“What they even going to strike for?” – Mayor responds after bus driver arrested for urinating

“What they even going to strike for?” – Mayor responds after bus driver arrested for urinating
Mayor Peterson Francis (right). File photo.
Mayor Peterson Francis (right). File photo.

Responding to reports that some bus drivers are threatening protest action after one of their colleagues was held recently by the police for urinating in public, Castries Mayor Peterson Francis said the bus drivers will be striking against the law, and not the mayor.

Speaking to DBS, Francis said he is not the one who made the law, but he has a job to enforce the law.

“They will be striking against the law. And not only that, the place where they are urinating is behind a school, okay. What they even going to strike for? Strike against the law? Strike against the mayor? Strike against upholding the law? I don’t know what they going to strike about. But while on that point, when they drive, I want to know what happens when they leave Castries on their way to Gros Islet and they want to urinate, what do they do? Where do they have a washroom?” Francis asked.

Reports are that bus drivers on the Monchy bus stand are upset that a fellow driver was held by the city police for committing the offence one week ago.

Peterson confirmed the arrest in his interview with DBS.

“Obviously, if he was arrested, it means that he has been charged. In other words, he has not been brought in before a magistrate. He was bailed on his own recognizant, but he has been charged and he is just waiting for his day in court,” Francis said.

However, he added that it is unfair that persons are seeking special treatment.

“I wasn’t the one who put the laws on the books, you know. All what am doing now is to adhere to the laws of St. Lucia. So, the other thing is this: we have a situation that where you find people believe that every step they make, there should be what they require in life,” Francis said.

The mayor pointed out that there is no excuse for bus drivers to be urinating in public because there are three washrooms in the “immediate vicinity” of the Monchy bus stand.

“They leave the bus and go inside of the Gardens. It is similar, the same distance or less to go to the … public washroom. We have three within that circle. Where do they want us to put up a washroom? I understand for convenience, people coming on the bus…. and we have been talking to the [taxi] association. They have applied to DCA, which we have supported so that we would put something in the immediate vicinity. But the problem I am having with St. Lucians is that we have to put everything next door for them. Next door. So just now they will ask for the washrooms on the bus,” Francis said.

The mayor noted that some St. Lucians willingly uphold the laws in foreign countries but refuse to do so in their own country.

“And we must stop these things in St. Lucia, trying to spoon-feed people, because when they travel, they observe every law. I was in New York myself recently, last year, and I wanted to urinate. I had to do every type of thing in my face, to get to a business place where I had to buy something, to adhere to the law,” he said.

Last month, history was created when a La Toc, Castries resident was the first person to get arrested for urinating in public.

Christopher Daniel appeared in court on March 26 to answer to the charge of indecent exposure which carries a fine of $1,000. He was expected to be granted bail.

Daniel was arrested on Sunday, March 25, just after 11:30 a.m. when he was caught “willfully and indecently” exposing his genitals and urinating in a public place, at West Hall, Castries, according to Police Sergeant Yone Camchon, who is attached to the Castries City Council (CCC).

“This is not the first time that this is happening but this will be the first time we will bring an offender before the court. Usually we caution them but it’s high time we set the example because when you pass on the streets it is not a healthy thing. I mean the stench on the street. So it is high time … we enforce law and order in the city,” Camchon had told reporters.

There about 15 city public restrooms that are open from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily.


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  1. The Monchy Drivers don't stink.....all they are saying is that they need a public facility which was said to them that they will be getting one...years now nothing....the Gros islet route have over 400 drivers...why can a washroom be placed there...in the space where they park...at least passengers can use it as well...at least 0.50 to 1.00 can be charged!! The person in question here is a Monchy driver...if he's on the road and needs to...he goes to bis house to do it!! not only the drivers that pee in the gardens...also the vendors who sell along side the bus stand. if the drivers strike...it will be chaos...dont board their bus...someone else will...


    • BTW Mr. Bat Chew there is a public facility less than 2 minutes walk away from the Monchy bus stop. Maybe the 2 of y'all just need a map for directions to get there. Y'all just freaking nasty. Set a good example for the youth and show love and pride in your country and surroundings. What he did is wrong so take it for what it is. How would you feel if your neighbour was seen urinating in your yard on his way to his house? Waypon sa! Inyowa!


  2. Y'all put the cart before the horse! That's the problem. The conversation with the taxi association or whatever should've already taken place! Is not now y'all put the law to come n put bathrooms. Makes no sense Mann .


