Winners of the Caribbean Children’s Charity Shield Soccer Classic

Winners of the Caribbean Children’s Charity Shield Soccer Classic

(PRESS RELEASE) – The curtains came down on the Caribbean Children’s Charity Shield Soccer Classic at Victoria Park in Kingstown, with St. Vincent coming out the big winners on home turf.

Overwhelming humidity and wet conditions did not deter the platers from an admirable display of sportmanship.

Hundreds of supporters also gathered to show support to the local teams as the suspense and anticipation was almost too much to bear in all of the final match ups.

In the end it was T&T Maestros who took home the championship cup in the Under 13, defeating Pinelands FC from Barbados 4- 0, whilst Systems 3 took the under 15 over Owia FC 1-0.

The Hamilton Lashley Human Development Foundation wishes to thank all Barbados, St. Vincent and Trinidad-based sponsors which supported individual teams and the tournament at the various venues including The National Sports Council of Barbados, the Community Devlopment Department, The Department of Constituency Empowerment, the Ministry of Youth and Sports, the Hon. Richard Sealy, Barbados Minister of Tourism, Tus-T Waters in St. Vincent, and, our major partner in 2107, The St. Vincent and the Grenadines Football Federation.

Visiting teams depart to Barbados and Trinidad today.

Here are the full results from all of the matches for the tournament:

Under 13
T&T Maestros (4) vs Pinelands (0)
T&T Maestros – Christian Bailey (2nd, 6th)

Under 15
Systems 3 (1) vs Owia FC (0)
Sysems 3 – Malik Ferdinand (46th)

Under 17
Avenues United (40 vs Paradise Barbados (0)
Ashroy Patterson (15th), Raheem Westfield (25th), Garett Leigertwood (37th), Lisruen Williams (54th)

Semi Finals

Final match ups are as follows:
U13 Pinelands vs T&T Maestros at 2:30pm
U17 Paradise vs Avenues at 6pm

Under 13
Semi Finals
Pinelands (1) vs Byde’s Mill (0)
Pinelands – Destiny Best (8th)

T&T Maestros (4) vs Volcanoes (0)
T&T Maestros- Abdul-Quddoos Hypolite (3rd), Christian Bailer (16th), Jardel Mitchell (24th), Dennelson Kennedy (31st)
Volcanoes – Isiah Charles (30th)

Under 15
Semi Finals
Gall Hill Barbados (0) vs Systems 3 (3)
Systems 3 – Aeron Collis (12th, 25th, 4st)

Owia United (2) vs Paradise Barbados (1)
Owia – Terrason Joseph (53rd), Raysean Matthias (37th)
Paradise – Devon Wiltshire (22nd)

Under 17
Semi Finals
Morvant Trinidad (1) vs Paradise (1)
Morvant – Akiel Collins (31st)
Paradise – Winston Maynard (4th)
The game ended 5-4 to Paradise on penalty kicks after full and extra time.

Deacons FC Barbados (6) vs Avenues (1)
Deacons – Kori Anderson (2nd, 41st) Lesroy Patterson (10th), Garret Leigertwood (23rd), Shemar Welcome (53rd), Rickel Slepton (58th)

Quarter Finals
UNDER 13 – venue Victoria Park
Pinelands (2)vs Owia (0)
Thiago Harding (6th), Kamaal Bryan (28th)

Byde’s Mill (6) vs Pride and Joy (0)
Byde’s Mill- Jerobi Brewster (3rd), Davontai Pollard (5th), Jamarion Sealy (6th), Damarion Gittens (17th), Laquan Roach (44th), Omari Layne (50th)

Systems 3 (0) vs Volcanoes (1)
Volcanoes – Kasham Alexander (13th)

T&T Maestros (16) vs Richmond Hill United (0)
T&T Maestros- Denelson Kennedy (2nd, 27th), Giovanni Warner (6th, 17th), Abdul-Quddoos Hypolite (8th, 15th, 20th), Jardel Mitchell (9th, 18th, 29th), Du’Shaun Augustus (20th), Christian Bailey (21st, 23rd, 24th), Kyle Phillips (37th, 44th)

UNDER 15 – Campden Park

Empire (0) vs System 3 (1)
System 3 – Kufele Andrews (30th)

Creek Trinidad (2) vs Paradise Barbados (4)
Creek – Nathaniel Carrington (21st), Nikolai’s Rumania (50th)
Paradise – Kemar Shearman (8th, 23rd, 41st), Jashawn Small(12th)
Morvant Trinidad (0) vs Gall Hill Barbados (1)
Alien King (23rd), Javone Skeete (50th)

S V United (0) vs Owia (1)
Kendrick Wanton (28th, 52nd),Tyson Thomas (38th)

Under 17 – Arnos Vale
Paradise Barbados (6) vs Predators (0)
Paradise – Ijeo Thonne (21st, 40th, 56th), Winston Maynard (24th, 49th), Damien Croney (33rd)

Creek Trinidad (1) vs Avenues (5)
Creek – Shaquem Bleasdell (17th)
Avenues – Donlee Sutherland (5th), Shemar Welcome (29th), Ashely Patterson (35th), Lesrein Welcome (49th), Rickey Stapleton (58th)

