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“Which business people are paying Jadia’s salary?” – Chastanet to PM

By SNO Staff

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Allen Chatanet. Credit: UWP

Allen Chatanet. Credit: UWP

The recent appointment of Jadia Jn Pierre-Emmanuel as Communication Director of the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) has raised many concerns for the opposition camp.

On Sunday, United Workers Party (UWP) leader Allen Chastanet took a bold step to question Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony on the political platform, about the source of Jn Pierre-Emmanuel’s salary.

Chastanet said he heard that the prime minister made mention that the money to pay Jn Pierre-Emmanuel came from business people and called on him to reveal their names.

“So I want to ask the Prime Minister which business people are paying Jadia’s salary…Is it the same business people that have to get an ambassadorship to protect their millions of dollars?” he told Sunday’s meeting.

Jn Pierre -Emmanuel resigned as the PM Press Secretary having served over two years in that position.

Her previous salary was EC$8,000.

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  1. Why does the politics have to be so divisive? is it not common knowledge that businesses in the main finance the political campaigns? Some support UWP and others support SLP, so what's his beef? This speaks volumes of a leader of a major political party. We really have to watch our bread.

  2. Arrogance and disrespect with impunity thats what St. Lucians are getting from Dr. Anthony.
    Some time ago in Jamaica Dr. Anthony said our lawyers were involved in money laundering.
    Last year from the IMPACS report he said the business community were invoved in grave criminal activity.
    Now he is saying business community is paying Jadia's salary.
    Such reckless disrespect for the business community with those irresponsible statements. But what has the Chamber of Commerce done about it. Is the organization dead? Is there a president? Are they afraid of Kenny? Do they respect themselves?

  3. I do not believe Kennny when he say the business people are paying Jadia's salary because they do not want St. Lucia to be in the hands of Allen Chastanet and his father Michael. Kenny as the Prime Minister, how can you make a reckless statement like that ? What has Allen Chastanet and his father done to the business people of St. Lucia? The business people are also feeling the squeeze and want to see the Country out of your hands

  4. De Juffali money spreading far and wide put soon yall go learn that everything that happens in the dark shall come to light. I bet they never expect that mess that pop up with Jufhali when they sold him his protection from his wife's lawsuit. With all their due diligence to find out if he was a billionaire and if his money was clean they didn't take the time out to find out about the wife and how the courts of England would treat what happened to her. I bet they didn't see that curve ball and trust me it going to hurt once the Brits start doing the real digging.

  5. I too want to know who's paying her. I hope it's not the Tax payers.

  6. Bolom from Dominica

    What foolishness is this? If a political party is being financed by a private business it would be important to know exactly who they are. Has that company benefited from government contracts, and are they still contracted by the government? If so then the process by which they acquired those contracts would be interesting to know. And if a private company is making those payments what do they expect to get in return? You think they're doing it for free and for good looks? Something is fishy here. It's time we get campaign finance reform settled. A private company paying a political party's regular bills smells of corruption.

  7. Oh Chastanet put a sock in it. Every political party is funded by businessmen.

  8. All this criticism is so unwarranted,. Is there some kind of official branch of Government that can substantiate she is not being paid by the Peoples' treasury ? Everything else is speculation and "Caakaan"

    Sort emmen lideyai twop!

  9. Has no shame to say business people paying jadia when he is allegedly killing the local business sector . i want to know does the slp administration have more money than the government of st.lucia ?? and the way business bad in st.lucia how is it that those business men could pay a party's staff member ?? unless, they are getting a slice of st.lucia's pie .

  10. St.lucians need to know if there are and who trying to influence our elections.

  11. Yes he may have in 1997 may be that same SLP so he know his tricks. It not the amount is what he said the business men said. I want to know how true of a value it is for me to build my choice.

  12. The tax payers are the ones allegedly paying that woman

  13. Chastanet you to rude, worry about losing the election with your bunch of losers........

  14. long as taxpayers do not pay for this it is not UWP business.

  15. I don't understand chastanet. When he was allegedly doing his destruction in soufriere, (third world, tax payers money, )etc he said it was friends of soufriere .

  16. Are you opening up Pandora's box here? I truly hope that in the past you didn't finance anyone's campaign. This is why there should be regulations on campaign financing. Full disclosure on who financed and how much. So when the kickbacks start we know where to look.


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