Wife of police officer shot and killed

Wife of police officer shot and killed

(CMC) – Police are investigating the murder of the wife of a police officer, who was shot on Monday night on the Morne, just outside of the capital.

They said Kimberly de Leon, an accountant employed in the public service, was shot several times.

The authorities have given no motive for the killing, but media reports said that one person is assisting in the investigations.

Meanwhile, police are continuing their investigations into the shooting death of 26 year-old Owen Francois, who was shot as he sat in a vehicle with another person on Monday night by unknown gunmen.

The police said that while both men were brought to a medical facility for treatment, Francois was pronounced dead by a medical practitioner.

“The second victim is currently in stable condition,” the police said in the statement.

Opposition Leader Phillip J. Pierre said he personally knew Francois, who lived in his Castries East constituency.

“He just got a job and was trying to reorganise his life,” Pierre said, describing Francois as a very ambitious youth.

“It is very sad. I don’t want to cast any judgement. All I am saying is that we have to find a better way to resolve our conflicts.

“There are no victors- all victims. The deceased and the person who committed that crime. It is horrendous. I hope people understand that is not the best way to solve our problems,” Pierre added.



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  1. "we have to find a better way to resolve our conflicts"
    How do YOU KNOW that there was conflict?
    You sound as if you know the perpatrators when infact the justice system has yet to identify the shooters.


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