Where is Melia Thomas? Worried mother believes she is on her “own vibes”

Where is Melia Thomas? Worried mother believes she is on her “own vibes”
Melia Thomas
Melia Thomas
Melia Thomas

A troubled teen from Bisee, Castries who has a history of leaving home and not returning for days, has done it again. But this time she is away longer than usual, and her relatives are worried and frustrated.

Melia Thomas, who turns 14 on July 1, was last seen on Wednesday, May 3.

Her mother, 50-year-old Coletta Thomas, told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) today that Melia – her fourth daughter and last of five children – has stayed away from home “many times”, but this is the first time she has been gone for so long.

No one has been able to reach her on her cellphone and they are also in the dark about her whereabouts.

The mother refuses to say her daughter is missing.

“I wouldn’t say she is missing. She is on her own vibes,” Coletta said. “She always goes and comes back when she feels like. She always does that.”

18470764_10209197101116847_1230996872_nReports are that this is the second time in about two weeks that the teen, a form two student of Bocage Secondary School, has left home for days without any prior notice.

Coletta said it was only last month that she contacted social services officials to intervene.

The mother said Melia was brought to the agency on several occasions for counselling, but this apparently has had no effect on her daughter’s behaviour.

She was advised to get the police involved. But despite speaking to a police friend about the most recent matter, Coletta said she has not made a formal police report as yet.

According to the mother, when Melia disappeared two weeks, she was planning to submit a photograph and make a report to the police when the teen returned home. However, after attending school for several days – making her parents and siblings believe things are back to normal – she did the same thing again.

It is believed that she only returns home to get more clothes to sleep out, then leaves for school – and returns when she desires.

Asked if her daughter has any problems at home, Coletta said: “I make sure she gets her money for school and if she needs her necessities I try to give it to her.”

18447771_10209197101356853_1203870946_n“I cannot tell somebody why she is doing that…. It looks like she has someone influencing,” said the frustrated mother.

Even Melia’s father, who is blind, has not been able to get his daughter to change her behaviour, according to Coletta.

“On some occasions he speaks to her but she is not listening to anybody.”

The mother wants to know who is harbouring her daughter and is therefore calling on the public to help her find the person/s responsible and their location because Melia has refused to give any such information.

Persons are asked to call Coletta at 489-7440.


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  1. We do have places home that can help with her. There is uptown girls centre. They have counselers. We have to reach out and utilize those facilities. It's obvious she's on the path to self destruct.. Uptown center can help to direct her on a good path. That's what the institute is for to assist with trouble kids. To redirect them on the right path.


  2. when you see they taste the poe-toe so young no amount of licks prevents them from going and take it.


  3. Is if she comes back pregnant..... who will she turns to?... her mother. The one she runs away from. They so in a hurry to grow up before their time. Think my girl.... go back home and apologize to your mother.


  4. This is so sad, I know this family as we attend the same church at Bisee. The mum is disabled and the father is blind. The mum does her best and her older siblings are now working, she is the only one the mum has to take care of. Not sure what motivated her to do this. But hope she is well and will be back home soon. Her mum suffers with high blood pressure and it cannot be easy. At least let her family know she is okay.


  5. Parents can't deal teachers are frustrated with them ... children/students are in need of sooo much attention in this country


  6. So sad seeing your mother goin all out for you and you trying to kill her slowly,my gal when you will need her it will be to late,the cock is always dere but you education is never dere school days are the Happy's days of your life do not push that on a side for cock,cock comes and go out of your life but your mother will never leave your side,



    If she left the house twice it is because something is tormenting her.

    She feels happy on the road and sad at home. Sometimes the parents give their best for the child but they still going astray.

    I always read abt a group of young people named Ypg I believe the mother could take her daughter deh when she come back home, looks like the fellas can help her

    " If the Lord don't take care of your house, all your efforts will be in vain" Psalm 127.1


  8. She Turn Big Woman, She Want TO Take C**k..... Boom Boom Boom ... Yo Big Up Vybz Kartel


  9. Sbe not listening...im a teen and i know i would want my parents to punish me but tbh parents nwadays getting to slack on dem children a form 2 that on her own vibes and you cannot tame her and give her some licks make her understand herself!!

    But i cannot judge because idk what is going on in the househol and if she feel like she is not wanted there or she is not loved there so....ill pray for this young child to be found....


  10. You know what kills me about us Lucians is that we are so quick to pass judgement and put in our two cents! Unless you've walked in someone's shoes you will not learn how it feels to tie up the situation and walk through it! So with that said if you'll have nothing constructive or if you have no solutions to the problem at hand sit down and shut it up! You'll too quick to say mostly the negative when people are at their lowest!


  11. Go easy, yea. She is only little & probably very confused & curious of what is happening all around her. She needs to know that people care about her, miss her & love her. She needs to know that she could do better & will be given the opportunity so to do. She needs to know that she is important and needed to be part of this society of which we are all components.


  12. You just 13 you feel u big, let me have a go at her please i spelling big all over her body, child thats if u can wash your panties properly .... and for the person of persons that have the person child at their home let her go, our law to slack jail all of them cause this child is under age .... smfh


  13. If its on her own vibes she wants the mom should get a leather strap write own vibes on it and buss her taill with own vibes


    • Who is to say the mother hasn't tried using the rod. After awhile not even this will deter...


    • And everyone will cuse the mom for belting her. Calling for mom to be jail. (The people where she's staying, should be jail). And if grown men is taking advantage of these children, jail them. These children are getting too out of control. It's a shame, we giving our children everything we didn't have and they turning out rotten. God , please take over our children


  14. Let me control that little child for you'll!!!!!!!please please please she will never ever run away again


    • Control does not work. Whenever one tries to "control" another or others, he/ she is always barking up the wrong tree. (...And people put up with being controlled simply out of politeness or because they are being bullied or intimidated). Do not kid yourself - one CANNOT control people.


    • Stop blaming others .
      The girl is a minor its your responsibility to go to the law . let her go to the program have her recieve prayers . some thing is weong with your daugther dont let her slip from you . Her young life might be miserable . I saying that from my experience .


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