“When will SLP gov’t cease from creating int’l embarrassments?” – Mary Isaac questions

“When will SLP gov’t cease from creating int’l embarrassments?” – Mary Isaac questions
Senator Mary Isaac
Senator Mary Isaac
Senator Mary Isaac

Outspoken politician Mary Isaac is questioning whether the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) government will ever cease from creating alleged international embarrassments for the island.

Isaac was referring to government’s decision not to waive the immunity of its International Maritime Organization (IMO) Dr. Sheik Walid Juffali and the recent visit by a delegation of European Union (EU), among other things.

She told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) on Tuesday: “I never thought our fair Helen would witness the day, when, as a commonwealth country democracy, the government of the day, would refuse a simple request from a friendly and supportive motherland (from whence our European ancestors came), to lift the diplomatic immunity from a Saudi Arabian and non St. Lucian national to enable justice to be served.”

The United Workers Party (UWP) Senator said she is particularly disturbed by the fact that there was no due process for the appointment of Dr. Juffali and as far as the country is aware, the appointment was not sanctioned by the Cabinet of Ministers, and neither did it go through the proper channels.

“In any other country, those involved would have been dispatched with their marching orders forthwith. This is an abomination and an international disgrace,” she remarked.

Pointing to the recent meeting between a three member delegation of EU diplomats and Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony, Isaac said it’s a shame to have an EU delegation come to Saint Lucia to inform the people here of the need for the Labour Party Government to take control of the “fallout from the mess that the Prime Minister has made of the IMPACS report.”

She continued: “More shameful is the fact that the Labour Party Government is passing the blame on the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP).  A public officer who performed her functions with due diligence, confidentiality and efficiency.”

“The DPP is not responsible for proclaiming that extra judicial killings took place in Saint Lucia,” she asserted.

The UWP Castries South candidate pointed to other issues that were not properly handled by the current administration, while noting that several questions remains unanswered.

“Grynberg still not yet resolved on the international arena. We have had Lambirds and AIMU, which are both international embarrassments still unresolved and trying to be swept under the carpet. And clearly certain ministers allegedly infringed on the law and were culpable. Then there comes IMPACS, followed by Juffali.”

Isaac believes that Saint Lucians should continue to demand answers to these many questions.


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  1. On balance, looking in the rearview mirror, the strangely chaotic UWP King administration was much more positive, than the governance of all these dishonest PhDs. Take a look at the greatest nation in the world for example.

    If credentials were only what matters, on average, the majority of the presidents of this powerful nation would have been persons called mensas, or those with extremely high IQs. But no!

    Most presidents of the US are C and just above average. They are not the straight A type people or students.

    Cut and paste this link into your web browser. Happy reading.



    • You make no sense with this statement. This group was leaderless and incompetent. You can look for all excuses you want. You need to call a spade a spade. You must be living in your own reality.


  2. Mary shut up and taclle real issues. Is as if yourll already run out of ideas and yourll not even in office yet. Those issues play no role in who wins an election in st lucia. Ppl ent wanna hear dem shit I think yourll making it worse by yaapin all the time. Look what happened to Kenny on impacs his mouth couldn't stay shut for orc. We have other important thongs to discuss. Stop it.


  3. I blame Lucians of all political colours for not demanding transparency and critically examining people who make themselves available for political office.

    When will you give a thorough report of your stewardship of the St. Lucia Broilers Association, including the huge losses that were made?


  4. Ignorance?! You labour hacks astound me with your arrogance and the way in which you parade yourselves as if education was only granted to you bastards.

    Kenny sold our very shores to what end???????

    Yet you idiots make excuses!

    This divorce case will make a mockery of the UK justice system because of st. Lucia's actions to stand firmly behind a man who is NOT a son of the soil and who has NOT taken his role as diplomat seriously.

    What will be our reason for not revoking immunity? Had he been functioning within his capacity as diplomat by attending said meetings...forsooth we would be correct in standing behind him. As his dedication to the role cannot be questioned!

    But when he has willfully disregarded his duties as our representative to the IMO. How may I ask can we allow him to invoke his diplomatic immunity?

    Utter nonsense!


    • Please STOP! - with this Ignorance.
      And even if I were to explain this whole "Mele", you would still lack the intelligence to understand.

      So go and play with your toys somewhere else!


    • Who cares about what the British government thinks or if it makes a mockery of their system. We might be the flea in this situation but we should not be lectured to like we are their puppets. If the guy can get the Knight of order from the Vatican although he is of a different faith, or all the other prestigious awards bestowed upon him by various organization. I do not see a problem with giving him immunity.
      You should do some more investigating and see that the British government has also given diplomatic immunity or just not provided individuals to face charges that are much worse than what they are criticizing us for.... because they can do so.
      This case is all about a divorce to a 25yr old trying to get a boatload of money from this guy and should not be the reason for British to get pissed at us . If they are....then they have other motives.


