“Where is Mary Isaac? Is she in quarantine or on vacation? (letter)

“Where is Mary Isaac? Is she in quarantine or on vacation? (letter)
Isaac (left) and Belmar-George
Isaac (left) and Belmar-George

Dear Editor: I do not normally do this, but I had to find a way to publicly applaud our esteemed Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Sharon Belmar-George for a job well in managing Saint Lucia’s medical response to the deadly coronavirus (COVID-19).

She is hard-working, dedicated, and very articulate. Her explanations are understood by even the layman. She knows her stuff and she presents it in a comprehensive manner. I believe many people would agree with me when I say she is one of the best CMO’s to have held that position. I am not calling down those before her because normally the CMO’s are the ones who do the brunt of the work.

So this leads me to an observation: I have not heard or seen the minister of health, Mary Isaac in a good while. Is she ‘alive and well’? Is she on vacation leave? Is she in quarantine? Has she resigned?

In the absence of Ms. Isaac it appears the Saint Lucia’s minister of health is the current CMO.

I am disappointed that Ms. Isaac has seemingly disappeared from the frontlines. Where is she? What is she doing now? Has she fallen out with the prime minister and his government?

We need to hear from you, Mary. It does not look good that our health minister is rarely seen or heard from as we fight this pandemic. Not that we do not like seeing more of Mrs. Belmar-George, but we taxpayers are also paying Mary’s salary and we deserve to see her doing the work we are paying her to do.

We will accept nothing less. Nor will we accept any excuse about “still working hard in the backgrounds”.

You, Mary, along with the PM, and the CMO should be up there at the forefront of the public education campaign. As much as some may like the prime minister updating the nation, I believe he should take a back seat sometimes and give the health minister a chance. Or is that she does not want to be in the limelight?

Regardless, we need to see more of Mary Isaac as our health minister.

Much love


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  1. Okay...... You all SLP hacks have nothing else to do but to stir the trouble pot. Guess what it's not going to work Miss Isaac is hard at work for the people who voted for her. You idiots are never and will never be satisfied so back the hell off her let her do her thing you all DEVIL.


  2. Let's not try to add salt to injury..... Is it not evident that Mary Issac is clueless, a perfect definition of a square peg in a round hole....
    My advice for you Mary is stay in your section....


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