Why apartment managers really visited Botham Jean’s home

Why apartment managers really visited Botham Jean’s home
Botham Jean
Botham Jean

(DALLAS NEWS) — After Botham Jean was shot and killed in his Dallas home by an off-duty police officer, attorneys and law enforcement officials said there was a noise complaint targeting his apartment earlier that day.

But it turns out it wasn’t loud music that brought leasing office employees to Jean’s apartment hours before he was shot at the South Side Flats, an attorney for Jean’s family said Wednesday.

Rather, it was the smell of marijuana, and they ultimately determined it wasn’t coming from Jean’s home, attorney Lee Merritt said.

Merritt said Jean, 26, was watching football in his apartment Sept. 6 when he was shot and killed by Dallas police Officer Amber Guyger.
Guyger, 30, told authorities she mistook his apartment for her own and thought he was a burglar. Jean’s fourth-floor apartment was directly above hers at the complex in the Cedars neighborhood, a few blocks from Dallas police headquarters.

Police who searched Jean’s apartment after the shooting seized a small amount of marijuana, which was documented in a search warrant released last week.

It’s unclear to whom the drugs belonged or how they got there.

The day of the shooting, employees from the South Side Flats leasing office knocked on Jean’s door saying there had been a noise complaint, Merritt said.

Jean told his girlfriend what happened and that he was offended by the women’s visit because he’d just gotten home from work at PricewaterhouseCoopers and wasn’t playing music, said a law enforcement official, who isn’t authorized to address the case publicly and spoke on condition of anonymity.

Like law enforcement, Merritt has previously said there was a noise complaint about Jean’s apartment the day he was shot. But Merritt said Wednesday that he learned that was not true.

Merritt said there hadn’t been a noise complaint against Jean in the two months Guyger had lived in the building.

Asked about noise complaints, a spokeswoman for the South Side Flats corporate ownership said she couldn’t comment on the ongoing investigation.

The Jean family’s attorney also shed new light Wednesday on how he spent his final night.

The night he was killed, Jean planned to watch the Atlanta Falcons play the Philadelphia Eagles, the first game of the NFL season, Merritt said.

“He was a huge football fan and was looking forward to watching the game,” Merritt said.

A thunderstorm passing through Philadelphia delayed the game by 45 minutes, so the game was still on when Guyger arrived at his door about 10 p.m.

Jean was eating cereal, texting a friend and using his laptop around that time, Merritt said. A file from work sat nearby, but it was too dark in the room to work, he added.

The officer was still in uniform when she fired her service weapon twice, striking Jean once in the torso. He was found lying next to the couch, Merritt said.

Merritt said he doesn’t believe it was an accident that Guyger went to Jean’s apartment or that she thought he was a burglar. But, he said, he also doesn’t have a theory of what happened.

He also says Guyger’s account of the shooting has changed, and he points to several documents released in the days after the shooting.

The affidavit that Dallas police used to obtain a search warrant for Jean’s apartment, before authorities interviewed Guyger, says she was confronted “at the door” by an unknown male who she may have thought was an intruder.

The document provides few other details but did list what was taken from his home: a black backpack with police equipment and paperwork, used medical supplies and 10.4 grams of marijuana.

The arrest warrant affidavit, written after authorities interviewed Guyger, says she shot Jean from “across the room.” She told authorities that she had mistakenly parked on the fourth floor instead of the third, and inserted her key into Jean’s door, which was slightly ajar.

No search warrants have been released for Guyger’s home or car. It’s possible she consented to the search, and in that case a warrant would not be required.

Police took Guyger’s blood to test for alcohol and drugs. That test was still pending Wednesday. Jean’s autopsy will include similar tests. Full autopsy results can take six to eight weeks.

Guyger was arrested on a manslaughter charge three days after the shooting when she turned herself in at the Kaufman County Jail. She posted a $300,000 bond within an hour.

Merritt and many local criminal defense attorneys have said they believe Guyger should be charged with murder. Manslaughter is a reckless act under Texas law. A murder charge implies the suspect intentionally and knowingly shot and killed someone. Guyger intended to pull the trigger, the attorneys argue, so a manslaughter charge is not appropriate.

Dallas County District Attorney Faith Johnson has indicated she is open to pursing a murder charge against Guyger.


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  1. With all being said, it was the Most High who took Jeans life, it was a reminder for us to turn away from christianity and worshiping a false god jesus, it is a reminder that your black asses are not free but living in evolved slavery and in land that is not yours.


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  2. Is it jus me, cuz I feel the lawyer for the Jean family isn't doing enough. I'd hate to see the case go down the drain. More lawyers should be on this case to gather all possible motives and nail her down.


    • On the contrary Lee Meritt is a well known layer who has worked many cases of a similar nature against the police department. The most recent being another black man shot in the back by a Texas police officer and left on the ground bleeding without the officer calling the Paramedics. This isn't new for him. It would most certainly be DUMB of him to say to much in the media about what he is doing or intends to do, that would be making way for the defendant to strategize how to counter his argument or his evidence. Would not be a good move especially since she has to go before the GRAND JURY ,where we hope for more serious charges to be preferred against her.


    • Thats because people are trying to make pronouncements of a fluid situation. All matters and time lines will be taken into consideration along with the investigations by attorneys. We have to let the process be completed then judge it; not start judging unaware of all the circumstances and time lines. Thats just plain stupid and its all because people cannot assess information.


    • @IJS - There are many "Armchair Lawyers" just like you, who don't have a clue of the process of law (common sense). The lawyers for Botham Jean know exactly what they are about - first of all, there are a lot of loop holes from the (murderer's) story to be filled in, which a lot of INTELLIGENT people can see into. Patience Armchair Lawyer, justice shall prevail.


  3. That officer knew that was not her place,she had something about that man she went to kill him there was no warrant for that apartment that was a lie everyone around the complex heard her knocking on the door people where outside and heard her say let me in when she went there she no she did not have a red carpet at her she had it in her mind to kill him you found a Bullitt proof vest and others things belong to a police she and the Texas Ranger help her put those things in there took them a week to say they found in there she look like she was on something look like she was on speed some kind of drugs she messed up and lied Dallas police no that was a lie she kill before she need help fired that women she is a killer justice need to be served The Da need to put murder on her if a black officer would have did that in would be in jail for murder that's wrong time for justice.


  4. Disgusted to the bone of this racist murder of an innocent man. I am raising a black son, so does that mean there is no place where he can be safe. Not even in his own home!?


    • Trust me I get ur outrage. There is just no words to explain how ppl can hate others because of their skin? I have 2 son's and to talk to them about this is just soo scary???


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