Wife of Saint Lucia’s latest homicide victim says “it’s tough”

Wife of Saint Lucia’s latest homicide victim says “it’s tough”
Stan Pistol (right) and his wife
Stan Pistol (right) and his wife

(SNO) — The wife of Saint Lucia’s latest victim of gun violence has said she is going through a tough time since the incident took place.

The victim, 51-year-old businessman Stan Pistol, aka Mr. Brown, was shot during an alleged robbery at his business place, Kross Roads Mini Mart, also known as Ralph’s Supermarket, in junction of Waterworks and Cedars Roads in Castries.

“Do they even know what the family is going through?” the wife of the man told HTS News, referring to the individuals who killed her husband. “The friends? The kids that they left fatherless? The wife husband-less? To face everything that I am going through right now and will continue going through, it’s tough.”

Her nightmare began on Wednesday evening after returning from work to meet her husband at the store they own.

“I parked my vehicle, about to go and meet him so that we can close up to come home,” she told HTS. “And I saw a young lady running up the road and after that just gun shots …”

She said when she left her vehicle, she just knew that the shots were coming from the supermarket.

“When I got there, he was just lying down in a pool of blood with customers, people, the neighbours, surrounding, just there lifeless,” she recounted.

She went on to say that only when incidents such as this happens to someone personally, they know how hard it is.

“It is not easy,” she remarked. “Last night was the worst things that have ever happened to me.”

Residents, too, have been left shock by the murder.

“The neighbourhood is heart broken,” one person wrote. “These guys stole the cash register and still shot the man…! This man was such a cool guy to every single person. Hearing his daughter cry last night was just heart-wrenching.

According to the source, his wife was the victim of a robbery at the same mini mart some time ago. It is reported that two individuals carried out the robbery at the time. Interestingly, two masked individual reportedly carried out last evening’s robbery and murder.

“They robbed the wife first then he made sure he was always at the shop with her. Recently they came to rob him and he told them ‘go ahead take what you want’. The two thieves were so shocked they looked at each other and ran off instead, maybe thinking that’s not normal for him to surrender things so easily, and this time they saw it necessary to take the man life … and then run Marchand,” the source added.

Many persons have expressed shock that the life of such a “nice guy” could have been taken.

“Omg omg smh I can’t even believe this right now,” Shervonne Poleon wrote.

Alex Joseph Stanislas replied, “neither do I. (He) was a very nice guy thou.”

Kimberley Kimz Nelson said she last saw Pistol in February when she visited Saint Lucia.

“Just visited home in February and saw u after a few years…had a laugh and a hug from u and now coming to find out about this….it breaks my heart, u didn’t deserve it, anyone else who knows u knew that u were such a caring and friendly person….my prayers and condolences to ur wife, children and family.”

Chanelle Gervais also commented: R.I.p Mr brown, what money the man had in the shop like that for you’ll to kill him,that’s just sad.”

Reports indicate that two masked men held up the supermarket located at the junction of Waterworks and Cedars roads.

Police said in a release Monday that officers responded to the scene at about 8:15 p.m. and that Pistol was transported to Victoria Hospital with multiple gunshot wounds. He was pronounced dead later by a medical doctor, the release stated.

Residents reported hearing the sound of multiple gunshots.

“When I heard the first 6 I said one down then about 2 minutes after heard another 6 but sounded a little away from the first set smh,” Denver Flermius wrote on Facebook.

Annel Xanandou Beausoliel also wrote: “the fact that i sat in my balcony and heard all the gun shots was just chilling to me.”

To date, there has been no formal report indicating an arrest.


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  1. I am sorry for you loss and hope the leadership in your constituency (the Mayor, politicians and churches) to voice their outrage and to rally around you to stamp out this senseless killings. This lawlessness is a sickness that is running rife in society and must be stopped.


  2. chpz.....urll never had to kill di Mon wen urll come too rob him ..I self cya believe is Ralph DAT happening too wen Ralph never do nobody nothing but just sit in his shop....saint Lucia gangsters get coward


  3. One of the problems is our justice system, what need a urgent a reform who represent the true time and current situation.
    What is needed is a "MINIMUM" sentencing for a crime, not a maximum sentence like it is presently. And to give bail on illegal possession of a gun is a joke.


  4. Those Gang leaders is the problem and ppl affraid to talk because of Death.Saint Lucia take back ur country.fake don't last long.


  5. yea man shooot their M.C and who don't like to hear that kinda talk just shut up, cuz not till someone close to you get killed for nothing do you understand. Shooot every last one of them don't hesitate, it's your life or theirs , which do you prefer?


  6. Here we go. The criminals are running amok they do not give a dam who they kill or cripple they fear no one because they know everyone is afraid of them even the police. It is high time that the citizens of St.Lucia take justice in their own hands armed themselves shoot the radicals down take their lives do not let them take yours. I am so angry of decent innocent law abiding people getting gunned down in cold blood for their own money they work so hard for. These azz holes know they will never be caught because the criminal system is a joke,no crime scene investigation, detectives are asleep while they work, people know who done it but is afraid of telling the police because they will go back and tell the murderers so here we go another unsolved murder. To the family and friends my deepest condolences may you all find comfort in the arms of the angels.


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