Where is my daughter? Woman hasn’t heard about her child sent to St. Lucia 3 years ago

Where is my daughter? Woman hasn’t heard about her child sent to St. Lucia 3 years ago
Andrea Morgan hasn't seen her daughter for three years and is unable to get in touch with relatives in St. Lucia where her child was sent.
Andrea Morgan hasn't seen her daughter for three years and is unable to get in touch with relatives in St. Lucia where her child was sent.
Andrea Morgan hasn’t seen her daughter for three years and is unable to get in touch with relatives in St. Lucia where her child was sent.

A woman from St. Vincent and the Grenadines, who sent her daughter to live with a relative in St. Lucia three years ago, is sick worried after been unable to reach anyone about the welfare of her child since 2014.

Andrea Morgan, a resident of Kingstown, St. Vincent, reached out to St. Lucia News Online (SNO) this week after running out of options to find six-year-old Andrean Amanda Morgan. Calls to the child’s relatives in St. Lucia have gone to voicemail or have gone unanswered.

She said the police authorities in St. Lucia have been asking her to come St. Lucia but she cannot afford to travel at this time.

The child's father, Dwight Henry, was killed by police in 2011. Photo credit: Voice
The child’s father, Dwight Henry, was killed by police in April 2011 during an operation in Marigot. Photo credit: The Voice (St. Lucia)

Boyfriend killed in St. Lucia

The 28-year-old mother of two said Andrean’s father, Dwight Henry, a St. Lucian, was killed by police in Marigot, St. Lucia during 2011.

The couple had met while Henry was living in St Vincent, in the village of Petit Bordel, where she was also living at the time.

According to Morgan, when Andrean was three years old, Dwight’s brother, Michael Tyrone Henry, came to St. Vincent and persuaded her to give him the child to raise.

“He came over here and said he wanted to see his brother’ child. He told me he will take care of her, he will take her to England with him, she will get a better life,” Morgan said.

The mother agreed. However, later on Morgan said she learned that her daughter was moved from Uncle Michael and placed in the care of her deceased father’s grandmother, Justina Henry.

“He (Michael) said he was going to take care of her because that was his brother’s only child, then he leave the child with the grandparents.”

The grandmother died in 2014 and the child was reportedly put in the care of an Elizabeth Henry. That was the last time Morgan said she heard about her daughter.

Michael, the uncle, who initially took the toddler to St. Lucia, eventually went back to England, Morgan said

“I am not getting anyone. Am calling, no phones working, going straight to voice mail
Nobody calling me,” said the distraught mother. This scenario has been going on for months.

Financial constraints

Morgan said she has never visited St. Lucia, and having not worked for the past five months, she is unable to travel at this time.

Andrea Morgan and her other daughter who lives with her in St.  Vincent. That child's father also died tragically, two years ago.
Andrea Morgan and her other daughter who lives with her in St. Vincent. That child’s father also died tragically, two years ago.

“I have another daughter too, who lost her father two years ago. A tree fell on him so I am a single mom,” she noted. Her other daughter is eight years old.

The police in St. Lucia has been unable to find her daughter. A police source in St. Lucia confirmed that Morgan did make contact.

“I called the police station, I give them information and they told me they will check around. Every time I call is nothing. They said I need to come St. Lucia to look for her.”

Asked which police station she contacted, Morgan replied: “I look for police station numbers online. When I called they put me on to Marigot station. That was last year, late down.”

Morgan is asking anyone with information about her child to call her at 1-784-531-6592.

She said she misses her daughter a lot, because not only has she not heard the young one’s voice in three years, but she has no photos of her.

“I cannot sleep at nights. I just wanna know if she is okay,” Morgan said.


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  1. Hats off to you sweetie, you will find your daughter by God's grace.
    My fellow st.Lucian's, let's not be so quick to judge....that's God's job not ours!!
    Before we go making assumptions, do we know what the mother's circumstances were at the time? The point is she is trying to reach her daughter and it's sad that some of us know where she is and yet are refusing to help a mother in pain!!! Would we like someone to do this to us??


  2. Im a st.lucian leaving abroad. I came to st.lucia some years aback to help push an investigation about my missing brother. Normally if a st.lucian goes missing n they country contact the place where they went missing it help push the investigation. These idiots watchlike fools. They said theres nothing they can do. I read paper n even saw clips at theiroffice coming from martinque authorities about a french man who went missing in st.lucia. they dont give two shit about their own citizen. They fail the innocents, very own future generation. They dont give two rass what happen. All they freaking care about is the authority they have, their salery and most of the men care about having several women and drink their ass off. Sorry to say though i love my island but mother helen is getting a slow n painful death.


