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Will King and Chastanet shake hands and ‘make up’ on Sunday?


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From left: Opposition Leader Stephenson King and UWP Leader Allen Chastanet.

The main opposition United Workers Party (UWP) will this Sunday, January 19 hold an emergency National Council Meeting at the Coconut Bay Resort in Vieux Fort.

The party has invited the media to attend a “special press conference” immediately after the end of the meeting on Sunday at about 4 pm.

The emergency meeting comes amid reports of a power struggle in the party after a letter from Party Leader Allen Chastanet to Opposition Leader Stephenson King was leaked to the public.

In the letter, Chastanet, a former tourism minister, reportedly took offense with King’s decision to agree to attend a meeting with Prime Minister Kenny Anthony and other stakeholders to discuss the impact of the Christmas Eve trough without consulting him before agreeing to attend.

Since the letter was leaked, various officials within the party have publicly aired their views on the matter.

Sunday’s emergency meeting is expected to quell the situation and bring back a sense of normalcy and unity to the party, according to insiders.

Chastanet took over the leadership of the party after defeating the former prime minister 264-99 at the UWP’s 37th National Convention held in July 2013.

Despite the loss, King, an elected member of Parliament, remain as opposition leader.

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  1. Come on guys, if u wanna convince the electorate that u are worthy of public office and running the country then u need to get a grip of your party. A political party like the government is also an institution which must be manage by competent individuals. But come to think of it THIS KIND OF THING HAS ALREADY PLAYED OUT IN 2007 AFTER SIR JOHN'S PASSING where the members of the UWP kept the country at a standstill while unable to resolve issues within their organization. As far as I can see the UWP won't get far with this kind of behavior which sadly gives the SLP government the upper hand which is not good for any country to have one party highly favored over the next, so guys.....PLEASE GET A GRIP AS EVEYONE IS WATCHING!

  2. Chastanet shooting himself in the foot as usual. Trying to flex his muscles as party leader. The letter to King was an attempt to say he is the boss of all bosses in de party.
    That wont fly with the Heavy Roller. Johnny come lately Chas needs to learn the game and learn it quickly or else he will continue exposing his stupidity.

    • You obviously do care. You took YOUR precious time to log on to your PC, then proceeded to this story, read it then proclaims, "who cares."


  3. King has a right to work with the PM.

  4. You'll better find ausbert wherever his..... And the 2 idiots sit down and solve this bullshit.........

  5. Regardless of the out-come of Sunday's meeting, The UWP as a party is damage goods. While Chastanet may have done some stupid things, the remainder of the party is a snake pit.

    • I disagree in part with your sentiments. The meeting will solve the apparent rift between Chastanet and King therefore the party will become a stronger and more cohesive entity. Chastanet has not done anything wrong. It is the opposition's propaganda against him that has doubled... hence your reason for saying that he has done "stupid things". However SOME people in the party are snakes ... they are planted there as stooges of the labour party. Let's us give the UWP a deserving chance to continue to grow and develop!

  6. At school we are taught the importance.............

  7. At school u are the the importance of team work to achive goals and two guys better get your all act together us that d party is still the United workers party........if not change its name to Divided Workers the people will know everyone on his own vibe.........n Mr King u should never have fired Ausbert Dauvergne........most of SirJohn blue print for the development of the country is in his head.......who doesn't like money.....he who doesn't cast the first I expect king n chastenet to act like responsible leaders on Sunday......ok Mr King n Mr Chastenet.


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