Woman allegedly attacked by abusive ex, cautions other women

Woman allegedly attacked by abusive ex, cautions other women

14997132_10210273053678298_1026575004_nA 22-y-o woman from Dennery is today warning fellow women after she was allegedly assaulted by her ex boyfriend.

The incident reportedly occurred yesterday after the woman ended the relationship with the man.

The relationship was reportedly ended after the woman found out that the man has a history of being abusive.

The man, a 33-y-o from Castries, allegedly drove all the way to Dennery to try and win back her heart. When this failed he attacked her and left the right side of her face cover in blood.

After the incident the young woman went to the Dennery hospital where she was given two stitches.

The young woman is cautioning other women to speak out against abuse.


Too many times women remain quiet about abuse and then the men roam free to do it to someone else,” she told St. Lucia News Online.

She claimed that the matter was reported to the police, however she said she was told that they will get back to her.



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  1. my lady, my heart goes out to you. but what is his name? how u go warn us about a person and not disclose his name or physical attributes?


  2. Two of the ways this woman will get her "just desserts" is to name him publicly, then file a lawsuit against him, or have the culprit charged with the necessary charges.

    For the police to say they "will get back to her" is not helping, and they are taking advantage of her naivety. So, nothing will happen; unless she is aware of her rights and how to conduct herself in the proper manner to get justice served.

    This woman needs HELP!!


    • You obviously dont know what it is like to have a man tell you he will kill you, your mother and your child if you go to the police. The worst part is that sometimes it is the most respectable looking ones who turn out to be the worst kinds of physical abusers. It takes alot of guts to just pick up and run immediately without fearing, in other times women like myself carefully plan to completely run away to another country. Abusers tend to follow you around at home, with or without restraint. Restraint tends to anger them sometimes, others tend to go as far as sending friends or family to harass you.


  3. Only now she is speaking out.come on.He hit once get out. Why stay...hope you leave for good this time and get someone that will love you so you can love that person in return.


  4. you see again, some of your'll too fast,, ladies always find out about a or the man u like, or that like u,, before u accept him, check that person back ground,, always find out how many relationship he have been in, and why his past relationship didn't last, is not when u already in a relationship to find out all of these,, ok,, and it goes for the men as well,, but it good to show his face so other women will not stick under his stupid trap,, and not him alone, all men/women, that abusing women/men,, so when u see that face aproch u just walk away,, and thats the bottom line


  5. They should really make an example of him this trend of hitting down women and children needs to stop.


  6. Not right, should not have happened but you all leaving all the strong Dennery fellas there and you'll going after weak Castries jumbles.


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