Winfresh supports community clean-up in Soufriere

Winfresh supports community clean-up in Soufriere

(PRESS RELEASE) — Winfresh, the manufacturer of H2O water, is pleased to sponsor the Soufriere Community Clean Up Campaign commencing this Sunday, May 5 from the Soufriere Comprehensive School.

Winfresh is providing its calcium and mineral-enriched H2O water for the participants to ensure that they are fully hydrated during the activity.

H2O is the only water produced in St. Lucia which meets the World Health Organization (WHO) standards for bottled water and is one of many high-quality healthy and wholesome products produced by Winfresh.

The Winfresh line includes marinades, pepper sauces, jellies and juices, all blended with natural ingredients and no preservatives or coloring to ensure that our customers “Live Well” and maintain healthy lifestyles.

Winfresh is a major sponsor of the Soufriere Carnival and the National Schools Culinary Competition scheduled to take place at the Soufriere Comprehensive School in June of this year.


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