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“Wicked and malicious” – Pierre describes termination of NICE workers

By SNO Staff

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Opposition Leader Philip J. Pierre

Opposition Leader Philip J. Pierre

The main opposition Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) has called on the United Workers Party (UWP) government to rehire the dismissed National Initiative to Create Employment (NICE) workers.

Opposition Leader Philip J. Pierre said the SLP will not remain quiet while thousands of Saint Lucians are “made to cry as promised” by the UWP Government.

“We are in support of all the NICE workers and call on the UWP to recall the letters of dismissals until adequate employment can be found for these displaced workers,” Pierre told reporters at a press conference on Thursday.

Pierre described the termination of the NICE workers as “wicked and malicious” and yet another act of “vindictiveness and victimization” by the UWP against those they perceive to be their political opponents.

Pierre said in their efforts at softening their cruelty, the UWP has attempted to paint the NICE programme as one where the Labour Party rewarded its supporters.

“This was clearly stated by the Minister of Equity when he declared that 90 % of the NICE workers were SLP supporters and there would be no political fallout; imagine the livelihoods of hardworking Saint Lucians being measured in terms of political fallout.

“No argument, whether that the programme was temporary or that it was not in keeping with the original concept, is unacceptable when thousands of honest hardworking Saint Lucians are depending on a NICE job to be able to care for their children, pay their medical bills, and buy food for their families.
If NICE was a temporary programme to be replaced when more employment is created, the question is has the UWP Government created any new employment to absorb the NICE workers or anyone for that matter?

“If NICE was no longer in keeping with the original plan, the question is whether NICE is providing valuable services to the country and whether its impact on communities and families not worthy of its continuation?” Pierre asked.

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  1. To eliminate NICE is a shameful and wicked act. This programme educated helpers to give service the most disadvantaged among us. I find it personally sickening to learn of its demise.

  2. The thing is... if uwp were to put a programmer in place for 90% of its supporters slp would end the porogramme when they get into power.

    The only difference between the two parties is the colour.

    I don't understand when either complain about the other. What makes it worse.... they both have blind supporters.

    Not interested in red; yellow; green; blue; whatever.

    Do good. Work hard. Praise God. Be content. Await death.

  3. Thinking intelligently and thinking critically have presented themselves as an enormous challenge for both the leadership, and the rank and file of the SLP for some time now. Take for instance, the litany of ginormous mistakes made over the last two terms in office.

    One irresponsible mistake would be the endorsement of the 16% salary increase in the compensation to the civil service. The party even went public proudly and boldly taking to the streets demonstrating for this insanity, with or without any understanding of the economic consequences, with just tunnel vision to gain political power.

    Both objectives having been achieved, that glaring example of political stupidity had the party engaging in a national and comical circus afterwards, in a failing attempt to confiscate 5% of the legal property of the civil servants, after this ill-advised and unaffordable increase. And characteristically, it failed.

    How stupid can our backward and limited thinking politicians get? Indeed, they got the power, plunged the economy further into contraction, and left office with a trail of irrational decisions that led the whole economy into a poverty trap. You do not get this notion of poverty by just reading or making speeches, or by reading A' Level economic textbooks.

  4. concerned foreign citizen

    Nice programme workers I think earned too much money plus they do not work all day. By 12 noon I heard they were heading to their homes. I wonder if anyone was checking on them. If they bring it back to me half the amount is good and supervisors need to check on the workers and get a feedback from the employers. Government could always call it another name.

    • They didn't earn too much money for nothing. What about the principal/IT assistants who worked every day from the time school starts at 9till it dismisses at 3. So I think you need to get some of your facts right.

  5. Pip ray Charles why don't u shut up for once. All of a sudden u just sending yourself up all over the media. We don't want to hear u. Your voice is very aggravating. Who asked for your opinion? U are not prime minister material. I'll take Chas with his shortcomings anyday over a has been like you.Boy just step aside Mr.$5 can block a hole.

  6. How silent was this man and his crew when returning St Lucian nationals with professional qualifications were being turned away in favour of Cubans with no command of the English language? Now he has mouth to talk?