Morvant Football Academy Trinidad (2) vs Gairy John Coaching School Trinidad (1)
Morvant – Shakir Clapham (1st), Isiah Thomas (30th)
Gairy John – Ephraim Browne (6th)

Gregges (1) vs Deacons Barbados (6)
Gregges – Hensroy Browne (50th)
Deacons – Rickneco Marshall (8th), Zidone French (14th), Kaviann Inniss (22nd), Shaquon Hayes (42nd), Jaquan Francis (53rd)


Day 5
Game 1
Richmond Hill – Under 13
System 3 SVG (7) vs Camdonia Chelsea (0)
System 3 – Renson Saers (4th, 15th), Jace Glasgow (8th), Cori Baptiste (10th), Davids Holder (11th), Nicholos Williams (20), Zibeon Cunnigham (30th)

Game 2
T&T Maetros (4) vs Owia SVG (0)
T&T Maetros – Jardel Mitchell (4th, 18th), Denelson Kennedy (6th), Abdul-Qudoos Hyppolite (8th),

Game 3
Jebelle SVG (0) vs Pride and Joy (1)
Pride and Joy – Devonte Joseph (6th),
Game 4
Richmond Hill SVG (0) vs Pinelands (7)
Pinelands – Thiao Harding (2nd, 22nd), Kamal Bryan (4th, 24th), Jayden DeSouza (5th), Nyion Bryan (16th)

Game 5
Byde’s Mill Barbados (1) vs System 3 SVG(0)
Byde’s Mill – Davante Pollard (36th)

Game 6
Pride & Joy (1) vs Volcanoes SV (5)
Pride & Joy – Devonte Joseph (35th)
Volcanoes – Tia Bascombe (12th), Isaih Charles (24th), Keshawn Lowe (4th), Keshawn Alexander (50th), Mario Alleyne (51h)

Arnos Vale – Under 17
Morvant Trinidad (1) vs Volcanoes SVG (0)
Morvant – Zion Carpette (43rd)

Day 4 – TS Harvey

Day 3
Arnos Vale
Game 1
Volcanoes SVG (0) vs Gall Hill Barbados (5)
Gall Hill – Tashon Clarke (6th), Rick-Kobe Latvia (9th), Akiel King (31st, 45th, 60th)

Game 2
Creek Trinidad (0) vs Greggs SVG (2)
Greggs – Shamar Wilkes (39th), Shaquille Glasgow(50th)

Game 3
System 3 SVG (4) vs Camdonia SVG (0)
System 3- Leston Gibson (18th), Jamari Davis (32nd), Dansel Bascombe (37th), Jason Parsons (55th)

Game 4
Owia SVG (1) vs Empire Barbados (1)
Owia- Dominic Nanton (50th)
Empire – Shadius Wickham (59th)

Game 5
Creek (3) vs Gall Hill (2)
Creek – Sterlin Thomas (3rd), Nathaniel Carrington (30th), Shane Liverpool (59th)

U-17 Arnos Vale
Gregges (2) vs Gairy John (1)
Gregges – Raheem Delplesche (40th, 59th)
Gairy John – Trevis Bryon (17th)

Game 2
Creek Trinidad (4) vs Glenn side Ballers SVG (1)
Creek – Jabari Watson (9th, 11th), Shaurem Bleasdell (44th, 52nd)

Game 3
Avenue United SVG (3) vs System 3 SVG (0)
Avenue – Garett Leigerwood (22nd, 50th), Rickel Stapleton (32nd)

Game 4
Morvant Academy Trinidad (1) vs Owia SVG (1)
Morvant – Zion Cardette (18th)
Owia – Zedan Latvia (58th)

Game 5
Paradise Barbados (3) vs Layou SVG (0)
Paradise- Shakado Scott (50th), Winston Maynard (33rd), Ijeo Thorne (46th)

Day 2
Arnos Vale – U-13
Game 1
Paradise Barbados (2) vs Camdonia Chelsea (0)
Paradise – Shabari Lynch (41st), Devin Wiltshire (56th)

Game 2
Empire Barbados (2) vs Morvant Trinidad (1)
Empire – Jamol Williams (7th), Nickeel Gollop (11th)
Morvant – John Mark Morris (34th)

Game 3
S V United SVG(2) vs Volcanoes (1)
S V U – Shemar Wilkes (3rd, 5th)
Volcanoes -Kamanie Jackson (52nd)

Game 4
Volcanoes SVG (5) vs Jebelle FC SVG (1)
Volcanoes – Keshawn Alexander (6th), Delano Benjamin (13th), Isaiah Charles (18th), Keshawn Lowe (23rd), Isaiah Charles (28th)
Volcanoes -Deshad Simmons (35th)

Game 5
T&T Maestros (4) vs Byde’s Mill Barbados (0)
T&T Maestros- Shevaughn Dennis (10th), Denelson Kennedy(18th), Jordan Mitchell (37th ), Giovanni Warner (40th)

Game 6
Owia United SVG (6) vs Camdonia Chelsea SVG (1)
Owia – Aaron Thomas (14th, 20th,39th), Kirk Baptiste (27th, 33rd)


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