WLBL to launch Strongbow Urban Orchard Project

WLBL to launch Strongbow Urban Orchard Project

PRESS RELEASE – On Monday September 22, Strongbow Apple Ciders, a product of Windward and Leeward Brewery Ltd (WLBL) will unveil the Urban Orchard Project.

Strongbow Apple Ciders is an alcohol brand that is made from real apples and it has a cut-through refreshing taste. It is not bitter like beer and is available in a range of flavours.

So what exactly is the Urban Orchard Project?  Germaine Serieux, Innovations Manager at WLBL explains: “This project will transform one particular venue for an entire week into an orchard ambience complete with apple trees, where we will take our guests on a journey with Strongbow Apple Ciders brand. This journey will include the origins and ingredients of the product, tasting the product and its use in various recipes.”

According to Serieux “the project” will also present Strongbow Apple Ciders, which comes in many flavours, as an alternative to sparkling wines and champagne.

The Urban Orchard Project will have as its home “Tapas on the Bay” in Rodney Bay, renowned for its good food and captivating ambience.  It will run from Monday September 22 to Friday September 26, 5- 8 pm daily.

Rosie Joinville, proprietress of Tapas is excited about hosting the project.  “We are really looking forward to this event and when Germaine Serieux of WLBL approached us with the idea we immediately jumped on board,” Joinville says. “We have always used ciders in the preparation of mussels, but for the week our Chef will be preparing three dishes using Strongbow Apple Ciders and our bartender will present three cocktails, as we seek to make people aware of Strongbow Apple Ciders’ different uses. It is very aromatic and refreshingly delicious in these treats and cocktails.”

Already, the Urban Orchard Project has created a buzz among members of the Saint Lucia Chamber of Commerce and the Saint Lucia Hotel and Tourism Association. Both entities have endorsed the venture, which is also sponsored by Lazy Lagoon.

The event is open to the public and will feature video presentations, tastings and giveaways as well as specials on Strongbow Apple Ciders.

The Urban Orchard Project will culminate with the Saint Lucia Chamber of Commerce’s business mixer on Friday September 26. Derede Williams will also be performing at this event.


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