Windies cricketer Shannon Gabriel charged by ICC over ‘homophobic’ comment to Joe Root

Windies cricketer Shannon Gabriel charged by ICC over ‘homophobic’ comment to Joe Root
Gabriel was swiftly spoken to by at least one of the on-field umpires
Shannon Gabriel confronts England captain Joe Root

(SKY NEWS) — West Indies cricketer Shannon Gabriel has been charged by the international cricketing body over an “inappropriate comment” to England captain Joe Root.

Root was overheard saying “there’s nothing wrong with being gay” as he reacted to something that Gabriel said which was not picked up by microphones in the on-field incident on day three of the third Test in Saint Lucia yesterday.

Gabriel was swiftly spoken to by at least one of the on-field umpires

Gabriel was swiftly spoken to over the alleged sledging incident by at least one of the on-field umpires about his language.

The International Cricket Council (ICC) announced on Tuesday night that it was charging Gabriel with breaching Article 2.13 of its code of conduct.

The article states: “Public criticism of, or inappropriate comment in relation to any incident occurring in an international match or any player…or a team participating in an international match, whether or not the match official is involved…or which may be considered detrimental to the game of cricket in general.”

The code notes that when assessing the seriousness of the breach “the context within which the criticism and/or comment has been made must be taken into account”.

Joe Root has been praised for this reaction to the incident

Root has been praised for making a stand against homophobia and for his good-natured reaction when asked at the end of play to explain the heated incident.

He said: “It’s Test cricket. He’s an emotional guy trying to do everything he can to win a Test match.

“Sometimes people say things on the field that they might regret, but they should stay on the field.

“He’s a good guy who plays hard cricket and is proud to be in the position he is. The battle was a good contest. He’s had a wonderful series and he should be proud.”

Former England captain Nasser Hussain, who is also a Sky Sports cricket expert, told Sky News: “Joe Root as a role model, as England captain, stood up in the middle of a Test match to what he thought was homophobic abuse and said ‘I’m not having that’.

“He could have shrugged or laughed it off but he didn’t.

“There’s no room for homophobia on or off the cricket pitch which is why I applaud what Joe Root did.”

Sledging is a term used in cricket to describe how some players seek to gain an advantage by insulting or verbally intimidating an opposing player to try to disrupt their concentration.

England won the third Test but lost the series 2-1.


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  1. Brilliant essay Malcolm. As much as I admire your avant-garde style of writing I disagree with the words of the cricketer who said 'There is nothing wrong in being gay.' As a matter of fact, there is everything wrong with being gay. Homosexuality is abominable and disgusting. Inserting a man's penis into the rectum of another man is yucky and repugnant. It is anal torture. You don't have to be a scientist to know that life water raining down into a bum with sheet will cause nothing but diseases. No man should be gay. Men have choices and being gay isn't one of them. I abhor homosexuality and all the ills associated with it.

    The world has always been about men and women. How will civilization move on if men keep pounding other men with their billingbongs? This is not on. A man was made for a woman and vice versa. Where did the idea of men sleeping with men come about? I do NOT agree with it one bit. How can a man sleep with another man and feel good about it? Nothing good can come out of such relationships. It can't reproduce.

    To add insult to injury that idiot Indian Born commentator is coming to the defense of the England captain. Nasser is a butt kisser and bootlicker and his words of defense clearly shows that. He is always defending what doesn't need defending. Where was he when Ben Stokes was poking fun at the two gay men for which he was charged? What did he say about this? Nasser Hussain is a bloody hypocrite and will only defend things that are in his self-interest. He has no morals and scruples. He is a nobody trying to become a somebody. He was nothing special as a cricketer. He never won the coveted Ashes which could have gotten him into the Cricket hall of fame. Who is Nasser Hussain?--- A nobody is the answer.No one should pay attention to this attention seeker.

    Homosexuality should not be promoted under any circumstances. It should not be encouraged. It is utterly revolting and shanky and only a misguided person would subscribe to being an uphill pusher. Now we are seeing gays raising children. If you have chosen to be gay then you should not be allowed to bring up kids. What example are you setting for these children? Tell Me. If a man chooses to dump his spunk into another man's behind to create diseases then this man has no right to bring up kids that are not his. That spunk should be used to create life not destroy it by dumping it in sheet. All these people who defend this abomination are just as bad as those who engage in the act itself. I will not defend such repelling loathsome disgusting and filthy act. Homosexuality is wrong wrong wrong. Maybe the powers that be should revisit the time of Oscar Wilde and make this vile sexual act unlawful and illegal. I applaud the countries that do. Yuck!!!!


