Win TV set from LUCELEC Booth at Private Sector Energy Fair

Win TV set from LUCELEC Booth at Private Sector Energy Fair

lucelec-twPRESS RELEASE – It was one year ago in July 2014 that St Lucia Electricity Services Limited (LUCELEC) launched a campaign aimed at encouraging customers to update their LUCELEC account information.

The initiative has two main objectives. First, updated customer information will make it easier for LUCELEC to contact customers with useful information about their account and how to better access the services the company offers. Secondly, this will facilitate the introduction of e-services including on-line bill access to customer accounts.

As part of its participation in the Ministry of Sustainable Development Private Sector Energy Fair, LUCELEC will be giving customers an extra incentive to update their information.

Customers who update their account information as well as any visitors to the LUCELEC booth who win an on the spot quiz will have their name placed into a draw to win an energy efficient, Samsung Smart LED 48 inch television.

To update their account information, all customers will require a national identification card (such as driver’s license or National ID) and their LUCELEC account number.

In addition to the promotions, the LUCELEC Booth will provide information on the process for customers to connect grid-tied PV systems to the company’s grid and LUCELEC’s progress on renewable energy initiatives such as the wind farm in Dennery.

The second leg of the Private Sector Energy Fair will be held at the Mega J parking lot on Saturday, November 21, from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

The fair is part of activities for “St Lucia Energy Week” being held under the theme, “Empowering Our Sustainable Development.”


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