery so I would wait by the bus stop at vigie for a bus to school. One day he stopped to put down a passenger so while I was boarding the bus he gave me some hand signal. I thought he was waving at someone. When the bus got close to Ccss I shout bus stop but he didn't stop. He stop at the bus stop by the hotel. When I opened the door to pay him. He told me «you will learn not to come on my bus again» i was in form 1' second week of school. Will never forget that day.


  9. All of you'll should know better, the woman wrong she should never hit the driver and she is lier, nobody offered the driver money, you sat only .$.25 cents, you forget fast, what about the time the made a bus driver pay a fine $800.00 for taking $.25 cent to much by mistake from a child
    The point is that is the bus fare so we have no choice but to pay. If you have to blame somebody, then let it be the other drivers for taking the wrong bus fare from the passengers.