Who will succeed Jadia Jn Pierre-Emmanuel?

Who will succeed Jadia Jn Pierre-Emmanuel?
Left to right: Brown,
Left to right: Brown,
Left to right: Brown, Finisterre.

Speculation about who will succeed Jadia Jn Pierre-Emmanuel as the new Press Secretary to Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony has been rife over the past few days.

Some have suggested that HTS News Force co-anchor and journalist Jade Brown could be the person to succeed Jn Pierre-Emmanuel, but this is yet to be confirmed.

Brown who hails from Canaries has been a staff at HTS NewsForce for the past three years, and while she was born in the United Kingdom, she also holds Saint Lucian citizenship.

There is speculation that Brown has already been confirmed for the job and begin working soon.

But others are suggesting that Terry Finisterre, an experienced journalist and media and communication professional, who is also currently the acting Press Secretary, could be given the substantive post.

A decision will be taken soon and the new Press Secretary could be announced in days.

Jn Pierre -Emmanuel resigned as the PM Press Secretary and is expected to serve as communications manager for the ruling Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP), during the election period.


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  1. whoever it is I hope they think in the long term and ask for a exit package the carry them through months of no work! This job is going to last no longer than a year because Kenny and Co will be kicked out soon! byeeeeeeeee


  2. Terry is my choice and shud b the pm's choice because jade has difficulty pronouncing certain words like atigate for agitate .... Please Terry is light years ahead. Besides unlike jadia who's a natural jade looks and sounds soo fake IMHO.


  3. People who know Terry.... will know that's not his role. He won't take the job. Terry is an outgoing person not an office guy.


  4. That's career suicide. Kenny will soon be out of office and you will join the bread line. Don't do it!


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