Who will be the next SLP leader Pierre, Baptiste or Hilaire?

By SNO Staff

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Left to right: Pierre, Baptiste, Hilaire.

Left to right: Pierre, Baptiste, Hilaire.

The battle for the leadership position of the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) could be a hotly contested one come October this year, as some supporters are already split on who they want to see become leader.

Following the announcement that SLP stalwart, Phillip J. Pierre will be appointed acting leader, after former Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony resigned, persons have been rushing to social media to publicly express their views.

While some are in support of Pierre, others prefer the second Deputy Political Leader Alva Baptiste, and some have also stated their approval for newcomer Ernest Hilaire.

Contacted for a comment on Tuesday, Pierre told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) that he prefers not to make any statements until he is appointed acting leader of the SLP by the national council, later this week.

SNO also spoke with Hilaire, who pledged his continued support for the party, regardless if he is named the future leader or not,  but refused to make any further statements until the next political leader is chosen.

While Pierre will be the acting leader until the next SLP convention, speculation has been rife that Hilaire could emerge as the new leader, as persons see him as someone who could help rebuild the SLP.

Persons have also been showing their support for Hilaire, while criticizing Pierre, stating that the SLP needs new blood if they are to retain governance of the country or even taken seriously again.

“Pip (Pierre) hope you ready to fight Hilaire and co…better yet just retire cuz you already spent 20 plus years as deputy leader and will never be leader (kinda reminds me of Gorge Odlum). Just pack your bags and go sail into the sunset of oblivion,” a supporter of the SLP said.

Another person said,” PIP as leader of the SLP, what a laughable joke . This guy has no guts for leadership. I wouldn’t trust him to lead a troop of boy scouts. He has been following all his life , remaining in the gutter playing cheap politics. The guy lacks statesmanship. No guts and no backbone.”

“PIP after so many years up to now they cannot make you SLP leader? Maybe you should take a page from Kenny book and run away form that party. Your navel string not buried there,” a Pierre supporter stated.

Meanwhile, former SLP candidate for Dennery South, Jerome Gideon is confident that whoever is chosen as leader at the next convention, he or she will be capable of working towards rebuilding the SLP.

Gideon also spoke about Dr. Antony’s decision to step down as SLP leader. “I think that is Dr. Anthony’s decision. He probably felt that it was his time to go on the results of the elections.”

He said despite the defeat he still believes that the SLP has a formidable team that could lead Saint Lucia in the right direction and this will be further strengthened in the upcoming years.

Some SLP supporters thinks that with the exit of Dr. Anthony, the party stands a good chance of doing much better at the next election, but this also depends on who becomes the next leader.

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  1. All you guys do is itch for roro, you guys want Pierre and Hilaire to fight so that you can laugh, all you want is to divide them(meaning the labour boys) and laugh at the fallout.

  2. slp party is doomed all its members already jump ship with their full pockets.

  3. Maybe it's time for Mario to come back

  4. Who cares. Choops.

  5. John Victorine & John Charlery

  6. SLP is without ideas and such a decision would be even harder to make. They have peddled so much nonsense at this point they actually believe in it. Most St. Lucians will be more interested in the roro that this leadership struggle generates rather than the benefits. Matter of fact the public is of the view that the benefits of such change could have been realized much sooner and was only stifled by Kenny Anthony. Many good people with leadership qualities have left the SLP because of Kenny, including George Odlum, Mario Mitchel, Ubaldus Raymond and Didicus Jules just to name a few. Even Pip himself was relegated to being a poodle, given a proverbial bone in being called Deputy Prime Minister. Fact is there is no such thing as deputy PM and the Constitution only makes provision for an Acting PM. Any other minister could act as PM when the PM is out of island. So here we go again with SLP people believing their own nonsense. They were also duped again by Kenny and his cohorts after he declared that he would be giving way to someone else during his last term of office. What happened to that? Bair lel lesh!!

    If SLP did not have a plan of succession how could they have conceived any plan to run this country properly?

