Will OKEU be privatized by UWP Government?

Will OKEU be privatized by UWP Government?

(PRESS RELEASE VIA SNO) – The Saint Lucia Labour Party has been reliably informed that the Government of Saint Lucia is on the verge of signing an agreement with a foreign entity to privatize the OKEU Hospital.

The Opposition urges the government not to pursue such a policy without the widest possible consultation with all parties including the doctors, nurses and other health care workers.

Privatizing health services can come at a huge price to the people of Saint Lucia particularly the lower income earners and the poor of the country.

Opposition Leader Hon Philip J. Pierre urges the Prime Minister to enter into serious dialogue and consultation before making any undertaking to any foreign or local entity that will lead to privatization of health services in the island.


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  1. SLP is filled with dirty tricks. if the proposal for privatisation started with the SLP, why they making ro-ro now? i dont think the hospital should be private, but that hypocrisy and hungry for power people annoy the sheet out of me. the UWP should come out with its own press release and give us the details of the SLP proposal for privatisation. expose their dirty tricks. just like the passport scheme who dig us in the dirt first? it was them. now they crying fowl. i will keep smiling. the SLP is exactly where they belong - in opposition.


  2. this has been confirmed by the uwp that the hospital will have partial privatization which I guess they have no choice ..........what worries me is the Minister stating that they re in dialogue with the private sector to ensure that funds are deducted from our salaries to pay.

    What happens to the private medical insurance we are already paying or the many other deductions we already have on our salaries, can we afford any more deductions and how much will it cost.

    There is a big difference with universal health care and universal insurance, ...this idea that every public can be run as a business is flawed... we need other solutions.


    • I thought so too, myself. That is not the first time, SNO has engaged in self-censorship. This is not good for our political health and democracy.


  3. I would like to know the status of these people reacting negatively to this statement by SLP. Is it that they welcome our health service being privatized? Is it that they think it is only hearsay? Is it because it comes from the SLP? Trump did not get his way with the very same thing in the USA why would St Luciana want to embrace this? The mind boggles!


    • I thimk it should be privatized if healthcare has to get better... The sad reality is government workers take Lucians for granted.


  4. What people want is better health care. If we have medical insurance for all (universal health care) then that may serve to stabilize medical costs. What do most people know about health care anyway other than they are in urgent need of it? Besides, the cost to run the hospital publicly will still affect the poor through taxes or whatever measure that the government uses to keep it open to the public.

    What we should be doing now is figuring out a way to sustain Universal Health Care and it cannot be achieved through making useless pronouncements. It is useless trying to leak out information in order to appear bright, however, ask yourself why was the whole process completed for UHC and was never implemented by the SLP. They are always creating a stir in order to avoid being accountable for their past actions of stagnating the country.


  5. Trying to make health care unavailable to the masses? I wonder how many saw this kind of LeaderSHEEP coming. He ain't good enough to run the family business but he is good enough to run the state.....but then again he presides over a state of SHEEPle.


  6. Wel lwe will see if it happens but if they indeed privatize the new Hospital then all the people and countries that donated should get their money back


  7. I would like to know the status of these people reacting negatively to this statement by SLP. Is it that they welcome our health service being privatized? Is it that they think it is only hearsay? Is it because it comes from the SLP? Trump did not get his way with the very same thing in the USA why would St Luciana want to embrace this? The mind boggles!


  8. Almost invariably all privatizations wind up being exclusionary.

    As long as government gets value for money in the sale and transfer of property rights with no concessions to rush or enable any quick settlement, then that is a burden of embarrassment removed from the government. But then this.

    It may warn other donour governments NOT to help the domestic health sector with funding for hospitals, especially if the assets now are being handed over quite cheaply to the party or entity doing the acquisition.

    Be careful what you wish for.


  9. So the privatization was actually a proposal made by the previous SLP government and now endorsed by this government but they are giving the impression that its something new. Sick people


  10. This is a tricky one.

    On one hand, if we keep the Hospital public and free to everyone then we can expect the shittiest health care possible a la Victoria Hospital. Low-income earners are generally the biggest burden on the healthcare system due to generally bad healthcare/lifestyle practices (mainly because of poor education or inability to afford better choices). This means the entire population has to suffer a poor and overburdened healthcare system due to one class of people.

    On the other hand, if the hospital is privatized and subsidized to a certain degree, citizens can expect near world-class healthcare for a fraction of Tapion's cost. This, of course, would effectively lock the poor out of the new hospital.

    One must decide which is more humane and whether a compromise exists between the two.


    • Taking your crap Jonhcrow about "low income earners" which is the majority of the working poor in this country. Not everybody have it to go to Tapion or can fly out to Miami New York or Martinique. "This means the entire population has to suffer a poor overburdened healthcare system due to ONE CLASS OF PEOPLE" You dam Johncrow you got some nerve ; poor people get sick just like everybody else and they pay taxes just like everybody else so they are entitled to what you are entitled to dum shabbin.


      • I presented two opposing views and made no recommendations, why then, are you attacking me?

        37% of the island's population is either poor or vulnerable. We have a labor participation rate of 71% ( the % of the population employed/searching for a job). Given the current tax regime, it is easy to deduce that the majority cost of running the country falls on a relatively small percentage of the population.

        A good leader will not cater to the needs of ONLY the poor. While the poor are our brothers and sisters and some resources should be used to ease their situation, holding the middle and upper-class hostage will not only alienate them but also quickly bankrupt your country. A balance must be found.

        Case in point: Healthcare. Everyone is disenfranchised with VH. The hospital is woefully underfunded for the burden it has to bear. The result? Everybody has to suffer poor healthcare. This may be ok with Maria, who is a single mother of 3, makes $1000/mth and pays no taxes. A $20 doctors visit is affordable for Maria so the poor service, while undesired, does not bother her.

        Compare Maria to Sophia. Sophia owns a restaurant and pays taxes in excess of $100,000 for her company and over $20,000 on her personal income. Given Sophia's income, the poor service at VH is unacceptable as are the exorbitant fees at Tapion. Even her health insurance feels useless as she cannot get FAIR healthcare in her country. Sophia feels disenfranchised with the performance of her tax dollar and so begins sending her company and personal proceeds to the Island's offshore sector. Sophia continues to get poor healthcare but the country loses $120,000 in taxes. Is this worth it?

        My point is, someone has to pay the country's bills and that is the middle to upper class. While you cannot neglect the poor, similarly you cannot alienate the wealthy. A balance should be found, that's all I'm saying.


    • Fraction of tapion. ok accountant where do u get that figure from, if this is privatized and we pay the same or more than tapion what then. no one knows what the over head cost and cost of running that hospital would be. so keep quiet.


      • Economist, not Accountant. A fraction means "a quantity which is not a whole". If the price is SUBSIDIZED it implies that it will be below the market value. Do you understand Sharron?

        If the hospital is privatized, the government will more than likely not sell their entire stake and impose strict regulation regarding its governance.

        Look at LUCELEC, it is privatized, affordable and one of the best providers in the Caribbean.


  11. Should the consultation not start with EU then the other parties!

    Who were the ones who sponsored OKEU have they not indicated in the past that if we privatise their gift to the people of St Lucia that we would have to pay!


  12. This government just act out without thinking. I am left to wonder if they think about the poor people of this country.


  13. Lemme guess, those pushing that deal are shareholders in that company. We in this country are too docile. Sit quietly while we accept nonsense from those in power.


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