  7. The workers were not hired bars on party. I remember someone coming to my home asking if help was needed for my elderly mom and I gladly said yes. When asked how they knew about us I was told the supervisor went to the Community Health centers and got names of mostly bed ridden folks and those who needed help with the basic activities of daily living. I understood the gov't had this program in place. Then there were courses govt had in place NELP to give some form of training with elderly care and it went on further course was offer at Sir Arthur for persons to be trained as Health Aides. As a UWP supporter although some people said my family was Flambeau the supervisor who came said they came to take care of sick has nothing to do with party. Despite all of this we still voted SPIDER. This program has helped plenty of elderly folks and I wish they can bring it back.

  8. If no jobs for nice workers (poor people) because government has no money, then why are we going to pay a pension for all ex Prime minsters wives (rich people )

  9. What are you guys scared of. After all the nonsense that was going on in NICE, you have the guts to ask that it be continue? You are a mad fella. Why do you all think all St Lucians are stupid. I understand that is what you all depend on (the disenfranchised people and the hacks) to win an election but we are not all hacks and disenfranchised. We are hoping that one day all this disenfranchised people will be empowered and this is what you all are scared of. No "Pearl of the Caribbean" but fighting for STEP and NICE.

  10. This constant cycle of victimization is why this country will never go forward

  11. I know that the programme was not permanent but it did help a lot of our young people including myself. I hope they replace it with something else as soon as possible. Dont let the youngsters become vulnerable

    • Dont wait for them to replace there anything that you can do to generate income. Don't go into a job thinking this is it. Think in terms of what can yo do to help others. I read a comment once that said youtube has enough ideas you can learn from.

      If you wait on others you will always be disappointed. What can you do for yourself an others?

      • There is something I can do ,because even when I was working at the school I would still do my farming to sell by the market and I am a young lady. Some of them won't want to do that because I think ,they think that it's not classy to be working the land . on the other hand some of us just don't have the help that we need.(lots of fight down). I do appreciate your comment".....".

  12. the nice workers will get work on the dsh project in the south, the same project pip and kenny fighting down, and some stupid slp monkeys, because all the nice people is slp, so we taking out nice programe and put wonderful programes

  13. Pip had no voice to his leader kenny when SLP was in office now he find his voice and spouting. It is obvious that step and nice were two pools created by SLP purely as election voting bases to keep them in power.
    Low rung jobs given out to deceive deprived persons, get their votes and keep slp in power and fatten the pockets of their cartel.

    That is it. Keep the masses unskilled and uneducated and they will be dependent on you, give you their vote every election for $5.00. That is to block the hole in their hungry bellies.

    That is what is wicked, malicious and devious Mr. Pierre.

    Which asks why is SLP so opposed to DSH. Is it of genuine concern for vieux fort or they afraid DSH's success might be the end of the SLP strong holds in the south. Chastanet having achieved what they could not do for their own strong holds in fifteen years.

  14. So Pip would cry for UWP'S losing their jobs.

  15. Choops. The rot that SLP left was unbelievable. The reset button needs pushing and then take the best part of these programs.

  16. Now in opposition, the political babies of the SLP do not seem to have learnt that discrimination has a serious social cost. We cannot live forever. The pill as the fountain of youth, is still under production.

    Again, unless we want a Soviet Union or Russian one-party state, planned and maintained with executions, assassinations as in the case of Grenada's Maurice Bishop that the very young are oblivious to, and by poisoning as with North Korea, and disappearances in the Gulag, our Constitution upholds the repealing of laws and institutions by previous parliaments. Wake up! Nothing is cast in stone.

    Perhaps, this is an object lesson that the SLP has not yet taken on board. So true.

    SLP refused to take the moral high road when it was in power. there is very little evidence of it. It is Therefore duplicitous of it now, to ask for anything different. Shameless political rhetoric. That is what it is. Although cynically and unfortunately, it might be said that 'What is good for the goose, is better for the gander'.

    However, in St. Lucia, there should be no one law for the Medes, and another for the Persians.

  17. Someone doesn't know the know the meaning of victimized!! hahaha

  18. Pip, Pip, Pip, so if you are saying the NICE workers are being victimized that means they are 99.9% SLP'S

    • Well yes. How unwittingly jokers can ensnare themselves. A writer here is being hung on its own petard. The trap has sprung. Some are too clever for their own good. Who laughs last ....

    • Very well said lol I like DAT so pip trip his own self with his words


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