    • It takes leadership as in Microsoft, as in Apple to create a path to sustainability. Those doing the geriatric shuffle all gray-headed and all that, were just too damn slow to realise that it was time for change.
      In fact, they could not care less. Winning and making empty promises was what they stood for, and all that they amounted to as the campaign showed. Saint Lucia could go by the tail, as long as they were getting their usual political crumbs. The greediest took the largest slice. Some may even have got extra from beneath the table. We need Panama Papers.
      Those with clear eyes can see that SLP 's morons could not see that the party was on the skids as soon as Mario left. Huddle and talk crap. Is that not what they did with panache and fanfare even on the eve of the election, everyone of them?

  7. Bbbbh bhhhh Phillip is the man !

  8. Mi roro.the slp said that uwp cannot never win an election without Sir John, well let us see them win one without kenny.let claudias francis be leader.and I hope jadia has advise for her party.she was all up in uwp affairs,now its at her door step.lets see how she handles it.smite the shepard and the sheep will scatter

  9. Give him time, let him work says Lucians. No amount of time can save your'll Kenny at his home taking his yo pe hard but your'll will see what you vote for yo pe and vat fool your'll right now your'll sad your new pm putting Jimmy in a ministry 3 ministers have the same portfolio awa chas already failing. Chas himself surprise he win and that vat fool your'll.

  10. Let democracy reign. One vote, one count. It worked for T chas and the ppp it can work for laba too.

  11. The integrity commission is coming for one of them SOON. House here and house there. Tanto tanto

  12. please not alva. i vote for Ernest hilaire. i like Phillip but i think this should be his last time in the front line of politics and he should be actively looking for a suitable persons to replace him

  13. one of the reasons SLP lose is that it was rumoured that Hilaire would replace Kenny as PM at some point in the term. He is part of the reason [eople distrusted labour. Remember Jaffali.. By the way what has he achieved on his own. opportunities have always been created for him.

  14. The stench will remain fresh for a long time, so be wise on the selection.
    Any haste, and you're doomed.

  15. Pierre is the parties best bet Alva has no standing after being allegedly involved with juffali and Ernest lacks the charisma and personality to lead a party listening to him at his launching was sad he lacked feeling and the ability to connect with people definitely not leader material

  16. First off. I spent a number of years in the SLP in the second tier of contact with the upoer echelon. I was not in the first tier where the cocomacakery took place and the incompetent leadership had full reign.
    What I did learn is that Philip Pierre is the most incompetent, petty and anti St Lucian politician in St Lucia. He has no principles or values and operates on the basis of what needs to be done to mamaguay the voters to remain in power. He is the master of mediocrity who in governance and expectations of St Lucians is is satisfied with "blocking a hole" and less than 1% growth annually.

    Alva Baptiste is a bombastic blowhard who reminds me of Idi Amin and any 3rd World mooching politician. A cheap suit and opportunist who lucked into the safest seat in the SLP pantheon. He morally corrupted the Ministry of Foreign Affairs ans was useless to the 170,000 citizens of our beautiful country.
    This leaves Hilaire. A boring supposed 'bright boy' the same failures like Kenny and Tony from UWI who have sucked off the Caribbean taxpayers and produced nothing of significance. They create no wealth but just live off if borrowing and taxation.

    So in the end the SLP has a choice of incompetents, of the useless opportunists who see politics as a means to their wealth creation and not the betterment of their people.
    Useless all they are, but given a choice then Helaire is the lesser of the useless lot.

  17. Mr Pierre a man of great integrity as well as leadership capability..Mr Baptiste and Mr Hilaire.. Have intergrity but greater leadership capabilities..Alva and Pierre have tenure while Hilaire is a Novice.. Integrity vrs Leadership Vrs Tenure. Mr choice Mr Baptiste.

  18. mind your business

    Lucians if yall don't have anything positive keep yall mouth shut!!!! useless comments..stop being in the slpchange is coming of course..

  19. Hilaire, please clear the air on the Juffali affair then you can vie for leader. Until then take a back seat as you cannot be trusted.

  20. What happen ? Are'nt we suppose to be anxiously waiting for the "fresh ideas" from the UWP to take effect. After all isnt that why we voted the in. I would not be so concerned about what goes on in the SLP camp. Yo pé ?



