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WLBL staff engaged in a productivity seminar during Safety Day

By National Competitiveness and Productivity Council

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(PRESS RELEASE) — A safe staff is a more productive staff rings true as the Windward and Leeward Brewery (WLBL) observed a safety day for staff at its Vieux Fort office.

Safety is a major component of the operations at the Brewery whose safety vision is zero accidents.

Among the presenters for the day was Fiona Hinkson, Director of the National Competitiveness and Productivity Council (NCPC).

She noted that one of the mandates of the NCPC is to raise awareness around the issues involving productivity and competitiveness.

“So we discussed what productivity is all about. Why it’s important for a company like WLBL to improve on their productivity and how that impacts on the overall productivity for the country. When all companies improve on their productivity St. Lucia benefits on the whole. So today we also discussed two factors that hinder productivity absenteeism and punctuality. So we believe that improving on absenteeism and punctuality can really help the company with their bottom line because they are spending monies paying salaries and so on and if employees are not at work then it reduces their output and therefore their productivity.”

Human Resource Officer at WLBL, Marguirretta Aurelien said the thinking behind inviting the NCPC to the safety day activity is because the company has recognized the important collaboration between safety and productivity as a productive worker also works safely.

“I think it was well received. The staff now have a better understanding of productivity and not just productivity for the organization but for themselves too because we both tend to benefit when the organization is more productive and the employees are more productive you’ll get a better output. So in the end it’s a win-win for the employee and the organization.”

With a 24 hour production cycle, safety is a high priority for WLBL who prominently displays the number of accident free days during their operations. Production Supervisor at WLBL, Aureus St. Hilaire said he found the presentation very impactful not just for companies like WLBL but for the nation at large as “productivity helps the nation move”.

“Well productivity goes hand in hand with a programme that we already have at WLBL which is TPM, Total Productive Management and it’s really about minimizing waste and to look at how you can impact on profit and other areas in the company.”

The NCPC aims to foster increased collaboration with the private and public sectors, institutions and organization as well as the wider public on issues surrounding productivity and competitiveness.

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