  3. honestly mate is the best mayor i would say. of all my time i have been in Castries before he was appointed the city mayor i never knew Castries had a mayor and i never heard or seen him or her on the news. inmy opinion it looks like finally a mayor is doing work in town and doing a good job at it to


  4. Some bus drivers are nasty af! I agree, what are they striking for? you pull out your penis behind a school full of young girls and little boys and urinate on the building. you eh see you deserve 10 lashes of lolobeff and send you in the sea?


  5. Perhaps it is the calibre of drivers that urinate in public but try seeing it from a tourist view point having flown to this alluring paradise, to see grown men whip out their genitals, smell the stench of urine, heightened by bad drains within a few yards where food is being cooked and served,. This uncouth and unhygienic behaviour affects everyone’s livelihood including those with strong stomach for such things. By all means strike but not in support of antisocial macho behaviours that bring down the standards of the city.


  6. Pissing bus drivers, cant drive their buses, drive like crazy, cause most of the accidents on the road, and they want is to continue their abhorrent live styles in the city?


  7. Hello if the city wnts to enforce these laws they should increase the locations of these public bathrooms, imagine you by the dennery bustop can you walk to constitution park ? Or you by the same gros islet stop can you really walk 3 blocks to go pee or do number 2. While I agree that you cant just whip it out anywhere willynilly but enforcement and investment in expanding the service must go hand in hand. Those whomsay they have used restaurants or bars must also understand that these pplaces dont have to grant you access if you are not a paying customer......we need better services in the city then enforce with zero tolerance


    • exactly...no washrooms near them...the restaurant washrooms arent free...we arent saying dont charge them...put put the necessary measures in place ....the Mayor isnt seeing it from our side...think of the pregnant woman coming down a bus....where will she urinate!!


  8. Stupid bus drivers, show the world your gross ignorance and dirty habits by going on strike. We the public will protest by boycotting any bus that goes on strike. Support for you Mayor


  9. Strike. Maybe Christopher and Pip might support you all. Well Kenny. He gv u all 1 million to share for no reason. Now all u want public washrooms at taxpayers money right next to all u bus stop. Go and Strike IDIOTS.


  10. We the law abiding citizens should protest by not riding their buses. We must support the mayor who wants to make things right. Lawlessness prevails where we least expect. Until we enforce all our laws we stand to fail as a nation.


  11. just plain NASTY! public order offence. charge them full 1000. nasty.
    We should boycott all drivers that don't wash their pissy hands


  12. They are in the city center, not in the woods, charge them. When money is taken out of their pockets they will change their behavior. Let them strike, they will loose money.


  13. Well said Mr Mayor!! St Lucians need to do better than this!! Castries is worse than a ravine and Mr Mayor you've done so much in enhancing the city circuit!!


    • That's right, and the mayer knows pretty well that there is a law against being homosexual and bisexuals. Its called unlawful connection. What do you say about that MR MAYOR


      • This is a foolish comment. The matter at hand is urinating in public and indecent exposure. Behaviours must change because we too damn nasty in St Lucia. Imagine bus drivers protesting against a good thing. Well I never.... Do you expect the mayor to arrest a gay person for walking the streets? If he catches anyone having sex in the street, gay or straight them he had a right to arrest that person. What does your comment have to do with anything. Do gay people commit a crime by just walking around? Nonsense comment.


      • What does being Gay and the role of the Mayor with public urination have in this comment?


    • YES, to ONE of the three Washrooms provided nearby, that's what they are there for. Any more Stupid comments?


  14. Good job mayor! Thank you for getting rid of the stink from Castries. These guys want to pee anywhere even if restrooms are available. Going on strike...Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Total idiots.


  15. The majority of the bus drivers are plain nasty and stinky. You go on their bus and their body Oder will put a surgery patience under anesthesia that's no joke. They pee all over they eat, touch other people,and hand you change without washing their hands so that is why they will strike because they are all in the same stinky club.


  16. Why bus drivers should get special treatment and others can be charged. If I remember well, the public toilet is very close to the bus stops. Great job city officers, charge them. They will travel elsewhere and will not do it but no respect for their own.


  17. Bus drivers, while this may have been a normal occurrence, stop for a second and think about how this look. You go and pee behind a school, where possibly young children might see your genitals.
    Do you know what that means in other countries? You could possibly be charged with a sex crime.
    OK so your response might be that is other countries, so what?
    But the simple answer to this whole urinating thing is from time immemorial this law has been on St.Lucia's books.
    Time to uphold it.
    Meet with the relevant bodies and see if more convenient locations can be put in place for you'll.


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