  22. The members of the SLP are all hypocrites.
    They did not see what had been happening to the party? They did not see that one man was imposing himself on the party and stretching himself to the limit? They did not see that their bragging of having one man run unopposed every year for party leader was stiffling the party and destroying democracy within. Every body subservient to Kenny Anthony. This they were happy to do year after year.

    Now that Kenny has abandoned the party only now they realize that they can have more than one person run for political leadership. suddenly now everybody find their tongue. Only now they talking about open ELECTIONS.

    Well the circus now begin. Pierre is of the old guard, has always been a follower and lacks ambition. He is also very petty and small minded. Fit for deputy only. He struggled to beat Fortuna who campaigned for three weeks.
    Hilaire is much too arrogant and pompous. Worst than Kenny Anthony. Is that which brought the SLP down. Importantly he survived by a thread of his underwear. A party leader cannot be sitting on a 40 vote win. In fact that seat is ripe for UWP to target and win in the next elections.

    So Baptists is the Man wth capital. Sitting on a safe seat and has been around. Rightly he will feel he should get the nod. But doctorate Mr. Hilaire will not agree.
    En circus qui la.

  23. With all his flaws, I am of the opinion that Kenny Anthony is one of the best leaders the SLP ever had. Without Kenny Anthony perhaps there wouldn't be a Labor Party today. We St. Lucians must learn to give Jack his jacket. Let's wait and see how well SLP will function without him as leader. As for the three mentioned above, my choice is: " None of the above."

    • Without Mr. Julian Hunte there would not nave been an SLP today, if I should correct you. You should check the history of the SLP from 1979 when Kenny was made a Minister. During the leadership struggle in 1982 he was the first to run away. Mr. Hunte stayed and took the obvious leaks that followed. Kenny was nowhere to be found. He was given the leadership on a golden plate, which he screwed up after 10 years in office. Then worsened it the next 5 year term given to him.

  24. Make Vaughn big stuff Charles the next leader

  25. very sad that a slp government who laughed at the uwp whiles they were trying to clean their camp , only to be caught up in a worst situation. PIP you have no argument because you sat there and allow kenny to destroy the country and your party . Alva you are not prime minister material base on allegations against you and the juffali situation. also you never said a word on this matter as i will think it suits your ministerial portfolio as foreign affairs. The mediocre hilaire could not handle his post in England and left us with a mess so he is not to be trusted , plus has not shown anything substantial yet for people to gain confidence in this man as PM . What a mess and i only hope that slp learns from being so power hungry and do not end up like the republicans .

    • Shut up idiot, illiterate fool. Did the people tell you they have problems in the party with respect to who's going to be leader of the party. All what was said in the article was just mere speculation. You fool. Read to understand. What you should be doing right now is focusing on the promises made by your party UWP and ensure they are delivered.Choooops.

  26. Hilaire has already shown he is untrustworthy and incapable of making sound decisions. It is a pure insult to St lucians to even suggest that Hilaire is any leader worthy of being put in charge of anyone or anything. The gentleman has already made his name somewhere in the dirt tracks, sorry to have to put it bluntly. As for Baptiste he has done nothing worthy of emulation except chat and more chats and taking moo moo pills when its convenient. Tell me what has been accomplished by him as Minister? Neither should be looking to leadership. Pierre has integrity at least.

  27. *gets out bucket of popcorn*.... Ding..... Ding

  28. please not Alva


  30. the imf is next leader

  31. And the infighting will begin

  32. Voting Pierre is like giving Kenny another term as Prime Minister. Pierre has been a follower of Kenny for too long - much too long. I think he should follow his leader - Consider defeat and leave. The other two candidates remains to be seen. They need to starting telling the Lucian people what new ideas they will be bringing to the table. I hope whatever ideas they have do not start with the word - "Change." They all seems to come with the same logo and nothing happens at the end. Time for new ideas.

  33. Joachim Henry

  34. None of the freaking above. SLP needs new blood that was never connected to Kenny.
    Short of that they will be in the wilderness for a very long time.


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