  2. What is wrong with the bully boys at the ICC? Why are they coming down hard on the West Indies cricket team all of a sudden? This week they stopped captain Jason Holder from playing after claiming that the team bowled slowly during the second Test match, something Australian cricket legend Shane Warne described as 'ridiculous.'Not satisfied with their ridiculous decision to ban Holder they are now set to grill one of our best fasts bowlers after he said something which they regard as an inappropriate comment. All he is alleged to have said were 'there is nothing wrong in being gay' .In this modern age where homosexuality is all out in the open, why is Shannon being censured and about to have the riot act read out to him like he has done something terrible?

    Shannon is right. There is absolutely nothing wrong in being gay. People who practice same-sex relationship are being outed on a daily basis. They are not ashamed to proclaim their homosexuality and why should they? I know many homosexuals in Europe and in the Caribbean who are open about their sexuality. They see it as their legitimate right to flaunt their homosexuality in public. It wasn't that long ago men were sent to prison for being gay. Irish writer Oscar Wilde was sent to prison for being gay as homosexuality was classified as a crime in England at the time, and Wilde was arrested, found guilty, and sentenced to two years of hard labour. Back then gay men had to hide their sexuality for fear of being imprisoned or lynched in public by anti-gay activists.

    Oh, how times have changed. In today's society, people are free to practice as they wish. No one gives a flamming toss about anything these days. Margaret Thatcher once said that there is no such thing as society. It's all about the individual and his aura of self-importance. No one cares about anyone like before. People are all out for themselves and that is the honest truth. I see absolutely nothing wrong in Gabriel echoing those words. None whatsoever! He is asserting that one has a right to do as he pleases. What is wrong with that? The ICC is trying to make a mountain out of a molehill.

    The inward-looking ICC are not contended with the West Indies beating England in the recent Test series and so they are exploiting every loophole in order to undermine our cricket. They are looking for flaws. The English cricket team is not saints. They provoke our players on the field of play and yet nothing is being done about it. They are allowed to get away with it simply because the ICC is being run by a bunch of fascist men of Anglo-Saxon stock. Wherever the English are controversy, discord and mayhem are not far behind. They revel in their bombastic behaviour. They love to sneer and snigger at others. The English love no one - not even themselves. Jack Warner was so right when he said that 'no one wants the English in anything and that they were irritants. They simply cannot accept defeat graciously. They will moan and moan until the cows come home. They are a bunch of sad losers who will never accept that the other team played better to beat them. They have to look for excuses. To them, defeat is not an option.

    I believe the decision to charge Gabriel is politically motivated. This is not cricket and has nothing to do with cricket. They want to make an example of him. They did not want the resurgent West Indies team to whitewash England and hence the main reason why they banned Jason Holder, Our best player on the field for the final match. Jason helped secure the series with his solid batting and accurate bowling. His contribution with both bat and ball was instrumental in helping West Indies win the series. The English cricket administrators who run both the ICC and the ECB cannot fathom the idea of a black team from the Caribbean outplaying them. Holder's ban was unjustified. Had this been the other way round where England was bowling slow overs, the most their captain would have received would have been a small fine and be allowed to carry on playing. There is always one law for imperious English and another one for us blacks from Africa and the Caribbean.

    A series whitewash was unthinkable and so measures had to be put in place to prevent this from happening. Jason Holder was made a scapegoat and so is Shannon Gabriel. This Kiwi hothead Stokes have been provoking our players on the field and they are yet to pull him up about this. This is a man who was acquitted in the UK last year after he was charged with affray which was clearly seen on video. His excuse to the court was that he had no memory of flicking a cigarette towards two gay men and insisted that he was not homophobic. The imprudent court believed him and he was found not guilty. Only in Britain would something like this happen.

    Shannon Gabriel is our best strike bowler and the ICC are picking on him for something so simple. The person to whom the comment was directed towards has displayed a rather nonchalant attitude towards the remark. Why should the busybody ICC be making a song and dance about it? Shannon Gabriel is one of the nicest people you will meet. He is amiable and affable. He is gregarious and oozes charisma from every pore of his body. We live in a politically correct society where the PC brigade is going all out to scrutinize what has been said to eventually afford it mass media exposure. Where is the so-called freedom of speech? I thought we lived in a democracy and can speak without fear and hindrance. The last I checked democracy was still reigning and in vogue in all the cricket playing nations. The ICC is being petty and should rethink their decision to charge Gabriel. They should cast this aside as I see nothing wrong with Gabriel's remarks. He isn't homophobic nor was he alluding to being homophobic in the slightest. Like he said 'There is nothing wrong in being gay.'

