WLBL lends support to Productivity Week 2014

WLBL lends support to Productivity Week 2014

PRESS RELEASE – Saint Lucia observed Productivity Awareness Week (October 13-18). This was an initiative of the Government of Saint Lucia, in collaboration with the National Competitiveness and Productivity Council (NCPC).

The main objective of the week was to create a sense of urgency around the subject of productivity among St.lucians. The theme for the Week was “Enhancing Productivity is our Responsibility.”

Windward and Leeward Brewery Ltd (WLBL) felt compelled to actively participate in Productivity Awareness Week both for staff and other partners namely schools.

The organization in playing its part sought to engage and challenge students of the primary schools namely Grace Combined and Blanchard Combined Schools.

As a company, built on a strong manufacturing legacy, with products of international standards, WLBL felt that it was imperative to share their knowledge and experience with the young minds.

A team from WLBL led by TPM Manager, Jeffaust William, visited the respective schools.
Mr. William at each school challenged the students on their understanding of the word “productivity”. “The first thing we need to acknowledge in adopting a more productive lifestyle is that willpower alone will not be enough to stay productive.”

He then delved into components of procrastination which contributed to delays and resulted in diminished productivity. He cited examples of disciplined sportsmen and women, as well as musicians whose “deliberate practice” results in high productivity.

This discipline he said could be applied to studying and completing assignments On Time and In Full (OTIF) “A study examining college students found that students who imposed strict deadlines on themselves for assignments performed far better and more consistently than those who didn’t,” William revealed.

On the flip side, students who gave themselves too generous a deadline often suffered from the same problems as students who set zero deadlines.
When you allot yourself too much time to complete a task, you can end up creating a “mountain out of a small hill”.

Students were then given practical methods of tracking progress and using an accountability chart which they were told should go hand in hand with their study timetables.

Tracking productivity it was explained would increase self-control and self-discipline and a useful strategy for not engaging in “busy work”. “Busying” themselves with trivial matters and distractions would lower their productivity they were told.

Before concluding the exercise, the students recited a PRODUCTIVITY PLEDGE: ‘To be more Committed…. To Strive for Excellence…. To be Better Planners… To remain Focused…. To Deliver’. Posters containing these pledges were also left at the respective schools, as well as branded pencils .


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