Who owns St. Lucia News Online?

Who owns St. Lucia News Online?
Merrick Andrews

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about St. Lucia News Online (Part 1)

Who owns and operates St. Lucia News Online (SNO)?

SNO IS A BUSINESS operated by Andrews Media Services Corp., a company incorporated and registered in Saint Lucia.

The owner is Merrick Andrews, who is the managing director, sales director and chief editor. Andrews is a Jamaican national living in Saint Lucia since late 2011.

He has been a journalist for the past 14 years with experience in print (newspapers and magazines), broadcast (TV and radio), and Internet journalism.

He is a recipient of a Press Association of Jamaica journalism awards (best human interest feature in 2001) and he was the coordinator of Youth Link magazine when it won the best youth publication.

His journalism career was kick-started during high school where he started a newspaper called The Eagle and was appointed editor of the school’s year magazine in 1999. He began freelancing for a community newspaper called The Twin City Sun in his last term in high school.

He is a former sports reporter, lifestyle reporter and Youth Link coordinator at The Gleaner newspaper company in Jamaica, and a former Associated Press (AP) news stringer/correspondent in Jamaica and Montserrat.

Andrews is the founder and former owner of BVI News Online, www.bvinews.com for the British Virgin Islands and Dominica News Online, www.dominicanewsonline.com for the Commonwealth of Dominica.

BVI News was founded in 2006 and sold in April 2013. Dominica News Online was founded in 2007 and sold in 2011. Andrews is now on St Lucia News Online, his third project.


Work experience

Reporter/sales rep – Twin City Sun (community) weekly newspaper: 1998-1999
Freelance writer – X-News weekly tabloid and entertainment newspaper: 1998-2000
Sports reporter – SportsGlobe (national) sports newspaper: 1999
Sports reporter/lifestyle reporter/Youth Link magazine coordinator – The Gleaner (national) daily newspaper: 1999-2002
Stringer/correspondent (Jamaica & Montserrat) — The Associated Press: 2000-2002
Reporter – The Montserrat Reporter weekly newspaper, Montserrat: 2002
Sports Coordinator/news reporter – The BVI StandPoint weekly newspaper, Tortola, BVI : 2003-2005
News reporter/director – ZKING Radio: 2005-2006
News reporter/director – ZROD and ZCCR radio stations: 2006-2008
News anchor – CBN TV and JTV (2006-2008)
Managing director/founder – Andrews Media Corp: 2006-2013
Managing Director/founder – BVI News Online/Alliance News Ltd: 2006-2013
Managing Director/founder – Dominica News Online/Andrews Publishing Co. Ltd: 2007-2011
Managing Director/founder – St. Lucia News Online/Andrews Media Services Corp: 2012-present


Linstead All-Age School, Linstead, St. Catherine, Jamaica – 1989-1994

Charlemont High School, St. Catherine, Jamaica – 1994-1999
– High School Diploma
– Academic Exellence Awards in Caribbean History etc
– Recipient of the Leicester Smart Foundation Scholarship (1994-1999)

CARIMAC, University of the West Indies, Mona (Summer Programme)
– Certificate of Merit, Basic Print Journalism, 2001

Note: My freelance work have also been published in the New York Post, Southampton Press, Trinidad Express, IPI Global Journalist international magazine, and several other Jamaican, regional and international publications. I was also a correspondent for Caribbean News Service and former coordinator of the UNESCO-funded Caribbean Media Network. I was also the founding editor of the BVI government’s youth magazine.

Track and field is my favourite sport. In my spare time, I exercise, work out, travel, watch movies and socialize online.

I am 30, single and have two children.

Later on, I will answer some more intimate details of my business in Saint Lucia, responses to my business here, and how we intend to move forward.


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  1. Thank you for providing a much needed service, I travel sometimes and used to miss what's going on at home. But, thanks to your ingenuity I'm kept up to date whether I'm home or not. Now, being single is not bad, wait till you meet your soulmate, take your time don't rush.


  2. Seems like news is better filtered in Dominica than in ST. Lucia. I don't blame you for it at all. Perhaps you can hire a translator of the creole that we speak here for better censorship. All in all, you provide a needed service.