  3. I need someone to explain to me what is a better life! My mom had 12 children and didn't give one up for adoption. She always thought that it would be easier to give up her meal to feed her children than any other person would. If we are not ready to be parents lets protect ourselves and stop fooling around. These children are suffering... I am the last of my mother's 12 children and I am sooooo happy she kept me. There's no better life than being raised by your mother and being able to appreciate the sacrifices she made. Giving a female child to an uncle especially in the times that we live is noooo and I repeat no better life. That's my view!!!!


  4. ok people need shut up and help raise funds to help her we must help hope there is a wesite to raise funds to find that princess


  5. How STUPID. The police are unable to locate a human being? Asking you to come find her yourself? Also how on earth could you go so long without being able to reach your daughter?


  6. Lately after little millian death all am seeing and hearing is sad stories about the poor innocent kids. SNO coolie town boy , Facebook man bitting child because she don't want milk and now this. And in all this stories those who have to protect and save the kids are the once failing them. Parents they were not asked to be born. Plz don't look at them as beruns. Love them no matter what kids don't stay small they grown very fast. I have a two year old girl and jah know I will do what ever I can to serve and protect her.


  7. I can give you a place to stay come look for your child quick come quick talk to the Marigot police and ask them what to do get intouch with your police and social services for them to guide you . Now that you have gone public go now to the government level.


  8. Greater is he that is within you than he that is in the world. Remember God is not dead I'm a single mother and . I symphatise with u but don't give up hope.I believe that u both will reunite.


  9. The persons who know where the child is please help the mother by reaching out to her and going to the police before it's too late


  10. That child should have been enrolled in a school in Saint Lucia by now. If enrolled then the Police, through the Ministry of Education, should be able to determine which school this child attends. But then again did the mother pass on her child's birth certificate to the relatives in Saint Lucia as a birth certificate is required to register a child in a local school? I find it ridiculous that in the 21st Century the Police are requesting that the mother come over to St. Lucia for them to proceed with their investigation. Our local Police should be able to go to St. Vincent on the Marine Police's Defender to interview the distressed mother. Someone knows where this child is and I trust that no one is abusing her. We can find this girl if everyone, including the police, put their shoulders to the wheel.


    • It is too sad that what needs to get done can indeed get done, but there aren't enough people around who are committed to the patriotic task of putting their shoulders to the wheel and work hard to ensure that the things that need to get done can get done!


  11. Wow I read this and it brought chills all over! It's high time we Lucian's put ourselves in other people's shoes c'mon if you don't have any word of encouragement shut the hell up
    The point still remains that this innocent child Is somewhere out there
    Having her mother not heard from her in 3 years is disturbing
    When you believe that making these decisions will better the life of your child you go ahead
    I'm going to keep you guys in my prayers


  12. This is so sad. I feel this mother's pain. No body knew her struggle or situation. She probably thought it was in the child best interest to be with someone who can care for her child. The uncle promised to take the child to England and give her a better life. Who wouldn't want better for their child if you are struggling with them. Her intentions were to give her a child a life she couldn't give her but the wicked uncle had something else in mind. I hope this child is safe and in good care. Hope somebody in in the area who knows the family and the child reads this story and help this little girl get back home to her mom.


  13. Young lady I feel your pain. Don't give up the search. I'm sure ther are people out there with information.


  14. aparently the we have for you has changed,however your daughter is save and thanks for the number we will call you.


  15. My lady if you really wanted your child you would get the money wherever it is to come get your child. You unemployed for , your other child father died. What does that have to do with anything. Petty excuses!


    • Where she going up get it? It's like you people have common sense. She is out of work and already have another kid to feed. What you expect get to do? Leave her kids hungry? Seriously though?


  16. why are you giving up your child in the first place at such a young age...............to free up yourself.


  17. It's sad that times like this people judge and put down others instead of sympathizing with them or keeping their opinions to themselves... stop reading the news post to critize people.. smh.. hope u find ur kid though.!!


  18. Heartfelt sympathy to you.

    I don’t think anyone nowadays will understand your predicament. It was very common for people to have that degree of trust in others and give them their child or children to bring up. In the 60’s and 70’s many parents who migrated to England left their children behind with relatives, friends, neighbours and when the arrangement broke down; without informing the parents these children would be passed on to others to raise or abandoned to raise themselves! When the parents sent for their children, they received f**ked up children which they could not recognise or understand.

    Informal arrangement when it worked it was fantastic. For example a young inexperience mother gave up her child to a doting elderly neighbour. With love and devotion, this penniless old woman raised this child to be a successful manager who would sing her praise every day. Informal arrangements make children vulnerable because official documents stating who their primary carers or guardians are might not have been secured when the child was given over. Many of these arrangements are often made by word of mouth without a third party present to testify. These children are invisible or reinvented (name changed, new birth certificate, parents) to give them status to be visible again. This makes the whole situation complex to find the child if persons are not honest.

    Your child may not be lost, keep heart, and keep looking.

    Good Luck