WLBL Schools Scholarship Awardees!

WLBL Schools Scholarship Awardees!
Scholarship awardees with parents and WLBL staff.
Scholarship awardees with parents and WLBL staff.

PRESS RELEASE – On Thursday August 7, 2014 Windward and Leeward Brewery Ltd (WLBL) added a new twist to its annual Scholarship Awards Presentation ceremony.

This was done through a special motivational and discussion session, aimed at inspiring and refocusing the awardees about their goals and restoring in them a sense of appreciation for the scholarship itself.

Since 1985, WLBL has been fostering the continued development of the island’s young people through the provision of a textbook scheme and a scholarship program.

While these programs specifically target the children of  company employees, WLBL has also been committed to assisting various schools and students with projects, including a Breakfast Program and Rain harvesting- Every Drop Counts.

Last Thursday’s event, which was held at the WLBL conference room in Vieux Fort, brought together the nine awardees and their parents for an interactive session aimed at maximizing the students’ potential.

With the theme “Enduring Performance”, the afternoon started with opening prayers, followed by a presentation by Prisca Eristhee-Delice, HR Manager at WLBL.

She started off by challenging the students as to where they each were with their education and in their educational journey.

After elucidating the students on the meaning of performance she then emphasized the difference between having knowledge and possessing it.

She then put this to the parents; “encourage students to do more. It is a competitive world out there, so we have to be different.

HR Manager at WLBL Prisca Eristhee Delice speaking to scholarship recipients and parents last Thursday.

Students are not sufficiently challenged as this is reflected in the decline in their academic performance. Further, we have to begin to understand that as a company we set high goals and standards for ourselves. And we should expect nothing less from our students.”

The HR manager called on students to make sacrifices, to give up some of the leisure and distractions in order to spend more time studying, practicing and focusing on their goals.

She noted that while students now have IPads, cellphones and laptops, which can be used to enhance learning, they can also be major distractions if misused.

She then offered some tips for enduring, suggesting to students the power of prayer and calling upon a higher order. “We should also learn from every experience and learn from others,” she shared. Students were also called on to have more passion for whatever it is they are doing and to find ways to remain motivated in what they do.

“You must take responsibility for your actions and believe that what you do matters and that it will make a difference. You cannot be the normal. Be the extraordinary and challenge yourself to excel all the time, while building your confidence and competence,” Delice explained.

Parents also shared some of their experiences and best practices   as to how to cope with students. Likewise, students too were quizzed on sacrifices made by parents.

Before handing out the scholarship cheques, the HR Manager reiterated that; “as a company that prides itself on performance, we must put measures in place to improve your performance.”

She then disclosed that whereas in the past WLBL was flexible with students performance, not so anymore. Students must now maintain a minimum score of 70% to secure their scholarship. But all would not be lost.

“We have resources in place to help the students in areas where they may be falling short,” Delice says. However, those who are unable to maintain their scores will access the company’s textbook scheme.

Students and parents were then presented the cheques by Niko van Cauwenberge, Brewery Manager. This was followed by a vote of thanks from Jamil St Paul, one of the recipients.

The session ended with a motivational video on the theme of hard work, followed by refreshments at the company’s social room.


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