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Witnesses dispute Dallas cop’s account in fatal shooting of neighbor, attorney says


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Police Officer Amber Guyger (centre) at the scene of the shooting.

(CBS) — Dozens of demonstrators gathered outside Dallas police headquarters Monday evening to demand justice for Botham Jean, the 26-year-old who was shot inside his own apartment last Thursday by off-duty police officer Amber Guyger.

Guyger has been charged with manslaughter, but demonstrators say that’s not enough. Her case now heads to a grand jury where her charges could be bumped up to murder, reports CBS News’ Omar Villafranca.

According to an arrest warrant, Guyger told investigators that she went to what she thought was her third floor apartment. Instead, she went to Jean’s fourth floor apartment directly above hers. Guyger says her door was “ajar” and saw a “large silhouette” inside. After giving “verbal commands that were ignored,” she fired her handgun twice, striking Jean once in the torso. It wasn’t until Guyger “turned on the…lights” and “called 911” that she realized she was “at the wrong apartment.”

“We will make certain that justice is done in this case,” said Dallas County District Attorney Faith Johnson.

Attorneys for Jean’s family say two witnesses told them details that contradict Guyger’s account.

“They heard knocking down the hallway followed by a woman’s voice that they believe to be officer Guyger saying, ‘Let me in. Let me in,'” attorney Lee Merritt said.

The family’s attorneys say one of the witnesses then heard gunshots followed by a man’s voice.

“What we believe to be the last words of Botham Jean which was ‘Oh my god, why did you do that?'” Merritt said.

Allison Jean wants to know what happened to her son. “I’m not satisfied that we have all the answers,” Allison said.

“There is really no reason why a mother should have to wait until the conclusion of an investigation to know what happened to her child,” said Daryl Washington, another one of the family’s attorneys.

The Texas Rangers, who are leading an independent investigation, have been tightlipped about the case. Jean’s family’s attorneys say he was unarmed. They are expecting a large crowd for his funeral that’s scheduled for Thursday at a church in Richardson, Texas.

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  1. Lots of unanswered questions:
    Why wouldn't she realize that she was probably heading towards an extra flight of stairs?
    Doesn't each apartment use electronic keys that automatically locks after you?
    If yes, why would a door like this be ajar?
    Why would anyone leave their door ajar at 10pm? Come on this is America!
    If it is really your home why didn't you turn on the light first?
    What sort of training did she receive as a cop? Police officers, because of their training, would lend them the opportunity to acess every situation quickly before shooting. In the case of an armed individual the outcome is different.
    If he lived above her, wouldn't she as a cop be interested to know who her immediate neighbours are? Cops are not the most popular people in the States. Hence the reason why I believe that she knew where he lived and might have been an acquaintance, since he was a friendly guy.
    Why didn't she notice the scent of the apartment was different? Every home has a unique scent. Plus the doormat should have been an indication that she was at the wrong door. Just plain lame excuses! She needs to face the full arm of the law.

  2. My opinion on this... first thing I do when I enter into my home is turn on the light. You gone into your apartment, you saw a figure in your apartment, you pulled your gun, still your light is off, you made voice commands, still no movement, gentleman in his apartment not expecting anyone, heard his door open, someone walking into his apartment, continued about his business, you made voice commands, still he ignores you.... note the lights are still off, you shot him and then turn on the light... wow what a brilliant unfortunate end.... bull bull bull....

  3. As far as I am concern, this is intentional MURDER period. We in the diaspora must support this family to the fullest in order to ensure that justice is served to this innocent, respected and brilliant young son from St. Lucia.

  4. I just hope that they expose all attempts at cover up, uncover the true story and get justice for the Jean family.

    What really makes no sense to me is how could an "off-duty police officer" be giving "verbal commands that were ignored" to someone peacefully going about their own business in their own apartment?... and then her version (which they gave her days to prepare) is being paraded in the media as if it is fact... SMH.

  5. That just reminds me of Traven martin ......entering the wrong apartment to me is just pure bs u on third floor u reach forth an then if u mistakenly entered the wrong apartment like this dumb @$$ cop is saying my question is how did she get in? Did she have a key to his apartment smh that case shud not even be dragging still that woman was supposed to be locked up already with the keys in the ocean ........WRONG APARTMENT MY @$$

  6. Why would the same key to her apartment unlock someone else's door? Wow....the USA is certainly not a safe place to live.

  7. That just reminds me of Traven martin ......entering the wrong apartment to me is just pure bs u on third floor u reach forth an then if u mistakenly entered the wrong apartment like this dumb @$$ cop is saying my question is how did she get in? Did she have a key to his apartment smh that case shud not even be dragging still that woman was supposed to be locked up already with the keys in the ocean ........WRONG APARTMENT MY @$$

    • Her explanation has a lot of holes. First of all, nothing in what she said suggested that she was being attacked so it is difficult to accept that it could be argued as a case of self defense. It appears that she shot to kill. It is very interesting as to how this one will pan out. It has the look of cold blooded murder, probably motivated by racial hatred. I believe the St. Lucian government should provide strong governmental support for the family of this young man.

  8. She knew it was not her apartment. She using the fact that his apartment is above hers as a cover-up.

  9. If she identified herself as a police officer and gave the verbal directions as she said, why would he disobey? It seems natural that he would have said who are you what have I done or something like that? She is a plain face white liar.
    If anything logic would say she was so drunk or high or intellectually-challenged that she saw a black man in "HER" apartment; and emboldened with the power of her badge and the knowledge that to the racist police force "black lives don't count," she killed him without saying a word. She knew ranks would close and she would walk free.
    The police force and the society has built a culture of racism that is infected the thoughts and actions of even those who want to be good. May she be forever be tormented with her crime until she confesses.

  10. The eye witness account is the most credible piece of the puzzle to date.Every other account so far, sounds like cover-up propaganda

    • Of course those pigs will cover up for each other. Her story is plausible to an extent. I can understand mixing up the floors. I can understand going to the wrong door and trying her key. I cannot understand why Jean's door would be ajar at 10 p.m. I cannot understand why she would say let me in if she lives alone. I cannot understand why she would ask to be let in if the door is ajar.

      • Not forgetting the HUGE RED MAT at the entrance of his door...How could you not notice that you were at the wrong door??
        Pure PS!!

  11. New Testament Verse of the Day:

    And I heard a voice from the altar, saying, "Yes, O Lord God, the Almighty, your judgments are true and just."

    –Revelation 16:7


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