Who will challenge Allen Chastanet’s UWP leadership?

Who will challenge Allen Chastanet’s UWP leadership?
UWP officials few years ago.
Guy Mayers (right) and Allen Chastanet (left) after the election results were announced at the November 2015 Convention.

(SNO) — The United Workers Party (UWP) is expected to hold its second Zonal Conference this weekend at Beanefield in Vieux Fort on a high note following its public show of support for its own governing administration.

The party this week held its first press conference, since it won the June 2016 general elections, to show support for the Allen Chastanet-led administration, highlighting 100 major achievements of the government since it formed the government.

Asserting that the government will do away with the value added tax (VAT), as promised in its election manifesto two years ago, General Secretary of the party Oswald Augustin listed exactly 103 achievements of the government since it started its reign in 2016.

UWP officials in 2014.

The zonal conferences, which are not open to the media and the public, are stepping stones to the grand event known as the Convention, where Chastanet’s leadership of the party could be challenged.

While there has been no mention of a challenger so far when the Convention rolls around in late November to early December, SNO has learned that the possibility of someone challenging Chastanet is very likely.

It must be remembered that Chastanet took over leadership of the party when he defeated Stephenson King at a convention. However, before the Convention there is the Conference of Delegates scheduled for the end of October or early November.

UWP supporters at the party’s 39th annual National Convention on Nov. 15 at the Gros Islet Secondary School. Allen Chastanet was re-elected leader at the Convention.

All this is happening at a time when certain pronouncements from certain politicians, Richard Frederick being one of them, and the most vocal that the country could have a new prime minister by year end.

Not only has the government and the UWP scoffed at that but literally dismissed Frederick, the one who first said that in public, as a madman.

The government and the UWP treated with equal disdain an announcement by the Labour Party of tabling a Motion in the House of Assembly that seeks a vote of ‘no confidence’ in the government.

The sheer idea of the Motion succeeding, seeing that the opposition has six seats to the government’s eleven, has the government ridiculing the Motion’s success.

Of the 103 major achievements of the party over the past two years, the reduction of VAT from 15% to 12.5% was listed as number one, with the Masterplan Development earmarked for Vieux Fort as the 103rd.


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