WINERA no longer to produce boxes for banana industry?

WINERA no longer to produce boxes for banana industry?

(PRESS RELEASE VIA SNO) – The National Workers Union (NWU) has written to Hon. Bradly Felix, Minister for Commerce, Industry, and Investment requesting a meeting with a joint delegation comprising officials from Windward Islands Packaging Company Limited (WINERA) and the National Workers Union.

The letter to the Minister dated March 7, 2018 stated that the NWU was reliably informed that come July 2018 the company would no longer be producing carton boxes for the banana industry. The carton boxes will be replaced by plastic crates coming from Miami.

The NWU made it abundantly clear that it does not support the move. This decision would eat heavily into WINERA’s income and could have devastating effects for workers employed with the company. We interpret this move as a continued onslaught by a tiny minority to destabilize and destroy WINERA.

It is against this background that this joint meeting with the Minister is being requested.


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  1. Reporters are so uneducated and lazy. Look at that up there. Ok. Call it what it is. It is another one of the undistinguished, immature, shallow, and valueless press statements.


  2. Plastic! In this day of conservation we replacing cardboard with plastic! How backward is that


  3. A very resounding NO WAY to bringing more plastics into the environment in St. Lucia. We currently have more problems than we can manage with plastic bottles, containers, bags etc. Where will they dispose of all the discarded plastic crates? Besides some types of plastics are known to affect health.

    Pls be firm with the management of WINERA and do not allow them at any cost to further destroy the environment. Over to you - Ministry of Sustainable Development.


  4. This move is a terrible idea for the following reasons among many:
    1. Plastic crates are not environmentally friendly. Cardboard boxes are biodegradable;
    2. Money that would remain in our local economy would be paid to the company in Miami to supply the crates. Our people would suffer!


  5. Global warming...Is key,we dont want boxes...They polute our water way's oceans and communities...I welcome the Plastic Crates Boxes....Jobs on the other hand just employ these people somewhere else....St.Lucia we need Factories,to employ our people's,Factories =Job's....


  6. How reliable is the plastic crates?
    It is always the small business owners that suffer
    More unemployment


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