WLBL bids farewell to Managing Director Sebastian Sanchez

WLBL bids farewell to Managing Director Sebastian Sanchez
Sebastian Sanchez, Managing Director, WLBL
Sebastian Sanchez, Managing Director, WLBL

PRESS RELEASE – Windward and Leeward Brewery Limited (WLBL), leader in the beverage industry will bid farewell to its Managing Director, Sebastian Sanchez this week.

Sebastian, who has been at the helm of the organisation since 2014, leaves behind a great legacy at WLBL.

“During his time at WLBL, Sebastian was able to lead the organisation with passion, drive and energy and enabled the company to reach its ambition two years before the projected date of 2018. He was able to motivate staff to continue production in difficult times and even worked with the team on new product innovations such as SuperMalt and local production of Amstel and Desperados. One of the major initiatives he will be remembered for during his time here is leading the bold move with the merger of WLBL and DBC, which has poised WLBL to become the leader in the total beverage market” stated Lisle Chase, Chairman of the Board.

Sebastian personified the company’s long-standing values of Passion for Quality, Respect for People and Planet, and Enjoyment of Life.

In a brief interview he said “My family and I have enjoyed our time in St. Lucia. We have met some wonderful people who we will be sad to leave behind. My time at WLBL was extremely special as I got to meet and work with dedicated employees who understand the direction of the business and have stood with the management team to reach and exceed our ambition. We have set another high ambition and even though I will not be there with them, I have no doubt that they will achieve and surpass it” concluded Sebastian Sanchez.

Sebastian will be staying with the HEINEKEN Company and we wish him the best on his new journey.



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  1. Ok and I take it there was a successional planning in place so a born St. Lucian can now lead the WLBL going forward or they still believe that we will drink off all the booze when they're not looking?


    • Shameful comment! All those who approve this comment. You all must learn to support your own people. Thanks is why foreigners come here and we are n a short space of time rise and Lord over us. I am sure that there are locals who can do the job. Then again this Chase man and other directors are cacausian so there may not be a change in a hurry.


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