    The PC brigade is responsible for the current status quo. You cannot say anything these days without being slated for it. This ignominious lot have nothing better to occupy their sad and pathetic lives with and so they jump on every band wagon that will bring them mass exposure and publicity. This is so commonplace in the UK where everything you say and do is being looked into. It's no wonder a number of Britons are leaving to the UK to find refuge elsewhere.

    I May not agree with what people say at times but I will defend their right to say it. West Indies have now won the series and I would like to congratulate them. I applaud them for playing good sensible cricket and not allowing the ill-timed and foolish actions of the ICC to get to them. The ICC should be ashamed of themselves for picking on people who cannot defend themselves. They would not dare do this to England as they have all the big beasts to defend them should the need arises. The ICC is also run and told what to do by the stingy English. They throw their weigh around much to the delight of the ICC. Who does the West Indies team have to represent them and to tell the wretched ICC to back off? The simple answer is no one. This was transparently obvious is the case of Jason Holder. He had no one to support his case and to take the ICC to task about his omission. Jason should have been vindicated and allowed to play in the final Test match.

    The English have refused to give credit to the West Indies team. They keep going on about what went wrong for them. It's all about drop catches and poor batting. Not once have they said that they have been undone and beaten by a better team. Their commentators have afforded little respect to the Windies. They have all ganged up on our boys. The twisted and narrow-minded ICC will always Play ball with the English. I am calling on the West Indies Team to put on their best performance come the One day and T20 series and to once more come out on top. Let's show the haughty English that we can do it again - Let us whitewash them and teach them a lesson. Please do it for the entire West Indies Nation starting from Guyana in the South To the Bahamas in the north.

    I am appealing to the ICC to rescind and revoke their hasty decision to charge Shannon Gabriel. He said nor did nothing wrong. You have taken his words out of context. There is absolutely nothing wrong in being gay. This simply isn't cricket. It's grossly unfair. Let us support Shannon Gabriel.
    Big Up Our West Indies Team. Go On and Win the One day and T20 series. Let's show the World.
    West Indies We Love!
    Let us get behind Shannon Gabriel folks.

    Viva West Indies My Beautiful land! Long Live West Indies Cricket!
    Malcolm L'Overture
    Haitian-Lucian - West Indian
    Paris France


    • You do realized it was Joe Root who said "there's nothing wrong being gay" in response to a homophobic made by Gabriel.


    • “I May not agree with what people say at times but I will defend their right to say it”. There are podiums for free speech such as Hyde Park Corner in London where many air their controversial views no matter how odious but not during a game on the cricket field! No matter how many tomes you use, you cannot square the circle, Gabriel needs to man up and take his punishment on the chin.


  3. These b001ar$ can make jokes about everyone else but when it's about them it is homophobic. Bloody pillow biters!


    • Professional conduct has no place for sexual orientation jabs whether gay or straight. I hope the message gets home to other professionals that you cannot talk ‘loose’ and it would be overlooked by other professionals especially in international settings. Homophobic attitudes are not tolerated by most civilize countries. However, homophobia is encouraged in small minded societies hiding under the pretext of religious beliefs. Stay in your goldfish bowl world with that kind of attitude. I would go so far and add if the country does not take corrective action against homophobic attitudes it should be excluded from international events.


          • Everyone has a right to decide his own destiny that's a fact but it is also a fact that the anus was not meant to receive a phallus (male or female)


        • It is a game of cricket - what the hell has that got to do with someone’s sexual orientation. Play the game – cricket. I find many St Lucians fail to observe appropriateness. The cricket ground was not the place to talk about someone’s sexual orientation. Where is the decorum? Personally, whatever consenting adults do in their private space is not my business and it is not yours either. Expend your mind and energy meaningfully.


      • Religious beliefs in many cases derive from observations from the world around us. Siblings should not reproduce is a key one as it leads to an increase of carrying genetic defects. That's science right there under religious pretext. Homosexuality increases the risk of transmission of disease. That's science right there under religious pretext. For any species to survive it must reproduce. Homosexuality does not allow reproduction. Again science right there.


        • I do understand what you are saying about close blood line and reproducing as it is a scientific fact. But its has nothing to do with someone being gay. There are many people who are gay and it has nothing to do with blood line in that respect. Being gay is about chromosomes.
          Name calling just shows our ignorance as a country and those thinking that it is ok, just make us as small nations look ignorant. Religion is the biggest cause of division and war in this world. Yes I believe in god and he has worked wonders for me.


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