  5. It has become very international and very embarrassing.
    A cousin in Barbados sent me this link and asked me how St.Lucians can become so inebriated by party loyalty that they can behave like mad yard fowls on social media.
    I feel so ashamed at my fellow St.Lucians behaving in this idiotic way and the rest of the world seeing us like that.I hope the rest of the world doesn't think we are all as mentally challenged as that :



  6. I read the comments online in a UK newspaper about this so called 'affair'.
    And guess what?

    Not one comment in the 200+ mentioned anything about St Lucia. So what scandal are the UWP talking about?
    All the comments were about the $100,000 a month the woman receives from Juffali. Most of them sarcastic and jokey!
    This is a non issue.
    Time for Chastanet to start giving sone real opposition to those incompetents in government.
    He can do it by stop being a simple minded one man show and ytilize the real politicians in the UWP.
    At this rate Kenny is guaranteed to win.


  7. Straight answer. When the population FINALLY awakens from its deep sleep to recognize that academic degrees ALONE do not mean that the holders have the necessary intelligences (plural) to lead a government. Simple languge.

    The SLP is overrun by dog-in-the-manger title-holders who have given us, Frenwell for a loss of US$48 million. Continue adding. You may need a calculator to add the financial cost of SLP political foolishness.

    Then there was Black Bay lands. Therefore, add another US$86 million to that $48 million up there. But, there is more.

    Add another US$150 million to the two sets of figures above for that secret Grynberg giveaway, some say is in alleged conflict with our constitution. Hey! That is not all. There is even more!

    The settlement of this last of just some in the normal series financial disasters and blunders that will require loans to payback, may require another payment or loss. Just like the others with NOTHING to show for it, there a potential loss of US$500 million to an international dispute resolution court or tribunal. How much political and economic foolishness can there country bear?

    When will the litany of SLP financial foolishness end?

    Are followers in the hierarchy of this party just too selfish in trying to secure political crumbs whilst this SLP administration like the last behaves like mercenaries, corsairs and pirates?

    Isn't the SLP too much an unbearable burden on the purse of poor Saint Lucians? Haven't we had enough or too much of SLP's political foolishness done, they say, in our names. Yet we can see only those but benefiting are political and legal hacks who are the ones enjoying its so-called better days?


    • I wonder whether the lapses in your memory was intentional or not. You seem to have forgotten about the last ones in power prior to this group. They were a total embarrassment to St. Lucians... it was everyman to himself. You are waddling in innuendo, hearsay and assumptions in your piece above. I could use the same scenarios to list a litany of shenanigans that transpired during their time in office.
      I would rather those in power try and fail while trying than have those who accumulated wealth by illegal means when they were in power. I hope you were as aggressive in your critique and asking the same questions of the last group as those of this administration.
      I have always wondered where all the Taiwanese monies went. I'm very sure if you look around you might see signs of it somewhere...or what did we get in return for the boxing escapades that the minister for tourism....possible our next prime minister....promised would be a money maker to St. Lucians. Remember this is the remnants of the same group that started us on the road we are still trying to recover from.
      I'm not a big fan of those in power right now nor am I in any way willing to accept mediocracy. We as a people should never accept that we cannot do better. There is a history to confront with those trying to get in power.... as far as I can see there is no good alternative.
      If you did your homework prior to this piece you might be surprised to see that your reference to political crumbs, mercenaries and pirates would fit in perfectly to the last group of idiots that held the reigns of power. They were an incompetent group without a leader.


      • Typically Saint Lucian. We love to wallow in our sordid past. Did not our forefathers choose to remain slaves? Oh yes.

        Contextually, they could have fled to the forests, or killed their masters. Instead they protected one set of masters, trading British slavery for French slavery. Independence and freedom is NOT an integral part of the Saint Lucian's DNA.

        See how the tribes are mendicantly always waiting for a "leader" they say, to protect them. They are always so very happy bending over backwards and doing summersaults to catch the crumbs from the tables of their "new masters", today's party leaders.

        That is why the cunning feel so entitled and so emboldened to seize the headship of parties, even when they have neither the intelligence, nor the maturity to do anything else.


  8. You made a mess with CSA and now you want to tell people about international laws and protocol....


    • What mess has she made with the CSA? Calling more meeting than any of the pass presidents? Getting members involved in decision making? I can see why Kenny will continue riding you guys as asses. You are so accustom of being dictated, even when someone give you all the opportunity to speak out you describe it being a mess.


  9. Stop perpetuating Ignorance, Isaac.

    If you want to represent the UK and USA and want to ramble your mouth on their behalf, then say it.
    But don't come to us the People of this Nation seeking Election and wanting to represent us.

    This is why I despise many of you so much.

    You are NOT speaking in the interest of this Nation.
    You lack National Pride everywhere.

    When are you returning to a TV talk-show for another thrashing?


    • You dispise many of them so much?? which them. because mary is in the same clas, and yes i said it, same class as the other red politicians you defend so fearlessly. so please put on your big boy shorts and either say you are on one side, or firmly say you dislike all these politicians like I say.
      dont come thrashing at one and liking the same in another skin.


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