Why was security guard Hyacinth of Cantonement, Vieux-Fort killed?

By Kingsley Emmanuel

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The security booth in which Hyacinth was shot.

As of this morning, Wednesday, February 14, 2018, police have not arrested anyone in connection with the shooting death of a security guard of Cantonement, Vieux-Fort, nor established a motive for the killing.

Guyanese-born national, Paschall Hyacinth, 53, alias ‘Commando’ who was employed with Icon Security Limited, was shot dead in a security booth while on duty at Essential Hardware at the Industrial Estate in Vieux-Fort, last Saturday, about 11 p.m.

Hyacinth, who was unarmed, was pronounced dead at the St. Jude Hospital with multiple gunshots wounds about his body.

According to Inspector Marcellinus Leonce of the Vieux-Fort Police Station, so far they have no leads into the matter but are continuing their investigations.

He said it appears that the deceased was shot with a shotgun.

Leonce said that at the moment, he cannot say whether the deceased was robbed, adding that they are trying to ascertain whether he was.

The manager of Essential Hardware said nothing was stolen from the business.

According to the deceased man’s wife, Francisca Hyacinth, she has no idea what her husband had left home with, so can’t say whether he was robbed of anything.

She described her husband as a very quiet individual who hardly went out and did not have too many friends.

Hyacinth said the incident has left the entire family in shock and grief.

In the meantime rumours are abound as to the motive for the killing.

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  1. You know...The Media and Police worried about...Why,and if....You'll should be worrying about why security guards are not given pistols,because a Baton is no match for a pistol,or gun whatever you want to call it..''.And another thing again the victim was shot multiple times ''thats what you'll should be looking at...that shooting is persona,Okay...They wanted to make sure Hyacinth was dead....This is a Passion killing... Rage and Anger,Okay. ..

  2. This news article was more informative than the HTS news story on the same subject. How are our journalists so bad at basic news reports. I'd never sponsor such incompetent news reports.

    • All of them report but none gives out information. You would think that things would change but the more they report the less you know.

  3. Hard worker, loner, cool, calm... those are a few words which may be used to describe you. You sure did not deserve to die like this but God was ready to call you home. Gone too soon. RIPP Bruno.

  4. The Righteousness of God in Christ.

    New Testament Verse of the Day:

    He will be very great and will be called the Son of the Most High. The Lord God will give him the throne of his ancestor David.

    –Luke 1:32

  5. Sometimes I wonder how much crime in st.lucia that is left unsolved every year.

  6. Sad his killing will join the likes of Sadia Byron's and the rest.

  7. Let's hope it wasn't robbery !


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