  3. Greetings to you Sir and welcome to St.Lucia. I always wondered who run SNOL and I was told
    it was a Jamaican. It didn't matter to me, you provided a wide scope of local and International
    coverage and that's good enough for me. Keep up the good work and I'm certain here in St.Lucia
    you will certainly feel at home. St.Lucians you might have noticed are very good and friendly folks
    and if we were not you might have left already. I notice you are proudly wearing the Crucifix on your
    chain - are you a Christian? - if you are, well welcome to the Call. We come in many various manner
    but no matter, He accepts us just the way we are. Keep up the good work, Blessings to you and all.


  4. Wow I must say Jamaicans excel a lot worldwide . Great Business Mr. Andrews, congratulations on your struggles which bred success. Some St. Lucians like myself rely on notifications from SNO to avoid obliviousness of what's happening in our country or elsewhere.


  5. Excellent job, one of the best things that happened to Lucia...keep up the good work....hoping ure here to stay


  6. Yes mr merrick how are it been along time . Yes I known mr merrick for a very long time at zccr where I work as production manager 2006 and broadcaster he was indeed the leading news anchor there for while until he disappear to Dominica since them never heard from him again it good to see Mr merrick Andrew . Hope you remember Gibbs and jenike at zccr guest you are you look very fat life better than the bvi


  7. Yea man,great job merrick...Don't know why The media houses could not have come up with an idea like yours to give late breaking news as it happens."Son of Helen" is inlove with this site like a teenage girl inlove with FB.lol Again great job.


  8. Now I can see SLU has done Mr. Andrews good. He has put on a few lbs. Likes you were dying in the BVI


    • Started putting on pounds since in Dominica. Yes, in the BVI I was under immense stress which paid off.


  9. Because of my busy schedule i can hardly be on time for the televised news. The newspaper is outdated by the time it is printed. This is the perfect source of news for me. We are all caribbean people and you are welcome to our country St. Lucia. Thanks for this great innovation. Was just wondering, how do you get paid though?


  10. "wake up" i have a job so i don't have time nor the energy nor do i want to give lucians news because like it or not all lucians are politcally biased


  11. jah know i didn't read wut the other post said smh, i posted it as drake thought "merrick' didn't approve it so i then tried to remember what i said and posted it as drizzy ok? And its not too often that "cute" and "educated" fall in the same person, cept for me of course n i'm taken lolol, regardless good job merrick!!!!!! keep it up.............


  12. Drizzy we like educated guys too but who wants to wake up next to a monkey? We like guys who can give their own views about an issue and not just repeat what was read from a previous comment too. 😀


  13. I guess that it's good to see who runs the site n business,but if you're a jamaican why aren't you runnin jno(jamaica news online) did somebody beat you to it? or maybe you are running it I don't know I guess it doesn't matter, but it would be nice if it was a lucian, n to all the ladies, I can only assume they're ladies cause these days you can never tell who is calling who cute, I guess looking "cute" is all y'all see, cuz dats whats important here, never mind his credentials,smh, n ask for the dating section uhhhh so many important issues to discuss with regards to st. lucia and the world, but nooooo lets have a dating section so lucians will know who their next "cute" date is, cuz dats whats really important now.....lolol,lmaoooo.......


    • Come on Drizzy, what happen to your Lucian sense of humour? Smile (only when there's no politician around) and the whole world smiles with you 🙂


    • Then u as a lucian should have taken up the responsibility of making the sno... oohhh wait u dont no where to start well fyi somebody started it.


  14. Uh, n i always thought sno was by a lucian,smh,oh well, if he's jamaican why couldn't he do jno(jamaica news online) or did somebody else beat you to it,would like to know the answer to that one, and to the ladies who keep saying he's cute,sure thats whats really important in life after all huh,who is cute and who isn't smh,a sno dating section lol the economy is in the toilet n there are hundreds of other more important topics buh lucians would only want to know who their next date is.....lmfao......


    • Don't you benefit from what you read online? Doesn't it give you knowledge? Then if not start your own that's what you should have done in the first place.


  15. Wa gone Merrick? Nuff respect to you, my question is how do you understand our patios language before you print our comment? So proud of you buddy keep up the good works kuddos.