WIA calls on national security minister to address crime issuess instead of focusing on the media

WIA calls on national security minister to address crime issuess instead of focusing on the media
National Security Minister Victor LaCorbiniere
National Security Minister Victor LaCorbiniere

The article below is a press release/statement from the United Workers Party (UWP) and NOT St. Lucia News Online

The United Workers Party’s (UWP) Women in Action (WIA) has observed the energy, enthusiasm and alacrity with which the honourable minister for national security has tackled the new and riveting controversy related to revelations last week by Caribbean News Now (CNN).

We further note the minister’s attempt to make local journalist Timothy Poleon and Radio Caribbean International (RCI) sacrificial lambs on the altar of media intimidation.

In light of his new-found energy and enthusiasm for justice, we are kindly requesting of the honourable minister to redirect some of that energy and enthusiasm towards devising strategies to resolve the numerous unsolved murders in recent times. This should include informing the nation of his ministry’s plans to restructure and adequately staff the Tapion Forensic Laboratory.

The honourable minister would be best placed at this time to convene a press conference to address the national concerns related to the spiraling crime situation rather than directing such venom at the media.

We urge the minister to remember the grieving families of Tricia Denis, Gizelle Georges, Pascaline Bertin, Verlinda Joseph, Feliciana Charles, Berthelie Mangal, Alisha Hunte, Joanne Cox, Christel Fanis and her unborn child, as well as the most recent, Chereece Benoit , so they too may look forward to some form of justice in the not too distant future.

WIA has been expecting to hear Minister LaCorbiniere, as the minister of legal affairs, home affairs and national security, address the disturbing and rising levels of criminality in our society, and assure victims and the nation that he is putting every effort into improving the systems, processes and procedures to return stability to the national security environment.

Minister LaCorbiniere must therefore tell Saint Lucia his plans to address the critical issues under his portfolio which are funded by the taxpayers of this country such as training and equipping the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force, the office of the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) and the Bordelais Correctional Facility, with regards to identifying a properly trained and experienced successor when the present director retires.

Other agencies that fall within the minister’s purview and are in urgent need of his attention are the Department of Probations, the Registry of Births, Marriages and Death, and the entire justice system, all of which appear comatose under the honourable minister’s watch.


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  1. It is so amazing and hypocritical with the woman arm of the UWP that all of a sudden they have clout to question about this present government, Whereby their government was in power for 5 years, with so much scandals, Millions given to St Lucia and to this date no accountability for these monies millions to each constituency, millions spent by Chastenet from tourism fund
    and so much more,
    Why can't they show interest in asking question about these, All of a sudden they have a voice.


  2. Always the ones that eh run no seat dat think they is d biggest ministers! Remember Calixte George. Man had just refuse to give press interviews at a point. Now dis man dere Lacorbenaire only want to speak on his chosen topic. Doe ask him nothing he dont fell like talking bout.

    And is d work of d people you doing dere. And you feel you so big today you only answering question on what topic you want. I never hear that. Is not your work you doing, is d people dem work on d ppl dem tax money. When dem fellas campaing before elections is one humble spirit dey coming to us with, then after they clocking that $9,000 grand a month power does go up in their head. Now they is your boss. Pappyshow


  3. smfh, innocent people are loosing their lives and we arguing over the idiots of SLP and UWP. I see where our priorities lie.........almighty put a hand because elected officials for the past decade and half are full of crap.......


  4. The SLP did not inherit a crime problem when they took over in 1997. The records will show that it was about 12 that year. After 2 terms in office it went up in the 40's. This the UWP inherited in 2006. the UWP could not perform a miracle to curb it in the first 2 years in office, hence it went up to it highest. But we took action in 2011 and all the SLP had to do is continue by supporting the police and putting measure in place to guide the attention of the youth to positive action.


    • Have you recognized that we are not in the 40s? What do you consider a crime problem? Do we measure crime by the number of homicides? If you do (and I believe that's what you are doing), then the this year seems to be a "great" year so far because the number of homicides is lower than previous years. And by the way, a homicide, in some circumstances, may not be considered to be a crime!

      But, is this a true measure of crime? I thought crime include: murder, manslaughter, robbery, theft, praedial larceny, rape, etc.

      So, what do people mean when they talk about crime? And what stat do they use to determine whether crime is up or down?


  5. Yes the man is throwing red herrings because he has failed at his job, he has failed at securing the Nation from crime.
    When you failed at something, it means you did not pass, therefore you're a genuine loser.


  6. It appears to me that the only people who need to check themselves are the ones writing this and all other St Lucians who support parties regardless of the lack of opportunities that they bring to the regular citizens. We are quick to defend the parties that we are faithful to instead of holding them accountable for our tax monies and their duties to provide a better opportunity for citizens. Crime affects us all and it does not matter which party is in power, they owe us the right and freedom of safety and security.

    My opinion is (nobody has to accept it) that political candidates needs to be held to a higher measure of scrutiny when being considered for this level of office. Let's learn from other places around the world where citizens rally together to demand from the government their daily rights.

    Let's take a page from the Occupy Oakland demonstrators who stand together against government and law makers for their rights. Who also supported the march against racism in the Trayvon Martin shooting case.


  7. Rita
    U are ao right. The UWP is showing its irrelevance as a party. I pray god that Prudent and his party hold it together to chop off their necks.
    If u are going to take aim at the SLP on crime - I agree u must examine your own record.


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