‘Whistle stop’ motorcade set for April 23

Press release


PRESS RELEASE – The Concerned Citizens For St. Lucia is inviting all St. Lucians to let their voices be heard.

St Lucia need all of us. This is not a political motorcade. It’s a motocade for all concerned St. Lucians.

We have been asking the Prime Minister to listen to our concerns. He has not.

On April 23rd, 2017, there will be a whistle-stop motorcade, which will start at 9 am, from the car park of Massy Mega J at Choc and travel throughout the constituences. Short meetings will be held along the way.

The purpose of the whistle stop is to educate the masses, distribute flyers, disseminate information about the DSH and its repercussions for St. Lucia; the sale of our passports, our land, Maria Islet, the Dolphinarium.

St. Lucians lets protect our future, and our children.

Come support St. Lucia. After all we are St. Lucia.


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  1. I have two problems here.

    Firstly, those organising the march keep saying it's not political yet still they are the ones most involved in political matters. Say it as you may this is politics first concern second.

    Secondly, are saying that I am not concerned because I see nothing wrong with the DSH project? Or that I do not love fair Helen because I chose not to march?

    Look there are more significant issues that divide us. Force there.

  2. The organizers of this march won't fool me....so many things happened in st.Lucia in the past... But there is no march from district to district...since when st.Lucian's so hell bent on saving our country... if this was genuine..but its not....some persons are trying to save their ego and will do everything to see UWP and Allen Chastnet fail...but what all those unpatriotic lucians cannot see is its nothing about fair Helen...I would hope that after elections all Lucian's would put party aside and work in supporting the government... if they are doing something that's questionable there are ways to address it.....not the way y'all people acting...being bad examples to our youth ...no wonder they are getting the feel that its alright to be bad.....because even though y'all don't say it ...that's the message they are getting....and its the youth y'all are supposing to mach for against all parents who abuse the children and send them out in society to hold to the first place...anyone or anything that's looking like a safe haven for them ...and in many cases those children just fall into the wrong hands....PLEASE WILL YALL MARCH FOR THEM INSTEAD...HELP SAVE OUR YOUTH... they our our future..stop allowing them to hear the gross disrespect for the leader of the country....what is he doing so wrong that has not been done in the past....give him a chance to breathe.... DONT FORGET THE REPORT FROM GUY JOSEPH TWO WEEKS AGO...I am still stunned...but some people went dumb on that....but are still trying treat the man like dirt....God is talking to y'all....stop invoking the devil in the country.... Put color aside and let peace and love reign

  3. Raise the price of gasoline/ It is too cheap. Get some valuable tax revenue from such stupid marches. Only the wealthy have cars.

  4. Rape, child abuse, violence no one is matching but we claim we love our country so much we want to preserve it but to hell with protection and the lives of the people living in it.
    Our country is struggling and is broke all the politicians know it! Because they are the ones who put our country is this position I feel sorry for the fools who are protesting in the name of preserving the country for our future generation my foot!! You killed the country putting it in a position where we can't do anything else to put some money back into it than to go the DSH way and to sell passports and now you want protest!...when if slp did win there wouldn't be any alternative than to do the same..smh if it was slp then uwp would be the ones crying to save the country all a bunch of hypocrites!!! There is nothing to save for the next generation slp and uwp have already killed it for them cboopse

  5. I love the idea. Amen! Let's all come together and preserve our island for our future generations. We elect people to act responsibly on our behalf. Not to do as they please on their own economic gains at our destruction.
    My forefathers died so I can live on this rock. Therefore, I will honour them by preserving it fot y sons and daughters coming after me.

  6. Such a bunch of hypocrites....look at the the people who are matching...a heap of uneducated persons who are brainwashed by cheap political scams...these are wrong, we are making a mockery of St.Lucians. Why is everything about politics? Why are we doing that? We all know that these are not genuine St.Lucians but SLP party hacks who can no longer grab from their positions and live their lives like kings and queens and their children all getting scholarships and big jobs while the same hacks which are demonstrating struggling to feed their children. Wake up St.Lucians! Don't be played for fools! The Citizenship by Investment was an SLP initiative but no one matched then! Stop this nonsense now! We are all complaining about no jobs! no money! no economic growth! Well give the country a chance, let's see what will come out of the various foreign investments. Stop politicking.

  7. Ah, ah... Check that ee, party boys protesting ee...
    Don't forget to bring you red T-shirts "concerned citizens".

  8. I am with them on that. There needs to be consensus on ST. Lucia's developmental initiatives. One man cannot dictate to the multitude. CIP stands to demolish our roots and our resolve to be truly independent. The youths may truly lose the opportunity to govern themselves in the long run. Land don't spoil.

  9. Sharon uneducated it seems you need a job

  10. This a cheap political move disguised to solicit support from St. Lucians. Two jackasses say chastanet must go put king instead. As though king is not UWP

    • Sharon is a uwp troll. She is all over the place posting garbage. She would be as a Garbage collector. Bloody Troll!

  11. I would join but I don't own a vehicle

  12. I'm not concerned so tiyea chu zort la labor sans hont.call on your supported a bit all at lucians.

  13. Am amaze to see how people set and bend on DSH and theh nt set a d bend on crime,rape,and child abuse and Molestation.But i already know that st.lucians just pretend to care.Its all political,all about Uwp and Allan Chastanet.But the wickedness a d malice will stop.You'll just saw a halo.Signs and more sjgns,all freaking political,the damn prime mi ister have come out at all directions and you'll still aint please and still confuse,why all these meetings when you'll can go to the direct source.Whats else is there to know.All political wicked and malicious.Its either you anti SLP or UWP,just a bunch of crack no shame in the game.Whats the message,a whole lot of dopes and people listen to the dopes.You'll drunk all the time.The antennas to high and you'll head plates small.its all deception dont want to allow positive conversation to flow all fake news,gossil and talk crap st.lucians past time.You'll will learn but when its to late.

    • Sharon, are you a St. Lucian? If so, then by your own admission you "...just pretend to care" as well. You only seem to find the energy to comment on anything that is remotely "against UWP and Chastanet". I don't recall seeing any contributions by you regarding anything else. Additionally, if "people set and bend on DSH", is it not their right? When the masses insisted that Kenny must go and went to the poles and exercised their constitutional rights and votes in favor of a new government, I don't recall you having an issue with that. Since you are so "set and bend" on crime, rape, child abuse and molestation, please share you suggestions to remedy the current relevant situation...unless you somehow thing that DSH is the answer to that too?...

      • Well said. The future of St. Lucia should not be political. The people of St. Lucia should have a big say in the types of development and the deals agreed by any government. It should be for the benefit of the islanders, and not the developers and it is very important for the government to be scrutinised by the opposition and the people.


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