Why would someone ‘burn down’ Empire 758? Its owner is curious too

Why would someone ‘burn down’ Empire 758? Its owner is curious too
Ken Terrance, owner of Empire 758, said he doesn't know why anyone would want to burn his business down.
Ken Terrance, owner of Empire 758, said he doesn’t know why anyone would want to burn his business down.

The owner of Empire 758 bar, grill and nightclub, Ken Terrance, said he is puzzled as to why persons would want to destroy his business.

The popular business, located in Laborie on the Kennedy Highway, was set ablaze by arsonists Wednesday morning.

Surveillance footage obtained by St. Lucia News Online (see video below story) shows two individuals, wearing hoodies, pouring a liquid inside the nightclub and igniting it. A third individual is seen for brief moments in the ‘corner’ of the video.

“… till now as we speak I cannot give a reason as to why persons would actually want Empire 758 burned down because I am not an individual who’s known for having problems with anybody or problems with the law,” Terrance told MBC television.

He said if the perpetrators are caught one of his “very first questions” would be to ask them “what was the motive and what did they accomplish at the end of the day by setting the place on fire”.

An official from the Saint Lucia Fire Service in Vieux Fort told St. Lucia News Online that they received the call at 4:05 a.m. Terrance told MBC television that he was at home when his mother informed him about the fire at about 4 a.m.

“Upon arriving there I realized the place was engulfed in flames,” Terrance told MBC, “persons surrounding the establishment, neighbors, a few of them were already out, including a bus driver, trying their best to contain the fire.”

Terrance said a worker normally sleeps at the establishment. He said he panicked, forgetting that it was the worker’s day off.

“So what I did I actually came and opened up because I normally have a worker that normally sleeps in, so I decided to check to see whether he was there because I honestly… never remembered that … it was actually his off day,” the businessman said.

To date, no one has been arrested.


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  1. Most of ya'll should just keep ya'll badmind opinions ... PERIODTTT!! Nd ya'll wonder y ya'll don't reach anywhere. Cause ya'll brains are full of negativity !!


  2. Empire 758 pull a Verve. Making a profit off of sympathy and public donations plus insurance money. That's what dem businesses have doing dem days. Check his losses and profits. Coincidence is when the worker off fire is set to the place. Smh


  3. It's amazing to note that this can happen to any of us at any time. We don't think we have done anything to anybody, but maybe in an interaction we did or said something that rubbed someone the wrong way and the evil in that person causes them to do something like this. Just gives me goose bumps. Even though you do good, there is always an unsuspected enemy...smh


  4. That place needed to go. Always blocking traffic on the highway idiots parking on both sides of a major roadway and don't give a rat's ass. Fuck it burn it down.


  5. Bad Mind, every where you go in everything you do there has to be some individuals that are just bad minded. Them doe wa see you rise ken, them want you deh like an iron balloon stagnant like them.


  6. In my opinion maybe the reason behind it is that their side chick see them with their ex and same time their woman their with another man. Alot of mix up must be happening in that place


  7. maybe just maybe your establishment is contributing to noise late at night when people want to sleep. that could be good reason


      • So you did it then ... the police allowed him 2 and btw it on the high way .... so your point ... you the number one suspect


      • @Anonymous ,yeah man there are people that wicked. imagine there was a guy that bought a vehicle from someone to take an engine out of it. he put the good engine in the vehicle a few days after someone put fire to burn both of his vehicles because one of the family members didnt want him to have the vehicle. so look at it this way if the place burn down that means everything including the speaker equipment so no noise for a while


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