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WICB congratulates U19, Women’s and Men’s World Cup champions

Press Release

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Dave Cameron. *Photo credit: CNC3

Dave Cameron. *Photo credit: CNC3

PRESS RELEASE – The men, women and under 19 teams within the last three months have made the West Indies a region worthy of tremendous attention by being the best at the international level in World Cricket.

We are indeed a proud set of people today and we want to thank ALL OF YOU for your tremendous support. The men’s team has been electric and exciting in their performances during the tournament and we are all PROUD. This is a defining moment for Cricket and we ought to thank each  and every one of our Directors, Management, Staff and supporters for the support West Indies Cricket has received.

This is a truly ecstatic moment and we are indeed proud of this momentous achievement. The T20 format is a springboard to the other formats and we will use this as an opportunity to continue the development work we have to do to make the overall cricket product better.

The men executed their comprehensive plan and we are pleased with the results. We salute the entire delegation on the hard work and commitment showed. We congratulate the team and management.

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  1. We can all have our thoughts on Darren Sammy's end of match speech but here is the truth. Successive WICBs have managed West Indies cricket as if they were managing an ordinary company which is the reason for the state of West Indies cricket right now. West Indies cricket should be managed as a sporting franchise as this is what it rightfully is. Instead we have a board managing cricket as if they were managing their local grocery store where the boss is in charge and basically doing employees a favor by employing them. Sports is different, the athletes and the performance of the athletes build the reputation of the sporting franchise. Franchises then capitalize on the popularity of their athletes to generate income through the sales of merchandise and sporting events. Unfortunately while other territories have gone into another gear the WICB remained stagnant, only recognizing the need for a high profile tournament after seeing the success of the other countries. Time for a change. Yes I'm saying it. Time to bring in a board of directors who have experience in professional sports franchise management. And no, I don't mean experience managing W Connection in Trinidad or Defence Force in Jamaica but professional sports management like a San Antonio Spurs or Barcelona or Real Madrid. If we really want to West Indies to grow we must make sacrifice. I know it will cost a lot....... Learn from the past mistakes. For those who "just come" there was a similar situation in the 70's and 80's when the board did not have the foresight to recognize that the cricketers are professionals nor realized the potential of televised franchised cricket... Do some research.... This is not new to WICB but its shameful that the results is the same.

    • I agree, the marketing of the team is questionable. You are so correct we need a brand!

    • well said..
      Enough is Enough.. If you have a say, a voice, Rally around the West Indies and send a sound message to Dave Cameron and the W.I.C.B.. Mister Cameron.. You must Go.. Let all in the Region Rally around Darren Sammy and do all in our powers to have a board that can respect our players. Let our voices be heard loud and clear in this region.. We support the players who have done all through out the years to make this region proud...Enough is enough,the W.I.C.B, over the years have disrespected our top players ...Massa days are gone..There is freedom of Speech.. Sammy I heard what you said in that interview..Well spoken.. Enough is Enough ..Champions need persons with sound superior minds,visionaries , mature in leadership ,caring to lead ,nurture and help develop them..Enough said. Cameron you must go..Champions.. Darren Sammy you have proven yourself as a dynamic leader and motivator..Cameron must go... Lets listen to the imminent group that met and their recommendations..


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